Firm Order Cataloging

Set up for Firm Order Cataloging

  • Follow the document for selecting the proper template for the Item Record Type. See Record Templates under Cataloging Procedures/Millennium Procedures or Selecting Record Templates in III Millennium located in the III Procedures folder on the shared drive.

Firm Order Cataloging

  • Work in groups of 40 books (40 labels on a sheet).
  • In Millennium, look up the item by Title (search index code t Title) or by scanning the ISBN number (search index code i Standard No.). Select the title (double-click on the highlighted title or click once on the Select button with the title highlighted). The record will open to the Item record or, in case of multiple items, to the Summary screen.
  • Click on Edit to display the bibliographic record. Inspect the record to verify that it matches the book in hand. Compare the following fields:
    • 020 ISBN
    • 100 Author
    • 245 Title or Editor (if no author)
    • 250 Edition
    • 260 Publisher and Pub Date
  • Verify that the Bib Location field is correct.
  • Edit the record according to Edit Cataloging Procedures.
  • Click Save.
  • Copy author, title, call number into a blank document (i.e., Word, Excel, Notepad) to create a shelflist for use during end processing.



Make Labels

While the call number is still copied from the last step, make a new label.

  • Open OCLC Label Program.
  • Make the new label (F8)
  • Add any extra label information required, such as REF, CURRLAB, etc.
  • Paste in the call number (Ctrl-V)
  • Space the label properly (arrow keys, backspace and enter)
  • Save the label (F4)
  • Go back to Millennium (Alt Tab)

Add Item Record and Update Order

  • In Millennium, click on the Summary tab.
  • Select the order record for the item in hand. If there is more than one order, ask Acquisitions staff or a librarian for instructions.
  • Update Cat Date field to today's date (type t or double click on the field for the calendar).
  • Click Save.
  • Copy the price amount in the Paid field.
  • Click on the Summary tab. In the View drop down menu, select Item (or type i). Click Attach New Item.
  • Follow the prompts and enter the price that was copied from the order record.
  • Scan the barcode and enter initials.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat this process for other items to be cataloged.
Send Items to Processing
  • Place materials on the book truck in the same order as the labels and shelflist sheet entries.
  • Print labels from the label program.
  • Place the printed label sheet and shelflist at the beginning of the materials on the book truck.
  • Move the truck to the student workstation for end processing.


June 2011




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