Check/Verify Series Statements

Checking the authority file

For DLC and enhanced records do not check authority file.

For non-enhanced records check the OCLC authority file and/or Unicorn Workflows authority file. If an authority record is not found for the series, leave as is, and the authority librarian will verify the heading through a systems report generated monthly.

Initial articles in series statements

If a series statement has an initial article, delete the article and set the second indicator to 0.

  440 _4 The art history series
change to: 440 _0 Art history series

Author/Title Series

If the series is in a tag 400, 410, 411, 800, 810, or 811 change to 440 or 830 respectively. The name in ‡a should be deleted and the title in ‡t should be moved to ‡a. If the title is generic add the name in parentheses. Change indicators as appropriate.


  810 20 ‡a American Library Association. ‡t Bulletin

      change to:

830 _0 ‡a Bulletin (American Library Association)
  400 10 ‡a Sanders, Sheila. ‡t Adventures of Beast

      change to:

440 _0 ‡a Adventures of Beast


In most cases, all series will be traced (in a 440 or 830). Series like phrases will not be traced and will either be placed in the 490 0 or a 500 field. Examples of series like phrases are Penguin book, Brown paper school book, etc. (Many of these phrases will include publisher names.) If in doubt, trace the series.

Consult the authority librarian concerning any questions about series statements.

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