Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Starting with August 2011 graduation, electronic honors theses are deposited in Aquila Digital Community. Since then, bound copies have not been sent to University Libraries to be cataloged, either for the circulating collection or the Archives. As of June 2013, honors theses in Aquila are being cataloged to the same standard in place for print theses, and a link to the file in Aquila will be provided in the catalog record. Specifics are provided below.

Cataloging: Use the ETD Honors Thesis Workform as a guide. Create records (new or derived) in Connexion and export to the local catalog with item record(s) attached.

  • What is Being Cataloged: Electronic file in Aquila Digital Community.
  • Fixed Fields:
    • Record Type: Code a = Language material, including textual electornic resources (not code t for manuscript materials)
    • Form: Code o = Online
    • Country: State/Country of publication; ETDs are considered published materials.
  • 006 Additional Material Characteristics:
    • Positional character 00: code m = Computer file/Electronic resource
    • Character 06: code o = Online
    • Character 09: code d = Document
  • 007 Electronic Resource Characteristics:
    • |a = c (Electronic resource)
    • |b = r (Remote)
    • |d = b (B/W) or c (Multicolored) or left blank (no illustrations)
    • |e = n (Not applicable)
  • Classification: All bachelor's theses will be classified LD3425.2. Construct an author Cutter and verify it against the electronic shelflist. Newly assigned Cutters must fit in with existing Cutters. Add the workmark "heb (Online)" to the four-digit year. Example:
    • LD3425.2 |b .A5432 2012heb (Online)
  • Name Authority Work: See here. Refer author name conflicts to a librarian for resolution.
  • GMD: Include the general material description |h[electronic resource] in records described under AACR2.
  • 260 Publisher: An ETD is considered a published work. Give the city and university names in |a and |b.
  • 300 Physical Description: Give the description as "1 online resource" followed by extent of pagination in parentheses as shown when the resource is displayed. The extent will be the number of "pages" in the electronic file. Give illustrative content, if any, in |b. Examples:
    • 300 __ 1 online resource (74 p.)
    • 300 __ 1 online resource (93 p.) :|b ill. (some col.)
  • 538 Mode of access: World Wide Web.
  • 538 System Requirements: System requirements: Internet connectivity; Web browser; Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • 500 Source of Title: Distinguishes the author's title page from that created for the electronic file in Aquila Digital Community. Example:
    • 500 __ Title from author's original title page.
  • 516 Type of Computer File/Data: Electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD).
  • 502 Thesis Note: Include the degree abbreviation as given in USM Academic Degrees followed by the four-digit year.
  • 520 Summary: 1st indicator 3. Copy/paste the abstract from the displayed file in Aquila.
  • 500 Thesis Advisor Note: Give the thesis advisor's name (thesis committee chair) in a note in direct order as found in the work.
  • 700: Give the thesis advisor's name in inverted order or as authorized.
  • 710: Include the university name and academic department as given in USM Academic Departments. Example:
    • 710 2_ University of Southern Mississippi. |b Department of English.
  • 710: If cataloging a thesis from the Honors College, include an added entry for the Honors College. Example:
    • 710 2_ University of Southern Mississippi. |b Honors College.
  • 830: Include the local series entry followed by the four-digit year.
  • 856 Electronic Access: Give the Aquila link in |u followed by this:
    |zClick here to view this online resource
  • Exporting: Use Connexion macros for data export and creation of bib and item records.
    • 990: Bib Location: Online, Material Type code z for E-book
    • 949: Item Record: Item Type 21 Online book; Location: om; Status - Available.
  • Verify all aspects of the record and test the link to the Aquila file before leaving the record.


Linda Ginn, June 2013
Revised August 2013




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