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(in alphabetical order)

Cutter Publisher
A149 Abingdon Press
A157 Abrams and Company Publishers
A164 Abt Associates
A165 Abundant Resources
A168 Academic Industries, Inc.
A1681 Academic Therapy Publications
A188 Activity Resources Company
A23 Addison-Wesley
A232 Adobe
A28 Aiki Works
A323 Alaska Department of Education
A39 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc
A392 Alfred Publishing Co.
A44 Allyn & Bacon
A511 American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
A512 American Assn. for Counseling and Development
A5121 American Book Company
A5122 American Chemistry Society
A51223 American Forum for Global Education
A5124 American Guidance Service
A51244 American Heritage Pub. Co
A51248 American Institute of Architects
A51249 American Legacy Publishing
A5125 American Library Association
A5127 American Library Color Slide Co.
A5128 American School Counselor Assoc.
A5132 American School Health Association
A5136 American School Publishers
A5141 American Teaching Aid
A528 AMSCO School Publications
A531 A.N. Palmer
A532 Ananda Publications
A537 Ann Arbor Publisher
A629 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
A721 Arkansas Department of Education
A829 Ashton Scholastic
A838 Aspen Systems
A8491 Association for Science Education
A842 Association for Supervision & Curr. Development
A849 Association for the Advancement of Health Education
A8492 Association of American Geographers
B219 Bantam Books
B258 Barnell Loft
B259 Barnell Loft. LTD
B261 Barnes & Noble
B277 Barron's
B422 Bedford/St. Martin's
B442 Bellerophon
B4421 Bellevue Public Schools
B444 Belwin Mills Pub. Corp
B446 Benefic Press
B471 Bennett & McKnight Publishing Company
B4712 Bennett Publishing Company
B474 Benson, W.S.
B486 Berlitz
B49 Big Ideas Learning
B56 Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, University of Colorado
B646 Bleecker Street Pub. Corp.
B66 Bobbs-Merrill
B7241 Book Lures, Inc.
B724 Boosey & Hawkes
B725 Boyd & Fraser
B855 Brigham Young University Press
B872 Brookes, P.H.
B874 Brooks and Cole
B88 Brown (W.C.)
B95 Bureau for At Risk Youth
B953 Bureau of Indian Affairs
B855 Bureau of Marine Resources
B952 Bureau of Secondary Curriculum Development
B957 Burgess Pub. Co.
B984 Butte Publications
B988 Butterick Publishing
C35 Carnegie Learning
C38 C. C. Bennett
C382 C.C.I. Publishing
C384 C. E. Merrill
C386 C.C. Thomas
C153 California Energy Extension Service, Governor's Office of Planning and Research
C1531 California State Department of Education
C178 Cambridge Book Co.
C1781 Cambridge University Press
C367 CATS Publications
C394 CEM Company
C3941 CEMREL, Inc.
C397 Center for Applied Research in Education
C3972 Center for Civic Education
C3973 Center for Education in Human and Medical Genetics
C39735 Center for Excellence in Teaching
C3974 Center for Integrative Learning
C3971 Center for Science in the Public Interest
C3972 Center for Teaching International Relations, University of Denver
C455 Chandler Publishing Company
C458 Channing L. Bete
C4581 Charles E. Merrill Publishing Co
C487 Chas. A. Bennet Co., Inc.
C553 Children's Press
C572 Cisco
C612 Clairmont Press
C622 Clayton Publishing Co.
C647 Clover Park School District, Lakewood, WA
C652 Coalition for Child Advocacy
C699 Collier-Macmillan International
C737 Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
C752 Connecticut School Counselor Association
C758 Contemporary Books
C759 Continental Press, Inc.
C8205 CORD
C822 Coronado Publishers
C83 Corwin Press
C855 Council for Exceptional Children
C8551 Council for Occupational Education, State of Washington
C87 CPO Science
C885 Craftsman House
C91 Creation Life Publishers
C912 Creation-Science Research Center
C9121 Creative Publications
C9123 Creative Teaching Associates
C9122 Creative Teaching Press
C9129 Creative Ventures
C951 Crossway Books
C953 Crowin Press
C966 Cuisenaire Company of America, Inc.
