Resource of the Month - eBook Features Research Guide

News item published on: 2023-03-30 13:18:00

Each month, University Libraries highlight a resource from its collections. This month the featured resource is our eBook Features Research Guide.

With a growing collection of eBooks, this research guide provides helpful information on the different features that are available in ProQuest’s Ebook Central and EBSCO’s eBook Collection databases. This guide shows you how to create an account, which will let you make notes, highlight, and download pages from the ebook. Once you have an account you can also place bookmarks and save ebooks in the database’s library so you can easily pause and resume reading later. The guide provides visuals and highlights features as if you were reading the ebook on a computer.

The research guide provides links to the Ebook Central and eBook Collection databases. For more details about our eBooks and other library resources, contact Research Services by email at .