Waller Photographs Collection

News item published on: 2014-08-05 11:08:53

The Waller Photograph Collection was featured in the July 2014 issues of Hattiesburg Post and Signature Magazine. Waller was a photographer in Hattiesburg from 1940 to 1977 and was referred to as “Mr. Hattiesburg” due to his wide and varied coverage of the Greater Hattiesburg area. Stephen Haller worked with both publications to provide information about the collection, how it is cared for and inventoried. “The Waller Collection is a real gold mine – encompassing everything from community to social, family and architectural history. It’s so deep. For Hattiesburg and the surrounding area, it’s a real treasure. Waller was basically the town photographer and archivist, who preserved this time in history,” says Haller of the collection. The collection is comprised of 120 boxes that document life and culture in south Mississippi during the operation of Waller’s studio, which he operated out of his home at 207 North 22nd Avenue.