C973 Current Publishing Corp.
C976 Curriculum Associates
C9761 Curriculum Corp
C9763 Curriculum Development Centre
D652 D. C. Heath
D6523 DDC
D658 D.O.K. Publishers
D139 Dale Seymour Publications
D222 Darmouth College Trustees
D232 Datamost
D245 Davco Publishing Company
D248 Davis Publishers
D343 Delaware Department of Public Instruction
D359 Delmar Publishers
D366 Delta Education, Inc.
D473 Department of Wildlife Conservation
D526 Dexter & Westbrook
D597 Directed Media, Inc.
D626 DLM Teaching Resources
D639 Dodd, Mead & Company
D654 Dog-Eared Publications
D664 Dome Publications
D727 Doubleday
D845 Dreier Educational Systems
D874 Dushkin Publishing Group
E13 East Asian Curriculum Project
E131 East Cleveland Neighborhood Center, Inc.
E19 Economy Company
E191 ECS Learning Systems
E23 EDINFO Press
E24 Edmark
E241 Education and Technology
E2438 Education Assessment Publishing
E242 Educational Challenges, Inc.
E243 Educational Press Association of America
E245 Educational Services, Inc.
E248 Educational Tutorial Consortium, Inc
E2483 Educators Publishing Service
E244 EduComp Publications
M346 Edward B. Marks Music Corporation
E53 EMC Publishing
E555 Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp.
E56 Energy & Man's Environment
E561 Energy, Environment, and Resources Center, The University of Tennessee
E59 ENRICH, Inc.
E65 Enslow Publishers, Inc.
E69 ERIC (Educational Resources in Education)
E691 ERIC Clearing house for Social Studies/Social Science Education
E692 ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills
E85 ETR Associates
E92 Evan-Moor Corp.
E96 Exceptional Parent Press
F111 F.A. Owen Publishing Co.
F288 Fearon
F2882 Fearon Education
F2883 Fearon Teacher Aids
F289 Fearon/Janus
F293 Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
F353 Ferguson Pub. Co.
F453 Field Educational Publications, Incorporated
F4531 Field Service Unit in Physical Education and Recreation for the Handicapped, Michigan State University
F636 Florida Department of Education
F66 Follett
F714 Foreign Policy Association
F77 Foundation for Architecture
F832 Franklin Institute Press
F85 Frederick Post Company
F852 Free Spirit
F924 Frog Street Press
F935 Front Row Experience
F95 Fulcrum Publishing
F97 Fulton
F98 Future Kids
G165 Galaxy Institute for Education
G169 Gallimard
G194 Gamut Music Company
G229 Gareth Stevens Publishing
G352 Georgia Department of Education
G39 Getty Center for Education in the Arts
G49 Ginn
G492 Ginn Press
G55 Glencoe
G556 Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
G562 Globe Book Company
G564 Globe Fearon
G646 Good Apple, Inc.
G65 Goodheart-Willcox
G658 Goodyear Publishing Company, Inc.
G662 Gordon V. Thompson Limited
G725 GPN
G768 Grassett
G774 Great Source
G819 Gregg Division of McGraw Hill
G867 Grosset & Dunlap
G895 Gryphon House
H117 Hachette
H12 Hake-Saxon
H2571 Harcourt Brace & Company
H2572 Harcourt Brace and World
H2575 Harcourt Brace College Publishers
H257 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
H258 Harcourt, Inc.
H265 Harcourt School Publishers
H29 Harper & Row
H293 Harper Collins
H296 Harr Wagner Publishing Company
H332 Hartline Publications
H343 Harwell Associates, Inc.
H41 Hayden
H419 Hayes School Publishing Co.
H43 Heath (D.C.)
