Below is a glossary of terms related to Data Management. Is there another term we should add?

  • Aquila – our institutional repository, serving as our platform for hosting big data, publications, and the scholarly output of the university; Latin for eagle.
  • Big data – large amounts of data created during research that can be analyzed and subsequently reused
  • Bitstream – the series of ones and zeros (1’s and 0’s) that make up a digital file
  • Checksum – a computer-generated, unique string of letters and numbers serving as a digital fingerprint for a given file
  • Data management plan (DMP) – a written plan outlining how one will care for data, preserve it, and sustain its access throughout the research process and after the research is complete
  • Digital object identifier (DOI) – a type of unique, persistent URL that points to a published article or dataset so that if the information moves, the link to it does not change
  • Digital preservation – a set of actions taken on a file to sustain the file long-term
  • Fixity – the process of ensuring a digital file is unchanged over time (i.e. in a fixed state)
  • Metadata – the descriptive information about a digital file including the file’s creator, date of creation, and content description