Acquisition Order Procedures

Verifying Information for the Order

  • Click on the Display 1 Fund icon
  • Enter the Fund ID in the Fund ID field
  • Tab over to the fiscal cycle field and enter the fiscal year for the order being worked on
  • To ensure that the fund information will default into the order, touch the pointer anywhere in the Display 1 Fund screen
  • Click OK and then click Close
  • Click on the Item Search and Display icon
  • Enter the title of the book on the order card and click OK
  • Double check the bibliographic data on the card against the information in the MARC record (OCLC number, ISBN number, author, title, publisher and publication date)
  • Click on the Order tab and make sure the book is not already on order
  • Click on the Vol/Copy tab and make sure the item is not already held and that "(ON ORDER)" is before the call number, then create the order

Creating the Order

  • Click on the Create Order icon
  • For the first order allow the order ID to default automatically; enter the current fiscal year [Order ID Auto Fiscal cycle (current year)]
  • Click OK
  • Enter the vendor ID, leave the order type as regular
  • VendorID (fill in vendor)
    Order type Regular

  • **For Midwest and Book House Only**: in the Instruct field enter the account number (e.g.,  ACCT. #01, 02, etc.)
  • Enter the departmental code and any special instructions in the Note field, such as rush, notify someone, catalog other than regular collection, more than one volume or copy, only one volume of a multiple set, etc.
  • Enter the unit price in the price field
  • Check to see that the fund ID defaulted to the find ID field
  • Enter the holding code, according to the collection, in the holding code field (e.g., COOKBOOK, COOKJUV, COOKREF, etc); click OK
  • Write your initials on the card, as well as the order number and line number (e.g., NN L6680 7)
  • After completing the first order, return to the Search and Display dialog box and retrieve the current record. Click on the Orders tab and select the order to highlight it. Then click on the Edit Order icon, click in the screen, click OK and then click Close. This will make the order number default to the next order created.

Continue to the next card in Item Search.


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