H46 Heinemann
H465 Heinle Heinle
H523 Henry Regnery Company
H741 Hollingshead, Irving
H75 Holt, Rinehart, Winston
H765 Home Economics Education Association
H7651 Home Economics Education Program, Division of Occupational and Vocational Studies, Pennsylvania State University
H7656 Hondale, Inc. Publishers, Akron, Ohio
H83 Houghton-Mifflin
H845 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
H875 Hubbard
H916 Hulton Educational
H918 Human Kinetics Books
I18 Idaho Guidance Advisory Committee
I21 IDG Books Worldwide
I36 Incentive Publications, Inc.
I39 Indiana Department of Education
I391 Indiana University Press
I58 Inner Choice
I59 Institute for Advanced Study
I591 Instructor Publications
I595 Interact
I61 Interaction Book Company
I611 International Association of Jazz Educators
I613 International Council for Computers in Education
I6117 International Reading Association
I6118 International Society for Technology of Education
I612 Interstate Printers & Publishers, Inc.
I641 Iowa Curriculum Assistance Systems
I642 Iowa Department of Education
I64 Iowa State University Press
I67 ITP International Thomson Publishing
I78 It's About Time
J11 J. Weston Walch, Publisher
J18 Jackson Publishing
J26 Jalmar Press
J27 Jamestown Publishing
J28 Janson Publications
J35 Janus Book Publishers
J58 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
J62 JIST Works
J65 John Day Company
J651 John Knox Press
J659 John Wiley & sons
J66 Johnson Institute
J73 Joint Counci on Education Ed.
J74 Joint Council on Economic Education
J76 Jones and Bartlet Publishers
J84 Jossey-Bass Publishers
J93 Judy Company
K16 Kansas State Board of Education
K33 Kendall/Hunt
K37 Kenworthy Educational Service, Inc
K39 Key Curriculum
K62 Kitching Educational
K91 Kraus
L18 Laidlaw
L192 Lake Washington School District
L196 Language Circle Enterprises
L37 Larousse
L42 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers
L421 Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California
L425 Lawrenceville Press
L43 Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
L438 Learning Trends
L4381 Learning Triangle Press
L4387 Learning Works
L644 Leswing Communications, Inc.
L697 Libraries Unlimited
L69 Library of Congress
L722 Life Skills Center, Montclair State College, Dept. of Home Economics
L75 Lingui Systems
L76 Lipman Oryx
L762 Lippincott
L773 Listening Library, Inc.
L778 Little People
L77 Little, Brown
L874 Longman, Inc
L879 Los Angeles City Schools
L897 Love Publishing Company
L991 Lyons & Carnahan
M12 McCormick-Mathers
M13 McDougal Littell
M143 McFarland
M14 McGraw-Hill
M142 McGraw-Hill Education
M144 McGraw-Hill Higher Education
M159 McKnight Publishing Company
M16 MacMillan
M164 MacMillan/McGraw Hill
M196 Magnamusic-Baton
M197 Magnolia Publishers
M338 Marine Science Center
M376 Marshall Cavendish Education
M379 Martin Bearden
M393 Maryland State Department of Education
M415 Massachusetts School Counselors Association
M426 Math & Computer Education Project, University of California
M4261 Math Essentials
M4265 Math/Science Network
M478 MDEA Press
M487 Mecure de France
M494 Meeks Heit
M57 Merrill
M585 Metropolitan Teaching and Learning Co.
M624 Michigan School Counselor Association
M629 Midwest Publications
M662 Milton Bradley Company
M663 Minaret Publishing House
M665 Minnesota Counselors Association
M678 Missouri Dept. of Elem. and Second. Education/Div. of Vocational and Adult Education
M689 Modern Curriculum Press, Inc.
M88 Morrow
M9 Mosby Elsevier
M921 Mott Media
M961 Multi Media Arts
M987 Music Educators National Conference
N249 Nash, Grace
N2771 National Aeronautics & Space Administration, Office of Education & Human Resources, Education Division
N2772 National Alliance for Optional Parenthood
N2773 National Association for the Advancement of Humane Education
N2774 National Association of Secondary School Principals
N2775 National Audubon Society
N27752 National Business Education Association
N2776 National Center for Appropriate Technology
N2778 National Center for Constitution Studies
N2779 National Center for Research in Vocational Ed.
