Processing Instructions

The instructions about processing books given below are intended to be general and are not necessarily comprehensive. Refer questions and differences to a full-time department staff member.


  • Match correct label with book.
  • Pay attention to whether the book is for Cook (Gold flag), Cook Reference (Pink), Cook Education Resource Center (ERC) (Dark Green), Cook Juvenile collection (Orange), Gulf Coast Library (Lime), or GC Curriculum Lab (Lime). Do not put Cook security procedures into Gulf Coast materials.
  • Separate any books that require further attention (e.g., tip-in, stamping, new label). Do not leave them on the truck.


  • Do not overtrim labels. Leave a margin of 1/8 inch between the printed information and the top and bottom of labels.
  • Labels should be placed on the spine of the book unless the book is too thin for the label. If excessive trimming would be necessary to fit the spine, affix the label to the front.
  • Labels placed on the spine should be applied 1/2 inch (a little less than a finger width) from the bottom of the book.
  • Labels placed on the front should be applied 1/2 inch from the top and 1/2 inch from the spine well.

Label Protectors

  • Use plastic label protectors over spine labels on all books that are not smooth to the touch.
  • Apply label protectors straight and allow a margin of at least 1/4 inch around the label.
  • Make sure the protector wraps around the front and back of the book at least 1/2 inch onto the covers, or that it fits completely on the spine without any overhang.
  • When wrapping labels around the front and back covers, press the protector into the wells of the spine gently but firmly.

Property Stamps

  • Stamps should be straight and clear.
  • Inside property stamps and "Does Not Circulate" stamps may be placed on the first white page from front/back cover. If artwork or maps are there, use the next white page unless the same graphic appears in both front and back; then it is acceptable to cover one of the endpapers. If the inside cover is a dark color, stamp the property stamp on a white label and affix the label to the bottom center of the page.
  • If a mistake is made with the inside stamps, use Liquid Paper or other correction fluid to cover the mistake, and place a white label with the correct stamp over the error.

Updated: March 2012

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