Exhibit: Evolution of Library Materials

News item published on: 2015-06-01 15:22:28

May 2015

University Libraries' exhibit of library resources will be on display from May 5th through August in the Cook Library lobby. This exhibit will highlight antiquated materials in the library, which can be dated back to the 1880s, and will showcase how materials have evolved over time. The exhibit will display various types of materials based on different uses, special machines/equipment associated with the materials, particular time period of the materials, and the update/change of the materials according to the continuing development of technology from the past to today’s life.

For more information, contact:
Carla Carlson at 601.266.6403 or Carla.Carlson@usm.edu
Gwen Downey at 601.266.6402 or Gwendolyn.Downey@usm.edu
Xiaojie Duan at 601.266.5289 or Xiaojie.Duan@usm.edu