Open Access 2020: The Importance of Open During a Pandemic

News item published on: 2020-08-31 09:47:00

Paywalls and Pandemics: Scholarship, Open Access, and the Challenge of COVID-19
Thursday, October 1, 11 a.m. (Zoom)

Damayanti Chakravarty, Graduate Assistant, School of Biological, Environmental, & Earth Sciences
Raymond Jones, Graduate Assistant, School of Kinesiology and Nutrition
LuAnn Knight-Crenshaw, Graduate Assistant, School of Education
Ryan Liu-Pham, Graduate Assistant, School of Psychology
Denise Williams, Graduate Assistant, School of Education

What are the challenges faced by student researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic? And how have they overcome those challenges? In this presentation, we will hear from a panel of graduate researchers on some of the approaches they have taken for their own research, and we will look at how Open Access can assist researchers at every level. The panel will conclude with a brief look at some tools that can help researchers find the scholarly content they need for their own work.

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(Social) Distance Education: Open Access and Educational Materials During a Pandemic
Wednesday, October 14, noon (Zoom)

Dr. Sam Bruton, Professor, School of Humanities and Director of the Office of Research Integrity
Dr. Jennifer Courts, Associate Professor, School of Performing and Visual Arts
Dr. Jeremy Scott, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

In the best of times, textbook availability and affordability can be a challenge for many students, and these difficulties have been even further exacerbated during the current pandemic. This session will introduce three different approaches to implementing open educational resources from some of this year’s Open Textbook Initiative recipients and will also explain how open textbooks are well suited to handle the challenges presented during this time.

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Research on the Front Lines: Open Access and COVID-19
Monday, October 19, 1 p.m. (Zoom)

Dr. Fengwei Bai, Associate Professor, School of Biological, Environmental, & Earth Sciences
Dr. Stephanie Parks, Assistant Professor, School of Leadership & Advanced Nursing Practice
Dr. Anna Porter, Assistant Professor, School of Health Professions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers and other decision makers need quick, easy access to the latest research in order to adjust their response to the pandemic appropriately. In this session, we will hear from some faculty on campus who are involved in research relating to COVID-19. We will learn about the work they are doing, how it can help those on the front lines, how the research timeline has adjusted to accommodate the need for quick access to research, and how Open Access can contribute to making these research findings as widely available as possible.

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All sessions will be hosted on Zoom through the generous support of the Center for Faculty Development.