Civil Rights in Mississippi Thesaurus, A-C

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AAUP use American Association of University Professors
Abernathy, Ralph, 1926-1990
Abrams, Fletcher
ACLU use American Civil Liberties Union
Adams County (Miss.)
Adams, Kim (local use only)
Adams, Victoria Gray, 1926-
Adickes, Sandra, 1933-
Advocate ( Jackson , Miss. ) use Jackson advocate
African American children
African American churches
African American civil rights workers
     BT Civil rights workers
African American clergy
African American college administrators
African American college students
     BT College students
African American editors
African American educators
     BT Educators
African American elementary schools
     BT Elementary schools
African American entertainers
African American families
African American farmers
African American lawyers
African American legislators
African American mayors
African American neighborhoods
African American newspapers
African American pharmacists
African American political activists
African American politicians
African American schools
African American school administrators
African American student movements
     UF Student movements, African American
African American students
African American teachers
African American teachers--Training of
African American teenagers
African American women
African American women educators
African Americans
African Americans--Race identity
African Americans and libraries
Agricultural laborers
Al-Amin, Jamil, 1943-
     UF Hubert G. "Rap" Brown
Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College
     RT Alcorn State University
Alcorn State University
     RT Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College
Alexander, Margaret Abigail Walker, 1915-1998 use Walker, Margaret, 1915-1998
Allison, Audre Mae
     UF Allison, Mose, Mrs.
Allison, Mose, Mrs. use Allison, Audre Mae
Allsup, Dorothea, 1916-
American Association of University Professors
     UF AAUP
American Civil Liberties Union
Anderson, Reuben V. (Reuben Vincent), 1942-
Anti-communist movements
Anti-defamation League Foundation
Anti-defamation League publication
Anti-poverty programs use Economic assistance, Domestic
Austin, Gladys, 1927-



B'Nai B'rith. Anti-defamation League
Baker, Constance D., 1912-
Baker, Ella, 1903-1986
Barge, Charles Richard, 1930-
Banks, Earl W., 1905-1986
Banks, Fred L., 1942-
Barber, Frank D., 1929-1997
Barnes, Ariel
Barnett, O. H., 1902-
Barnett, Ross R. (Ross Robert), 1898-1987
Basom, Nash
Bayh, Birch, 1928-
Beckwith, Byron de la
     UF De la Beckwith, Byron
Beech, Robert
Bell, Josephine Clemons, 1909-
Bernstein, Richard J.
Bias use Discrimination
Biloxi (Miss.)
Bishop, E. S. (Edward S.), 1907-
Black power
Black, Maurice R., 1915-
Black Muslims
Blass, William Joel, 1917-
Blaylock, Florence Knight, 1932-
Blue Mountain (Miss.)
Bolivar County Education Committee
Bolton, Charles C.
Bond, Julian, 1940-
Bourn, Rayford Lee
     BT Civil rights demonstrations
Boyd, Richard, 1916-
Boyd, Earline
Boykin, Lillian, 1922-
Braden, Anne, 1924-2006
Braden, Carl, 1914-1975
Brady, Thomas P., 1903-1973
Branch, Raylawni, 1941-
Brooke, Edward William, 1919-
Brooks, Percy, 1911-
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (local use only)
Brown, Hubert G. "Rap" use Jamil Al-Amin, 1943-
Brown, Iva
Brown, R. Jess, 1912-
Bryant, Curtis C., 1917-
Buckley, Horace, 1941-
Burger, N. R., 1909-1984
Burke, W. Webb
Burson, George S.
Busing for school integration
Butts, William A., 1933-
Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966
Byrne, Tony, 1936-
     UF Byrne, Henry Anthony



Cameron, John E., 1932-
     UF Rev. Cameron
Camp Shelby (Miss.)
Campaign buttons use Campaign insignia
Campaign insignia
     UF Campaign buttons
Campaign literature
Campaign paraphernalia
Campaign speeches
Campbell, Cecil C.
Campbell, Clarice T.
Campbell, Will D.
Campbell College (Jackson, Miss.)
Canton (Miss.)
Carmichael, Stokely
     UF Toure, Kwame
     UF Ture, Kwame
Carr, Andrew R.
Carr, Michael L., 1920-
Carry (Miss.)
Carter, Betty Werlein
Carter, Hodding, 1907-1972
Carthan, Eddie, 1949-
Catchings, Troy, 1942-
Catholic schools
Caudill, Orley B.
Cavett, Van A., 1932-
Chaney, James Earl, 1943-1964
Charleston (Miss.)
Chicago (Ill.)
Child Development Group of Mississippi
Children of sharecroppers
Church buildings
Church Women United
Citizen councils use White Citizen councils
Citizens' Councils of America
Citizenship Education Program
City council members
Civil rights
Civil rights act of 1964 use United States. Civil rights act of 1964
Civil rights demonstrations
Civil rights movements
Civil rights trials use Trials (Civil rights)
Civil rights workers
     NT African American civil rights workers
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)
Clark, Fred, 1943-
Clark, Robert George, 1929-
Clarksdale (Miss.)
Clay, William L.
Clegg, Hugh H., b. 1898
Cleveland (Miss.)
Clothing workers
Clower, Jerry, 1926-
COFO use Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)
COI use Coahoma Opportunities
CORE use Congress of Racial Equality
Coahoma Opportunities
     UF COI
     UF Coahoma Opportunities, Inc.
Cohen, James, 1920-
Coleman, J.P. (James Plemon), 1914-
College administrators
College integration
College students
     NT African American college students
Collier, Clinton, 1909-
Colmer, William Meyers, b. 1890
Columbia (Miss.)
Commencement ceremonies
     UF Graduation ceremonies
Committee of Concerned Students and Citizens (Jackson, Miss.)
Committee of Southern Churchmen (local use only)
Community Action Program (U.S.)
Community centers
Community development
Condolence notes
Congress of Racial Equality
     UF CORE
Contested elections
Conyers, John, 1929-
Cook, Clearese
Cooper, Owen, 1908-
Corban, Emma Ruth, 1907-
Correspondence (valid only as a subdivision)
Cotton farmers
Cotton, Rob
Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)
     UF COFO
Criminal registers
Crump, Brodie
Cunningham, W. J.
     UF Cunningham, William Jefferson

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