Library Technology


Portriat of John Blair
John Blair

Web Services Coordinator
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Portriat of Gidget Coffman
Gidget Coffman

Manager of Library Services Platform
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Portriat of Josh Cromwell
Josh Cromwell

Scholarly Communications Manager
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Portriat of Hannah Dean
Hannah Dean

Mississippi Digital Library Coordinator
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Portriat of Elizabeth La Beaud
Elizabeth La Beaud

Head of Library Technology / Director of the Mississippi Digital Library / Assistant Professor
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Portriat of Mary Samblis
Mary Samblis

Library Desktop Technician
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Portriat of Emma Semrau
Emma Semrau

Manager of the Digitization Lab
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Portriat of Austin Slade
Austin Slade

Digitization Specialist
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Portriat of Jennie Vance
Jennie Vance

Institutional Repository Specialist
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Portriat of Miranda Williamson
Miranda Williamson

Metadata Coordinator
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