Science Cafe - Time Travel and Parallel Universes

News item published on: 2013-09-23 15:52:00

Ever since a novel by H. G. Wells, The Time Machine, was published in 1895, the idea of time travel has been one of the most popular themes in the sci-fi genre. Even for physicists, time travel is an intriguing notion that has been argued without consensus or settlement as to whether it is physically possible for someone to travel forward or backward in time.

Join Dr. Sungwook Lee for the next Science Café on Monday, September 30, 2013, in the Cook Library Art Gallery (LIB 105A) at 6 p.m.

Dr. Lee, interim chair and associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, will discuss the possibilities of time travel that have been studied by physicists and his own personal take on time travel. He will also address the possible existence of parallel universes (not the same ones as in string theory) as a consequence if time travel and the emergence of a new physics.

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