Title Count Report Procedure

Running the Count Item Titles Report


This report is used to obtain title counts for specific collections or types of material in the libraries' catalog.  It gives a title count only and does not display any information from the bibliographic records.  It usually runs quickly.


1. Click the icon for Setup and Schedule New Reports.


2. From the Bibliographic reports menu, select Count Item Titles.  Click Schedule at the bottom of the window.


3. Click on the Selection Criteria tab.


4. The options are organized into title level information, call number (i.e., volume) level information, and copy level information.  Which areas you fill in will depend on the specificity of the information you need.  For title level information:




If you want a count of titles in one physical format (such as BOOK, MAP, etc.), select from the Format area.  To limit a report by date, select dates in the Date Cataloged area (if you select Date Created, it will sort by the date the record was added to the system, which may not be the same as the date of cataloging).  For example, to identify titles cataloged in a certain calendar year, click the Date Cataloged gadget, select Range, and enter the range of dates, e.g. 1/1/2006-12/31/2006. If you do not want shadowed items included, click No on the Shadowed line.


5. For the call number level area:




Specify Library if you want a count of all certain materials in, for example, McCain Library.  Click the Call Number Range gadget if you are looking for a particular range of call numbers (if so, be sure to specify the class scheme on the next line-- LC, CURRCLASS, etc.).  Specify Number of Copies as >0 to avoid brief or on-order records.


6. For  the copy selection area:




This is where item type, item category, and home location information is entered.    If you want to count the number of microforms in Cook Library, you would select all the “micro” item types from the pull-down list after specifying Cook in the Library area.   


After you have entered all the information you want in your report, you can either click Run Now (if you are certain that no other reports are already running) or click Schedule.





On the Schedule page, select ASAP for the report to run immediately (or as soon as any currently running reports are finished).  Or select Date and time to run and click the scheduling gadget to select a time to run your report.  It is a good idea to check with Electronic Services to make sure your report does not conflict with any others.  The bibload reports run at noon and at 10 pm on weekdays.  If you want the finished report e-mailed to you, check E-mail to individuals and put your e-mail address in the box.










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