Resource of the Month - Evaluating Resources Research Guide

News item published on: 2024-04-26 11:56:00

Each month, University Libraries highlights a resource from its collections. This month we are featuring the Evaluating Resources Research Guide.

When researching resources, it is important to have an evaluation process to determine how reliable and trustworthy any information is and how it should be used for an assignment. To provide some assistance in helping you create your own evaluation process, the Evaluating Resources guide provides questions directly from the evaluation tests entitled, the CRAAP (Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose) Test and RADAR (Relevance, Authority, Date, Appearance, and Rationale/Reason) Framework. These tests can be used to guide your evaluation of resources and offer guidance on creating your personal evaluation process. In addition to providing the CRAAP Test and RADAR Framework, the Evaluating Resources guide includes an infographic showing a general overview of the Peer-Review publication process and a detailed chart featuring the main characteristics of a scholarly, popular, and trade journal.

Learning how to correctly evaluate a resource can be a difficult process. Our Evaluating Resources guide is available to guide you through this process as you learn the important features included in credible journals and basic evaluation questions that will help get you started on creating your evaluation process.

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