N2781 National Center of Economic Education for Children
N2782 National Clearinghouse for United States-Japan Studies
N2783 National Council of Teachers of English
N2784 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
N2785 National Council on Family Relations
N2786 National Dairy Council
N2787 National Education Association
N2788 National Educational Service
N2789 National Foundation for Improvement of Education
N2792 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Dept. of Commerce
N2793 National Park Service, Mount Rainier National Park
N2794 National Science Teachers Association
N2795 National Textbook co.
N2796 National Wildlife Federation
N343 Neal-Schuman Publishers
N362 Nebraska Department of Education
N469 Network Publications
N472 New American Library
N5321 New Hampshire Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Project
N5322 New Mexico State Department of Education
N532 New Society Publishers
N547 New York State Education Dept
N557 New York Teachers College Press
N562 Newberry Library
N565 Newton Public Schools
N747 Noble and Noble
N864 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
N8641 North Dakota School Counseling Program Steering Committee
N8642 North Jersey Conservation Foundation
N97 Nystrom
O11 Oakes and Associates
O15 Oceana Publications
O32 Office of the Secretary of State, Division of Archives and Records Management
O39 OISE Press (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
O43 Oklahoma Dept of Education
O47 Ollray Publishing Co.
O475 Olsen, Jan Z.
O59 Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
O61 Open Court Publishing Company
O611 Opera America Inc.
O62 Opportunities for learning
O75 Origo Education
O79 Oryx
O98 Oxford Book Company
O989 Oxford University Press
P117 Pacific Coast Publishers
P1171 Pacific Northwest Indian Program, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
P156 Palmer
P197 Pantheon Books
P228 Parenting Press, Inc.
P22 Paradigm
P23 Parker
P324 Paul H. Brooks Co.
P3241 Paul S. Amidon & Associates, Inc.
P333 PCI Educational Publisher
P341 Pearson/Addison Wesley
P342 Pearson/Benjamin Cummings
P343 Pearson Education, Inc
P344 Pearson/Prentice-Hall
P345 Pearson/Scott Foreman
P373 Peek Publications
P415 Pennsylvania Department of Education
P416 Peoples Education
P437 Perfection Learning
P439 Pergamon Press
P543 Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation
P574 Phoenix ELT
P649 Pineapple Appeal
P68 Pitman
P685 Pitman Learning
P92 Prentice-Hall
P927 Prepress Services
P953 Prime Time School Television
P96 Pro Art Publications
P962 Pro.ed
P971 Pruett Publishing Company
P974 Psychological Corporation
P9741 Psychology Today
P97 Purfrock Press
Q44 Que Education & Training a division of Macmillan Publishing
Q49 Quercus Corporation
Q69 Quill
R111 R and E Reseach Associates
R121 R. D. Irwin
R186 Rand McNally & Company
R19 Random House
R286 Readers Digest
R287 Reading Laboratory
R333 Regents Publishing Company
R386 Remedia Publications
R388 Research Press
R434 Respect Incorporated
R615 Rigby
R622 Riverside Publishing Company
R685 Rodale Press
R84 Routledge
S126 Santillana USA
S138 Saunders College Publishers
S139 Saxon
S285 Scarecrow Press, Inc.
S3 Sadlier-Oxford, a division of William H Sadlier, Inc.
S366 Scholastic Inc.
S368 Scholastic Book Services
S369 Scholastic Professional Books
S3692 Schoolhouse Press
S37 Schott
S416 Science and Behavior Books, Inc.
S4161 Science Olympiad, Inc.
S41 Science Research Assoc. (SRA)
S411 Science Research Associates Macmillan/McGraw-Hill (SRA Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill)
S42 Scott Foresman
S433 Scott Foresman/Addison -Wesley
S437 Scribner
S439 Search Institute
S441 Seattle Aquarium
S4414 Seattle Institute for Child Advocacy
S4413 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
S4412 Seattle Public Schools
S444 Self Analysis Consultant Services
S445 Secondary School Science Project, Princeton University
S521 Seymour Publications
S53 Shinsky Seminars, Inc.
