Mail Procedures

Acquisitions Unit staff members are responsible for receiving incoming mail and sending outgoing mail.

  • Outgoing Mail from Acquisitions: Outgoing mail is to be placed in the box on the corner adjacent to the librarians' offices by Cataloging.
  • Incoming Mail: Mail is delivered twice a day by the Shipping and Receiving clerk.
  • Delivery Times: 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (approximate times)


  • Before opening an envelope or package, verify that it is addressed to Cook Library Serials, Cook Library Acquisitions, or to a Bibliographic Services librarian or staff member. Do not open personal mail.
  • Open mail and sort into groups:
    • Invoices
    • Renewals
    • Catalogs
    • Serials publications
    • Serials correspondence (such as replies to claims sent by a member of the Serials Unit).
  • Date stamp invoices, renewals, and Serials correspondence. Do not stamp catalogs or Serials publications.
  • Invoices: Place invoices in the Acquisition Supervisor's incoming tray, rubber banded or clipped together.
  • Renewals: Place renewals in the Acquisition Supervisor's incoming tray, rubber banded or clipped together.
  • Catalogs: Please these in the designated area (on the small filing cabinet next to large, green filing cabinets).
  • Serials Publications: Place these on the sorting table in Serials.
  • Serials Correspondence: Route these to the addressee.
  • If any gift materials are received, route them to Maria Englert.

NOTE: Acquisitions staff members are not to handle any checks. Occasionally, envelopes with checks are received that should go to Access Services or Interlibrary Loan (because they were addressed to Box 5053). Notify the supervisor of any checks received, whether opened or not.


June 2011




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