University Libraries Transformative Publishing Agreement

News item published on: 2024-01-11 13:41:00

Cambridge University Press Logo shows a red, gold, black and white shield with a design similar to a lion on four squares.

University Libraries transformative publishing agreement with Cambridge University Press offers faculty the opportunity to publish, at no cost, on an open access (OA) platform. Publishing OA allows your publications to be found and read from anywhere in the world.

On average, OA articles are downloaded three times more than non-OA articles, often within the first year. Work published OA will generally receive 30-50% more citations, generally within the first two years, including more references in news media or blogs. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that OA articles are freely available online.

Cambridge University Press has over 300 journals supporting OA publications. More information on the process of publishing OA can be found by visiting Cambridge University Press. For additional information about the agreement, contact Blake Denton at 601.266.4704 or .