Oral History Interviewer Names

These names of interviewers are known not to conflict with any names in the local catalog or the national authority file as of the first time used. These names have been used in oral history records for print and online resources. Use names already on this list as given.

For any interviewer name that is not on this list, search for the name in the local catalog as author and also as subject.

  • Author: the interviewer may have conducted previous interviews or authored other works. It is important that consistent entry of the name is insured (for the same person).
  • Subject: an interviewer may also have given an interview as the subject of an oral history.

  • EXAMPLE: James Patterson Smith (James Patterson "Pat" Smith) is a USM history professor who has authored works, conducted numerous oral history interviews, and has been interviewed himself. A name authority record for Dr. Smith provides the name: Smith, James Patterson.

Search for the name in the national authority file in OCLC. If a name authority record is found that is a certain match, use it. If not, construct the name according to national standards.

Provide name information and appropriate documentation to the librarian so the name can be added to this list. It is important that this list be as up to date as possible, so it can be a helpful resource to multiple catalogers who may work with the oral history materials.

Authority records may not exist for interviewer names but likely do for interviewers who have authored other works. (James Patterson "Pat" Smith is an example: n 00023596 Smith, James Patterson). Authority records could be created in the future, either local or in the national file. Therefore, provide appropriate documentation for any name that needs to be added to this list of interviewer names. Provide a print copy of the bib record and write on it the location of the intervewer name in the resource.

Linda Ginn: November 2014

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