Approval Cataloging

Set up Connexion for Editing

  • In Connexion, go to Tools -- Options -- Export -- Field Export Options.
  • In the Bibliographic Records field, type in the field/tag numbers shown below. These fields will be automatically deleted when the record is exported.
    • 015-019
    • 028-029
    • 042
    • 051-088
    • 091-098
    • 263
    • 776
    • 938
  • Go to Tools -- Options -- Batch. Under Perform Local Actions in Batch, select the Label Printing box.
  • Go to Tools -- Options -- Printing. Select the appropriate printer, then go to Label Options. Select these options and click OK.
    • Format: SP1 Spine
    • Form: Sheet
    • Print offsets: Top .2 and Left -.12
    • Units: Centimeters
  • Go to File -- Local File Manager -- Create File. Create a file called Print Labels.
  • Go to Tools -- Toolbar Editor. Verify that you have bottons on your toolbar for the following functions. Suggestion: line up these buttons in the order given below:
    • ToolsCheckSpelling
    • EditValidate
    • ActionHoldingtsUpdateHoldings
    • ActionCopyRecord
    • ActionExport



Approval Cataloging Procedures

  • Work in groups of 40 books (40 labels on a sheet).
  • In Connexion, go to Batch -- Enter Bibliographic Search Keys. Verify that the correct Local Save File is selected, and click in the Query Box. Scan the ISBN barcode located on the back of the book. When finished scanning 40 ISBN's, click Save -- Close.
  • Go to Batch -- Process Batch. Select the Local Save File you scanned the ISBN search keys into and click on Online Searches -- OK.
  • When finished, open the Save File and begin with the first book on the book truck. Review the bibliographic records and pick the one that best matches the book in hand. Usually, this will be a DLC or UKM record. Delete the other bibliographic records for that title.
  • Edit bibliographic records according to Edit Cataloging Procedures.
  • After editing, insert the proper 949 fields using Connexion macros. Scan the barcode into subfield i, edit the price in subfield p, and key in the item location in subfield l for the correct floor at Cook Library or Gulf Coast Library. The 949 line will resemble the one below, for a book in the circulating collection at Cook Library.
    949 __ |c |z 050 |g |i |l c4st |n gc4/27/11 |n oclc502029615 |p $50.00 |s - |t 1
    Then spell check, validate, update, copy record to thePrint Labels file, and export the record to Millennium.
  • Go to Millennium -- Admin -- Settings. Select the options Use today’s Date as Received Date? and Use Today’s Date as Order Date? Deselect the option Queue purchase orders for records?
  • Go to Record Templates -- Record Type Order. Select the appropriate approval template.
  • Go to Record Type Item. Select the appropriate item template. Click Save Settings -- OK.
  • Scan the barcode and click on the Summary tab. From the drop down menu, select o Orderby using the drop down menu or pressing o. Tab over to Attach new order. Click on Enter.
  • Follow prompts (using information from the slip inserted in the book). Etner initials when prompted for Internal Note. Save the order.
  • Repeat this process for each book on the truck (40).
  • Return to Connexion. Go to File -- Local File Manager. Select Print Label file. Display all titles. Sort by Date/Time Added column. Select all titles displayed. Right click and select Copy from the menu. Paste them into an Excel file. Keep only the author, title and call number columns. Add a column with COOK (or an appropriate collection note). Print this file on the front and back of one page. Write your initials and the date (or key this into a header or footer before printing).
  • In Connexion, with all of the Print Label file items selected, go to File -- Print Labels. Place a label sheet in the printer you chose for your label options. Go to Batch -- Process Batch. Select Print Labels File and the file used for editing the records. Select Label Printing Box --Online Record Actions -- Bibliographic Processing Order Date/Time Added -- OK.


June 2011




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