Cartoonist Profile: Eddie Germano

Eddie Germano
photo by Stanley A. Bauman

Eddie Germano started his newspaper career working for just $18.00 per week with the Boston Post as an office boy. He did all the usual petty jobs (including buying ice cream sodas for the paper's managing editor), but he was always interested in newspaper art. He was paid the staggering sum of $5.00 when his first published cartoon appeared in his home town weekly. After a stint in the Army, he began drawing sports cartoons on a free-lance basis and doing other odd jobs in art as he attended art courses in Boston in the evening.

In 1948, Germano took his first full-time newspaper cartooning job. He worked with several papers in Florida and Massachusetts before joining the Brockton Enterprise in 1963. During his tenure there, he won several national awards in editorial cartooning and exhibited his work in the United States and Canada.