Managing your data before you begin your research and throughout the research life cycle is essential to ensuring usability, preservation, and access to your work. We’re here to help you with Data Management Plans (DMP), digital preservation, discoverability, and long-term access to your research and your data. We can also help you find open data sets for use in your research.

Why deposit?

Funders make you -- Most granting agencies now require long-term management of grant funded research. So, do you really want that grant? Then you need a Data Management Plan (DMP). We can help with that.

The world wants to see it – The work you do matters. Share it with the world, through your institutional repository, Aquila. We’re indexed in Google (and all search engines), and work diligently to expose your work to a larger audience. Want to see?

So people find your stuff and credit you – Do you want to impress your tenure and review board? Show them your stats! We provide you with monthly statistics showing how many people are viewing and using your work, and assign a stable DOI (Digital Object Identifier), so the world can credit you properly.

To preserve your data – We’re not going anywhere. That means your data won’t either. We’re the university supported solution for your data, replicated off-site for disaster preparedness, and maintained for long-term access. Learn how we do it.

For the local, customized support –We’ll help you step by step, from finding resources to writing your DMP, from preserving your data to sharing it with the world. We’re here for you!

Who can deposit?

  • Current USM faculty and staff
  • Multi-institutional collaborations (PI is USM affiliated)
  • USM faculty-sponsored students

What data is accepted?

We accept research data and publications from all disciplines. Learn More.

What are the requirements?

  • You must own the data or have permission to publish it
  • Data must be complete
  • Data must be open (non-password protected, unencrypted)

How do I get started?

Contact your Librarian!