The Governors of Mississippi

Standard Reference Sources


The books listed below are considered standard reference sources on Mississippi history. A short description of the contents of each is included. The books are available in the Cleanth Brooks Reading Room of the McCain Library and Archives.

Duval, Mary V. History of Mississippi and Civil Government. Louisville, Ky.: Courier-Journal Job Printing Company, 1892. [Miss 341 .D9x 1892] Intended as a text for Mississippi public schools, this book is arranged chronologically with each chapter covering certain identified years in the state's history.

McLemore, Richard Aubrey. A History of Mississippi, 2 vols. Hattiesburg, Miss.: University & College Press of Mississippi, 1973. [Miss F341 M19] The most recent comprehensive history of the state, this work is arranged chronologically with topical chapters focusing attention on special trends or developments.

Rand, Clayton. Men of Spine in Mississippi. Gulfport, Miss.: The Dixie Press, 1940. [Miss F340 R32]

Rand includes only selected governors in his book on great men in the history of the state.

Riley, Franklin L. School History of Mississippi. Richmond, Va.: B. F. Johnson Publishing Co., 1905. [Miss F341 .R54] Intended as a school textbook, this work has a topical arrangement and contains clear line drawings of late 19th century governors.

Rowland, Dunbar. History of Mississippi, the Heart of the South, vols. I-IV. Chicago-Jackson: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1925. [Miss F341 R86] Volume one begins with physical features and Mississippi Indians, then follows politics of the state through the Civil War; volume two continues the chronological arrangement and includes brief county histories. Volumes three and four contain biographical materials.

Rowland, Dunbar. Mississippi, vols. 1-3. Atlanta: Southern Historical Publishing Association, 1907. [Miss Room F339 R88] Entries are arranged alphabetically; volume three contains biographical materials.

Rowland, Dunbar. The Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi. 1908. Nashville, Tenn.: Press of the Brandon Printing Co., 1908. [Miss J87 M74a] The 1908 volume gives names and information about the state since 1817. This publication has continued to the present date, published now every four years and called "The Blue Book."

Sumners, Cecil Lamar. The Governors of Mississippi. Gretna, La.: Pelican Publishing Co., 1980. [Miss F340 .S9] Governors of the territory and state are included in order of their first term of office. Each governor's entry includes biographical information, information about the governor's race, and major events in his administration. Black and white photographs are also included on picture pages throughout the book.

Taylor, Walter Nesbit and Ethridge, George H. Mississippi: A History, 3 vols. Hopkinsville, Ky.: The Historical Record Association, [ca. 1924]. (Miss F341 T39x) This three-volume work contains a narrative account of state history with chapters on each governor's administration.

Mississippiana Vertical File

Materials in the Mississippiana Vertical File consist primarily of newspaper clippings, both contemporary and historical. Use the name of the governor to request vertical file folder(s) from the reference librarian.


Journal of Mississippi History. This journal has been published since 1938. There is a cumulative index to volumes 1 - 20 and a compilation of indexes for volumes 21 - 38.

Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, vols. I-XIV. This series of articles was published from 1898-1914. There is an index to the issues in volume X but it does not cover the last four volumes. [Miss F 336 M75]

Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, vols. I-V (Centenary Series). [Miss F 336 M75] Centenary Series was published from 1916-1925. There is an index in each issue.

Other Materials of Interest

Inaugural addresses of the governors:

Inaugural Addresses of the Governors of Mississippi, 1817-1890. University, Miss.: Bureau of Governmental Research, 1981. [Miss F341 M57 I63x 1817-1890]

Inaugural Addresses of the Governors of Mississippi, 1890-1980. University, Miss.: Bureau of Governmental Research, 1980. [Miss F341 M57 I63x 1890-1980]

Manuscript materials:

Manuscript materials consist of documents created by the individual for whom the collection is named. These materials are also referred to as primary sources. They are kept in a special area of the library and their use is monitored through a researcher registration application and individual assistance by archives staff members.

M2 Bilbo (Theodore G.) Papers (690 cu.ft.)

M46 Holmes (David) Letter (1 item)

M60 Brandon (Gerard Chittocque) Letter (1 item)

M67 McNutt (Aleexander G.) Letters (3 items)

M63 Quitman (John Anthony) Letter (1 item)

M69 Foote (Henry S.) Letter and Autograph (2 items)

M72 Powers (Ridgely C.) Letter (1 item)

M132 Stone (John Marshall) Letter (1 item)

M191 Johnson (Paul B. Jr.) Family Papers (86 cu.ft.)

Oral histories:

The Mississippi Oral History Program of the University of Southern Mississippi records memories and views of events, personalities, and accessions in the history of Mississippi by interviewing persons with knowledge of these events. One governor and one governor's wife have been subjects of oral histories.

Barnett, Ross Robert (v. 26)

Waller, Mrs. Carroll (v. 210)

Many other oral history interviews contain information about Mississippi governors.


Biographical Guide to the Mississippi Hall of Fame. 1935. (Miss F340 .R86) This pamphlet gives a brief biographical sketch of each individual whose portrait is in the Hall of Fame and tells when each portrait was hung. Many governors' portraits are included in the Hall of Fame. The pamphlet does not contain a copy of the portraits.

Speakes, Vera Jacobs. Mississippi Portraiture. National Society Colonial Dames of America in Mississippi and Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, 1987. [Miss F340 .M6442y 1987] Only three governors' portraits are included in this book.

Voting statistics:

Allen, Tip H. Mississippi votes: the presidential and gubernatorial elections 1947-1964. Mississippi State University: Science Research Center, 1967. (Miss JK4693 1964 .A73)