Getting Started

Table of Contents: This introductory MARC 21 Tutorial is divided into three lessons:
  1. What Does MARC Mean?
  2. MARC 21 Terms
  3. Rules and Structures

Each lesson consists of multiple learning units and quizzes. Preceding each lesson is an outline page describing the learning objectives of that section. To assist your learning, a glossary of the common cataloging and MARC terms is appended to the end of Tutorial and hyperlinked to most cataloging terms appearing in each unit. The front page provides a content table where each topic can be accessed directly. The Related Sites on the front page, which include MARC 21, Understanding MARC, Tag of The Month, The Follett Neighborhood and more, provide most updated documentation on MARC 21 format, as well as MARC cataloging and retrieval practice. We strongly recommend that you visit these sites for additional information.


If you have any comments or questions in regard to the tutorial, MARC 21, or general cataloging, please contact us anytime by clicking the eTutor link. We will respond to your comments and/or answer your questions as soon as possible.

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