Bibliographic Services


To provide the very best service to our academic and professional community, drawing from the very best talent and resources available.


Bibliographic Services Department is comprised of units which function in a blended, team environment. The department is managed by a single department head, while other librarians serve in supervisory roles to facilitate day to day management of the units: Acquisitions, Cataloging (general and special collections), and Serials and Electronic Resources. Librarians do not hold titles of authority, and each has areas of administrative responsibility in addition to supervisory roles within a unit. They also provide cross training and support drawing from their respective areas of expertise during the annual routine cycle of ordering, receiving, cataloging, and processing materials for the library collections. Librarians also participate in decisionmaking and contribute to the development of policies and procedures. Auxiliary responsibilities include database maintenance and repair, metadata enhancement for digital collections, Authority cataloging and control, government document cataloging and processing, and Preservation and binding.

Eleven support personnel and several student employees contribute to the overall productivity of the department, providing timely ordering, cataloging, and processing of library materials. Personnel derive their primary work identity from assignment to a specific unit but are cross trained in integrated technical services modules for acquisitions, cataloging and serials. Cross training enables all staff to perform additional work assignments across unit lines as required. This approach in management of the department encourages cooperation, collaboration and a team esprit de corps.

Organization Chart

Bibliographic Services Department

Department Head (Vacant)

Acquisitions Unit

Acquisitions Librarian

Acquisitions Supv.
Acquisitions Spec. III
Approvals Processor
Bibliographic Spec. I



Special Collections Cataloging and Authority Control Unit

Sr. Catalog Librarian

Cataloging Spec. II

General Collections Cataloging Unit

Catalog Librarian

Cataloging Spec. II
Cataloging Spec. II
Cataloging Spec. I

Serials and Electronic Resources Unit

Serials Librarian

Serials Supv.
Preservation Coord.
Serials Spec. I



Kathleen Wells, Assoc. Professor
Senior Catalog Librarian and Head, Special Collections Cataloging and Authority Control Unit

Carol Green, Assoc. Professor
Serials Librarian and Head, Serials and Electronic Resources Unit
Linda Ginn, Assoc. Professor
Catalog Librarian and Head, General Collections Cataloging Unit

Jen Culley, Asst. Professor
Acquisitions Librarian and Head, Acquisitions Unit

Bib Services AcquisitionsCatalogingAuthority Control Serials