The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics

This image shows the front page of commentary 31 of The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics. In the top left corner, there is a symbol in a box. The symbol looks like a flower with several triangles coming from the center of the image. Below is the text from the front page. 
The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics. 
This lesson is for you. It is not to be touched, if possible, by any other  hand…it is not to be seen by any other eye. 

The Royal Secret – (Retrospective): Review of the Truth of Life; Wisdom at Your Own Door; I Am God in Human Form  - You Must Realize It For Yourself

Your First Week of Rest
Breathing Exercises for the Week
1.	Engage only in silent breathing. It would be ideal for you this week if you could make this a week of real rest. You must engage in your daily occupation, but try not to have any social engagements – be much alone – be lazy – feel that you are resting in The Law. 
Meditation for the Week
(What you have just read are merely words, and they will mean nothing to you unless you are able to FEEL that when you SAY that I AM GOD IN HUMAN FORM YOU TRULY KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD…YOU ARE GOD…Y O U   A R E  G O D. Therefore, rest and “feel after Him, if haply ye may find Him.” I wish that I could write these words down in letters of pure gold for you…but you will be able to see that they are pure gold, the pure gold of the Truth of you and of your Being. May you be happy in that Peace which passeth understanding as you contemplate this Truth of your Life.)

My Beloved Student in Mentalphysics, Noble of the Light: 
Greetings in The Bond.

During this week and next week I counsel you to study all the Commentaries from the Twenty-second on through to the Thirtieth. 
You may say that you have studied them…well, study them again – and again – and again. When I first went to Tibet, and entered my old temple, all was very strange to me. I shall never forget that day; and for the benefit of you who are away from me and who have never heard me tell of my experiences there, 
Page 1. 
The Thirty-First Commentary

Edwin Dingle, born in Cornwall, England in 1881, spent his early professional life working as a journalist and geographer. In the early 1900’s and 1910’s, Dingle spent years in China, where, in 1911, he witnessed the Xinhai revolution first-hand. In 1914, Dingle published his bilingual “New Map of China,” a pivotal work that led to his fellowship at the Royal Geographic Society of Great Britain. As Dingle continued to travel the Far East, he eventually crossed into Tibet, and there he claimed to have learned secret and advanced spiritual techniques from a mystical teacher. Based largely on these experiences, Dingle came to America in the twenties and began preaching on a topic he called “the science of mentalphysics.”

In 1933, he founded The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics in Oakland, California. He later opened the “Mentalphysics Spiritual Teaching and Retreat Center” on 420 acres of desert land in what is now Joshua Tree. The structure was designed by Dingle, legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and Wright’s son, Lloyd Wright. As leader of The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics, Dingle began calling himself Ding Le Mei, and assumed the role of philosopher, psychologist, and author. During this period, Ding Le Mei, as the representative of his organization, issued many commentaries for his students. In these commentaries, Ding Le Mei would offer lessons on breathing exercises and meditation, as well as presenting his philosophical and spiritual teachings.

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