Resource of the Month - Career Research Guide

News item published on: 2024-03-06 10:56:00

Each month, University Libraries highlights a resource from its collections. This month the featured resources is our Career Research Guide, which provides information related to occupations, job hunting, resume writing, cover letters, employment interviewing, and business research.

The Career Research Guide highlights resources available to students from University Libraries and Career Services, including over 100 newly acquired career books for a variety of disciplines organized by program. Arts and humanities disciplines include career-related books on art and design, dance, apparel construction and fashion design, creative and professional writing, foreign languages, dance, music, theater and performance arts, film making and acting, political science, history, and other liberal arts career fields.

Business and finance career books include titles such as The Ultimate Career Guide for Business Majors (2018), The Entrepreneur's Field Guide (2023), Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession (2021), and more.

Education and human science majors can find books on teaching, educational leadership and administration, library and information science, psychology, social work, counseling, family science, human resources, kinesiology, nutrition, and sports coaching.

For those pursuing a career in nursing or health sciences, the guide offers lots of great books such as Brand New Nurse (2022), Your First Year as a Nurse (2022), and the Public Health Crisis Survival Guide (2022).

The Career and Research Guide also offers career books on biomedical research, anthropology, chemistry, earth sciences, marine and coastal sciences, and environmental conservation for those in STEM. Some additional disciplines include criminal justice, law enforcement, construction, and interior design.

For more information about library resources, contact Research Services by email at .