Sources for the Study of the University of Southern Mississippi

In an effort to assist people researching the University of Southern Mississippi, a list of sources has been compiled by the staff of McCain Library and Archives. It is not intended as an all inclusive bibliography and should be used only as a guide. There are numerous other publications, reports, newsletters, handbooks, and brochures available in the Mississippiana Collection, including vertical file materials. In addition, the University Archives holds official records of many University offices and programs. Some types of records and office files are classified as confidential under Mississippi law; others are open and available for use.

Each item cited in the following list is available in the McCain Library and Archives unless otherwise stated. Materials are available for use in the Cleanth Brooks Reading Room, Room 305, McCain Library and Archives.

General and Historical Information

Annual Report of the President to the Board of Trustees. Summary information about the University for each fiscal year. Reports for the years 1967-1976 are much more detailed. [Miss LD3425 .A15]

Audit Reports. Yearly reports by the State Auditor’s Office. Contains general and specific financial information for the period. [Miss LD3425 .A2 A83]

Board of Trustees Reports. Various periodic statistical reports and summaries for all the state supported universities. Usually includes information regarding enrollment, credit hours, degrees conferred, finances, and space utilization. [Miss LB2342 .15 .M57]

Budgets. (USM) Yearly budget requests and summaries. [Miss LD3425 .A1]

Bulletins. Yearly Undergraduate, Graduate, Extension, and Special Programs catalogs. [Miss LD3425 .A1 B85x]

Cook, Joseph Anderson, Papers. Correspondence, biographical and miscellaneous materials of Cook and his children. Some references to activities at Mississippi Normal College. [Historical Manuscripts]

Cook, Robert Cecil. McGowah Place and Other Memories. Memoirs of former USM President Cook. Only one or two of the thirty chapters deal directly with USM. [Miss Z473 .C75 A3]

Factbook. General and statistical information on the history, students, faculty and staff, academic programs, library and media resources, research and scholarly activities, financial and physical resources. Published 1972, 1974, 1975-1976, 1981, 1984-present. [Miss LD3425 .A1 U55x]

Faculty and Staff Directory. Yearly listing of faculty and staff. Combined with the student directory in 1963 and renamed the Telephone Directory. Published 1940, 1948-1963.

Faculty Handbook. General information about the University, its academic programs, administrative offices, and various policies affecting faculty, staff and students. Published 1953, 1956, 1963-1979, 1984-present.

Southern; UPDATE: Faculty Staff Newsletter. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters to the faculty and staff of the University. Includes names and information often difficult to locate elsewhere. Published 1947-1978; 1985-present. [Miss LD3425 .A1 F34]

Fairchild, Margaret B. Sexual Harassment and Response Study of Female Students and Female Faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi, 1986. [Miss Diss. F165s]

Hickman, Alma. Southern As I Saw It: Personal Remembrances of an Era, 1912-1954. Miss Hickman served as a faculty member at the University from its opening in 1912 until her retirement in 1954. [Miss LD3425 .H5]

Morgan, Chester, M. Dearly Bought, Deeply Treasured: The University of Southern Mississippi, 1912-1987,1987. [Miss LD3425 .M67 1987]

Murray, Nell O’Neal and D.C. Williams, Jr. The Economic Impact of the University of Southern Mississippi on the City of Hattiesburg. 1970. [Miss LD3425 .M8]

Oral History Interviews. Interviews relating to various facets of the University conducted by the Mississippi Oral History Program from 1971 to the present. Vol. 4, Robert C. Cook, former President. Vol.6, Anna M. Roberts, former Librarian. Vol. 25, Richard A. McLemore, former dean and acting President. Vol. 56, Mary Lillian Peters Whitten, 1923 graduate. Vol. 101, Leon Wilber, retired professor. Vol. 163, J. Fred Walker, retired professor. Vol. 175, Sister Elizabeth C. Harkins, dean emeritus. [Miss F341.5 M57x Vol._]

Photographs. Thousands of photographs of buildings, facilities, events, and people associated with the University from 1912 to the present.

