Create Invoice

In Millennium, go to the Invoice mode on the navigation bar. Select any session that is free in the Status column. Highlight a session, and click on the Select button to open an invoicing session. Essential information to complete the invoicing function is shown below.

    Invoice No. Required field
    Invoice Date Required field
    Record No. Required field. The record number may be referred to as Purchase Order number. If the Purchase Order is not known, use the search mechanism in the bottom half of the display to search by any index.
    Cost Enter the cost (list price and net amount) of the item as reflected on the invoice.
    Total To calculate the totals, click Finish in the toolbar. Type in totals from the invoice. Enter the shipping charge if applicable. Type in a total amount as indicated on the bottom line of the invoice and press Enter. Millennium will calculate totals and display a popup box in case of a discrepancy. Find the problem and make the correction. When the invoice is accurate, click on the Finish icon. Items to be returned are subtracted from the invoice.


    June 2011




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