Location Codes for Bib and Item Records

Bib Location Codes ("Library" Locations)

Starred, bolded, italicized entries are BIB LOCATIONS. These are to be used only in the Bib Record Location fixed field (never in the item record).

Item Location Codes

Item location codes are used in the item record and never in the bib record.


The Millennium location code table contains both BIB and ITEM location codes. As of now, there is no way to separate them in Millennium. Bib location codes belong in the bib record and should not be used in item records. Millennium will not prevent a bib location code from being used in an item record; nor will it prevent an item location code from being used in a bib record.

Use of 949 field macros in Connexion for creation of bib and item records will limit the opportunities for error. Please use the macros to best advantage.

Some location definitions may be unclear in the pop-up table in Millennium. Designation and arrangement of this table is an attempt to make them clearer (for example, “Curriculum Lab” for Gulf Coast curriculum materials). Also, codes are grouped here by library. In the pop-up table, codes are in alphabetical order by code.

Codes for cleanup files such as “czzzz” are included in the popup table but are not listed here; these codes are for records to be cleaned up as part of the migration and will eventually be gone. Cleanup codes are not to be used in new cataloging.

**c Cook Library  
c2st   Cook 2nd Floor Stacks
c3st   Cook 3rd Floor Stacks
c4st   Cook 4th Floor Stacks
c5st   Cook 5th Floor Stacks
c1cd   Cook Circulation Desk
c1pr   Cook Popular Reading
c1rv   Cook Reserves Desk
cdc   Cook Discard Items
**c2s Cook 2nd Floor South  
c2at   Cook Atlas Collection
c2cj   Cook Current Journals
c2md   Cook Media Collection
c2mf   Cook Microforms
c2np   Cook Newspapers
c2bs   Technical Services
**cc Cook Library Curriculum Materials Center  
ccma   CMC -- Maps
ccmd   CMC -- Media
ccrs   CMC -- Reference
ccsr   CMC -- Serials
ccst   CMC -- Stacks (Juvenile Collection)
ccst   CMC -- Stacks (State Approved Textbooks)
**cg Cook Library Government Publications  
cg2s   Cook Government Publications
**cr Cook Library Reference  
crrr   Cook Learning Commons Ready Reference
crrs   Cook Learning Commons Reference Stacks
**gg Gulf Coast Library  
gg1cd   GCL -- Circulation Desk
gg1np   GCL -- 1st Floor Newspapers
gg1rv   GCL -- Reserves Desk
gg2cj   GCL -- 2nd Floor Current Journals
gg2fp   GCL -- Faculty Publications
gg2hr   GCL -- Hurricanes Collection
gg2mc   GCL -- Mississippi Room/Collection
gg2md   GCL -- 2nd Floor Media
gg2mf   GCL -- 2nd Floor Microforms
gg2ov   GCL -- 2nd Floor Oversize Materials
gg3st   GCL -- 3rd Floor Stacks
**gc Gulf Coast Library Curriculum Lab  
gcmd   Curriculum Lab -- Media
gcst   Curriculum Lab -- Stacks
**gr Gulf Coast Library Reference  
grat   GCL -- Atlases
grrr   GCL -- Ready Reference
grrs   GCL -- 1st Floor Reference Stacks
**gn Gunter Library  
    Gunter -- Atlases
(DO NOT USE. Location code gn1at is obsolete.)
gn1gc   Gunter -- Grant Collection
gn1md   Gunter -- Media
gn1mf   Gunter -- Microforms
gn1rs   Gunter -- Reference Stacks
gn1sr   Gunter -- Serials
gn1st   Gunter -- Stacks
gn1st   Gunter -- Archives
**m **McCain Library -- DO NOT USE (All McCain bib locations are specific to collections)
**ma McCain Archives  
mast   Archives -- Stacks
**md McCain de Grummond  
mdpd   de Grummond Collection -- Periodicals
mdst   de Grummond Collection -- Stacks
**mm McCain Mississippiana  
mmpd   Mississippiana Collection -- Periodicals
mmst   Mississippiana Collection -- Stacks
**ms McCain Special Collections (Rare Books)  
mspd   Special Collections -- Periodicals
msst   Special Collections -- Stacks
**mt McCain Digital Collections  
mtud   USM Digital Collections
**o Online  
ogp   Online Government Publications
om   Online Resource (use for Web sites)
or   Online Reference materials (not in use yet)


Updated Octobert 2016



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