Record Templates

When you create a brief (or any local) bib record in Millennium, you can use record templates with pre-entered information to shorten the process. Whether the system prompts you to choose a particular template or displays a default template depends on your template settings.

If you do not have any template options selected and you click on "New" to begin creation of a new brief record, the system should display all available templates and prompt you to select one:

If you want to be prompted to choose a template but also restrict the number of template options that display for you to pick from, you can select preferred templates to limit the displayed options. To put selected templates in a preferred list, go to the Admin menu and click Settings. Select the Record Templates tab. A screen will display with two windows, one of which contains a list of all templates.

To add templates to your preferred list, highlight them in the "Other Templates" list and click the left arrow to move them into the "Preferred" list. When you have selected all the templates you want to display as options, click Save Settings and then OK.

To make sure you see your preferred list when you click on New, go to the New Records tab in the Settings window. Make sure that Prompt for templates is selected for the types of templates (bib, item, order) you are working with (see below). When you go through the process of creating a new record, the system will then show only your preferred templates for you to select from.

If you want a specific template to come up every time you create a new record, go to the New Records tab and use the pull-down menus by each record type to select the default template you want to use. If you have a list of preferred templates, only those templates will show up in the pull-down menu on this tab for you to select from.

To select from all templates, you will first need to go to the Record Templates tab and remove your preferred templates; use the right arrow to put them back into the Other Templates list. Then go back to the New Records tab, click on the pull-down menu by the type(s) of record you want to choose a template for, and select from the list of templates. Click Save Settings and OK.

The next time you click New to create a local record, new bib and item records with your selected template information should automatically come up as you go through the creation process.

New Records tab with default bib record template selected:



Kathleen Wells, June 2010



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