100 Years of Publishing: 19th Century Literature at McCain Library and Archives

News item published on: 2012-05-01 10:44:27

This selection of 19th century literature from McCain Library and Archives provides an assortment of books that display common authors, publishers, and binding styles throughout one hundred years of publishing. One key feature influencing this era of publishing was the effect of the Industrial Revolution on mass production; for example, the printing press. 100 Years of Publishing provides visual spectrum of publication technique and how the mass production of literature and its binding craft evolved over the years. This exhibit shows variations in binding styles, popular authors, and an overall advancement of publishing craft and technique from decade to decade.

100 Years of Publishing is on display in the Cook Library Lobby Exhibit Cases and can be viewed June 15. For more information about the display, please contact Jennifer Brannock at or call 601.266.4347.