Receiving Firm Orders

  • Use the Orders mode on the navigation bar.
  • Search for the bibliographic record by Title (search index code t Title) or any other indexed field.
  • A brief bibliographic record will appear with an order record below. Compare the Record Order No. with the Purchase Order No. on the invoice. The two numbers should be the same. If the order number is not on the invoice, write the number on the invoice.
  • Open the View icon on the toolbar. Compare the bibliographic information with the book in hand to verify it is a match. Compare the following fields:
    • 020 ISBN
    • 100 Author
    • 245 Title or Editor (if no author)
    • 250 Edition
    • 260 Publisher and Pub Date
    • 300 Number of pages, etc.
  • Examine the book for defects (torn/missing pages, binding, overall condition).
  • Click on the Summary icon on the toolbar. Check the following data elements:
    • Location
    • Estimated Price
    • Form
    • Fund
    • Order Type
    • Vendor
    • Notes at the bottom of the order
  • Check on the Recv. Date field and enter code t for today's date.
  • Click Save on the toolbar. A popup Warning box will appear. Click on Yes.
  • Click on the Closed icon on the toolbar and continue with the next item to be received.


Place colored flags in books for the different collections and for special processing.

  • de Grummond
  • McCain Mississippiana
  • McCain Special Collections
  • Cook
  • Cook Juvenile
  • Reference
  • Gulf Coast
  • Gulf Coast Curriculum
  • Software
  • RUSH


June 2011




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