Piliawsky, Monte. Exit 13: Oppression and Racism in Academia, 1982. [Miss LD3425 .P54 1982]

Preer, George Thomas, Papers. Presbyterian Student advisor at USM. [Historical Manuscripts]

Scrapbooks. Newspaper clippings, programs, photographs and other items arranged in scrapbooks for the period 1935 to 1962.

Student Printz. Student newspapers of the University: Normal College News, 1918-1924; Teachers

College News, 1924-1927; Student Printz, 1927-present. [Available on microfilm in Cook Library; most recent years available in the Mississippiana Collection]

USM Alumni Directory, 75th Anniversary edition, 1985. [Miss LD3425 .U54x]

Vertical File. Includes newspaper clippings, brochures and various other materials relating to the history, people and events of the University. [Various subject entries under the main heading: "University of Southern Mississippi," available in the Mississippiana Collection]

Wansley, Clarice. "A Historical Background of the University of Southern Mississippi." Honors College thesis, 1982. [Miss Thesis B W251h]


Brooks, Frederick L. Jr. History of Teacher Education at Mississippi Southern College, 1948. [Miss Thesis B873]

Chamberlin, David Devere. A Study of Institutional Goals at the University of Southern Mississippi. 1977 [Miss Diss. C443s]

Class Schedule Guides. Semester class schedules of courses offered at USM. 1963-present. [Current copy available at the Reference Desk]

Felder, Virginia Isabelle, Papers. Masters thesis and dissertation, journal articles, and term papers authored by Felder, a mathematics professor at USM from 1949-1972. [Historical Manuscripts]

Higgins, Robert Neal. A Descriptive Study of the University of Southern Mississippi Adult Education

Doctoral Program as Perceived by its Graduates, May 1976 through August 1980, 1982. [Miss Diss. H636d]

Institutional Self-Study. Reports prepared fro the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools review of the University for reaccreditation of its general programs. Prepared in 1963, 1973, 1985. [1963,1973 summary, Miss LB2823 M6x]

Teacher Education at USM. A report submitted to the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, 1963. [Miss LB2167 .M57 M57x]


Bacon, John P., Jr. "A History of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Southern Mississippi, 1912-1949." Master’s thesis, 1967. [Miss Thesis B812h]

Fagerberg, Seigfred W. "A History of the Intercollegiate Athletic Program at the University of Southern Mississippi, 1949-1969." Doctoral dissertation, 1970. [Miss Diss. F153h]


 University Physical Plant, USM, 1966. Floor plans and general building specifications for University buildings. [Miss LD3425 .A6]

Repair and Renovation Requests and Construction Requests. Data compiled for requests to the Board of Trustees and State Building Commission.

 Specifications and Blueprints. Architectural plans, building specifications, and blueprints for buildings either planned or built on campus since 1955.

Student Life and Activities

Lil’ Miss Sou. Yearbook of the Demonstration School, 1947-1954. [Miss LD3425 .A42x]

Saetre, Gilbert T. The Pride, 1920-1970. History of the USM band for the period 1920-1970. [Miss MT733.4 .S34x]

Stocker, Leonard. Musical Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi; the First 29 Years- 1948-1977. [Miss ML1711.8 M57x S8]

Student Directory. Yearly listing of students which was combined with the Faculty-Staff Directory in the mid-1960s to form a campus telephone directory. [Current copy available at the Reference Desk]

Student Handbook. Published under various titles over the years: Handbook, 1913-1914; Student Guide, 1916-1917; Handbook, 1930-1931, 1946-1954; Drawl, 1954-1978; Student Handbook, 1978-present. [Miss LD6501 .P4 A1]

Yearbooks. Student yearbooks published under the titles: Neka Camon (The New Spirit), 1914-1931, 1938-1939, The Southerner, 1940-present. [Miss LD3425 .A4x and also available at Ready Reference]