S55 Shortland Publications
S556 Shurley Instructional Materials
S557 Signal Media Corp.
S58 Silver Burdett
S587 Silver Burdett & Ginn
S594 Simon and Schuster
S6171 Singular Publishing Group, Inc.
S67 Social Issues Resourse Series (SirS)
S671 Social Science Education Consortium
S698 Songline Studios, Inc.
S6982 Sopris West
S6984 South Dakota Curriculum Center
S6986 South Western Pub. Co
S741 Specialty Press, Inc.
S761 Spizzirri Pub. Co.
S769 Springhouse Corp.
S774 Sroka, S.R.
S797 State of Washington. Superintendent of Public Instruction
S81 Steck-Vaughn Company
S955 Summy-Birchard Company
S957 Sunburst Communications
S981 Sybex
T176 Tarcher, J. P.
T2531 Teacher Created Materials, Inc.
T253 Teacher Ideas Press
T2533 Teachers & Writers Collaborative
T2532 Teachers College Press
T2534 Teachers College, Columbia University
T27 Teaching Resources
T297 Tennessee Valley Authority
T355 Texas Center for Educational Technology
T3551 Texas Education Agency
T454 Thomas, Charles C.
T46 Thompson Learning
T4605 Thomson Brooks/Cole
T4608 Thomson Course Technology
T461 Thomson/Delmar Learning
T462 Thomson Learning
T466 Thomson/South-Western
T468 Thomson/Wadsworth
T454 Thurstone Laboratories
T61 Tom Snyder Productions
T795 Trentham Books
T829 Trillium Press
T969 Twenty four Carrot Press
U843 U.S. G.P.O.
U84 U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare
U841 U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education Programs, Indian Education Resources Center, Division of Program Review and Evaluation, Branch of Curriculum
U842 U.S. Dept. of Transportation
U844 U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration
U17 UCLA Graduate School of Education
U565 Universal Publishing
U584 Unimath Corporation
U587 United Church Press
U58 University of Chicago
U582 University of Hawaii at Manoa, Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center
U586 University of Iowa
U581 University of Michigan
U585 University of Minnesota
U587 University of Southern Mississippi
U588 United States Department of Health and Human Services
U593 University press of America
U597 University Press of Mississippi
U72 Urban Systems
U84 U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare
U841 U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education Programs, Indian Education Resources Center, Division of Program Review and Evaluation, Branch of Curriculum
U842 U.S. Dept. of Transportation
U843 U.S. G.P.O.
U844 U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration
U89 Utah State Office of Education
V57 Visual Education Association
V63 Vocab Incorp
V633 Vocational Studies Center
W33 W. B. Saunders
W348 W. C. Brown
W35 W. H. Freeman & Co
W114 Wadsworth Cengage Learning
W124 Wadsworth Publishing Company
W15 Walch
W17 Walker
W19 Walthall Publishing Co
W295 Warren Publishing House
W3171 Washington Council for Economic Education
W317 Washington Council on Crime and Delinquency
W3172 Washington State Dept. of Ecology
W3173 Washington State Office of Public Instruction
W3174 Washington State University Dept of Education
W348 Watts, F.
W355 Waveland Press
W373 Weber Costello
W377 Webster Division of McGraw-Hill
W434 Weekly Reader Education Center
W437 Weekly Reader Skills Books
W52 West Pub. Co.
W527 Western Publishing Co., Inc.
W67 Wiley
W72 Williamson
W758 Winch, B.L.
W92 World Book
W927 World Music Press
W93 Worth Publishing
W948 Wright Group/McGraw-Hill
W953 Writer's Digest Books
W956 Writing Consultant
X37 Xerox Corporation
X374 Xerox Education Publications
Z28 Zaner-Bloser
Z57 Zephyr

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