Hattiesburg Mississippi: A Bibliography (Lamar and Forrest Counties)

The following list provides an introduction to resources available for research on Hattiesburg and is in no way intended as an all-inclusive bibliography. The materials listed here vary in format and content and can be located in McCain Library and Archives unless otherwise noted.

Books, Reports, Pamphlets, Etc.

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi.
Spartanburg, S.C.: The Reprint Co, 1891. [Gen F341.B6 1978]

Brieger, James F., ed. Hometown Mississippi. 1980. [Miss F339 B75x]

Chamber of Commerce, Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg, Mississippi, (n.d.). Designed to answer general industrial inquires about Hattiesburg. [Miss HC108 H37x]

Guide to Vital Statistics Records in Mississippi, Vol. 1: Public Archives. Vol. 2: Church Archives. 1942. [Cook CD3321 .H5]

Hardy, William Harris. No Compromise with Principles. New York: American Book, 1946. [Miss F341.H27]

High School, Hattiesburg. Self-evaluation Report, 1966-67. [Miss LB2823 M57 H37x]

Historical Society, Hattiesburg Area. Calendar of Historic Hattiesburg. (Annual Publication). Vol. 1-5: The Esarey Collection, Compiled by Thomas Esarey. 1973-1977 [Vertical File: Hattiesburg, MS]

Kempe, Helen Kerr. The Pelican Guide to Old Homes of Mississippi. Vol. I: Natchez and the South. 1972. [Miss F342 .K45]

Ledwith, Nettie Herrington. Growing Up in the Piney Woods of South Mississippi, 1897-1911. 1984. [Gen F347 .P63 L434 1984]

Lowry, Robert and William H. McCardle. A History of Mississippi. 1891. (Reprint, 1978.)[Miss F341 .L92 1978]

McCarty, Kenneth G., Jr., ed. Hattiesburg: A Pictorial History. 1982. [Miss F349 .H36 H37 1982]

McLemore, Richard A., ed. A History of Mississippi. 2 Vol. Hattiesburg, MS: University and College Press of Mississippi. 1973. [Miss F341 .M19]

Mississippi Code, 1972, Annotated. [Miss KFM6630 1972 .A23]

Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The State of Mississippi Historic Properties. 1982. [See USM Archives]

Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Overall Program Design. Hattiesburg, MS. 1974. [Miss HT393 .M7 565x 1974]

Murray, Nell O'Neal. The Economic Influence of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on the Surrounding Area. Bureau of Business Research, U.S.M., 1968. [Miss HD3425 .M85x]

Murray, Nell O'Neal and D.C. Williams, Jr. The Economic Impact of the University of Southern Mississippi on the City of Hattiesburg. Bureau of Business Research, U.S.M., 1970. [Miss LD3425 .M8]

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[Miss F347 .P63 M57 1986]

Robertson, Otis. Facts About Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg, MS: Progress Book & Job Print. 1898. [Miss F349 .H36 R63 1966]

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Rowland, Dunbar. Mississippi. Atlanta: Southern Historical Publishing Association, 1907. [Miss F339 .R88]

Smith, Jack Alan. A Study of Place-Names in Forrest County, Mississippi. 1969.
[Miss F347 .F6 S64x] copy on microfilm in Cook Library.

Southern Mississippi Economic Development District. Overall Economic Development Program. (Revised report, 1967.) [Miss HC107 .M7 S65x 1967]

South Mississippi Genealogical Society, compiler. Forrest County Mississippi Tombstone Inscriptions: Western Part of Old Perry County, Mississippi. 1986.
[Miss F347 .F6 F67x]

United States Army Corps of Engineers. Final Detailed Project Report and Environmental Impact Statement: Leaf and Bowie Rivers at Hattiesburg and Petal, Mississippi, August 1983.
[Miss TC424 .M7 D4853x]

Watson, George R. Historical Hattiesburg. 1974.
[Miss F349 .H36 W37x]

Directories and Reference Materials

Cross, Ralph D., ed. Atlas of Mississippi. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 1974. [Miss G1345 C76x]

Directory of Mississippi Elective Officials. [Miss JK4630 .A277]

Directory of Mississippi Municipalities. [Miss JS451 .M79 A2]

Hattiesburg City Directories. 1921-
[Mississippiana Collection]

Henderson, Thomas W. and Ronald E. Tomlin, compilers. Guide to Official Records in the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Jackson, MS: Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1975.
[Miss CD3324 M57 1975]

Mississippi Historical Records Survey and WPA. Mississippi Newspapers 1805-1940: A Preliminary Union List of Mississippi Newspaper Files Available in County Archives, Offices of Publishers, Libraries and Private Collections in Mississippi. Jackson, 1942.
[Miss Z6952 .M55 H5 1942b] copy on microfilm in Cook Library.

Mississippi Manufacturers Directory.
[Miss T12 M55]

Mississippi Official and Statistical Register.
[Miss J87 M74a]

Mississippi Oral History Program of the University of Southern Mississippi. Comprehensive Bibliography of Holdings. 1982. [Miss F341.5 .M57x Index]

Mississippi Statistical Abstracts.
[Miss HC107 M7 M45]

Roger, Chas. B., compiler. Hattiesburg City Directory. 1905.
[Mississippiana Collection]

Telephone Directories. 1948-
[Mississippiana Collection] .

U.S.M. 75th Anniversary Directory-Alumni.
[Miss LD3425 U54x]

Theses and Dissertations

Barnhill, Frances Elizabeth. A Survey of Forrest County, Mississippi, to Determine Available Jobs Relating to Home Economics and the Requirements for Filling These Related Positions. Hattiesburg, MS, (USM-Thesis), 1969. [MISS Thesis B262s]

Godby, David Edward. A Geographical Analysis of the Transition Zone of a Small American City. Hattiesburg, MS, (USM-Thesis), 1971. [MISS Thesis G577g]

Neff, Guy Charles. The Historical Geography of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS, (USM-Thesis), 1968. [MISS Thesis N383h]

Roberson, Patt Foster. A History of the Hattiesburg American: A Dissertation Submitted to the University of Mississippi. 1985. [MISS Diss R638h] on microfilm in Cook Library.

Schmidt, William Theodore. The Impact of Camp Shelby Mobilization on Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1940-1946. Hattiesburg, MS, (USM-Dissertation), 1972. [MISS Diss S354i]

Schmidt, William Theodore. Some Selected Aspects of the Impact of the Camp Shelby Mobilization on Hattiesburg, MS, 1940-1946. Hattiesburg, MS, (USM-Thesis), 1970.
[MISS Thesis S354s]


Current issues of the Hattiesburg American are located in McCain Library and Archives. Back issues of available newspapers are on microfilm in the Reading Room of Cook Library, USM.

American Citizen. [Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP- 248 MDAH.]

Camp Shelby, Mississippi Reveille. 1941-44, Weekly. [See McCain Library, USM Archives & Manuscripts Dept.]

The Daily Squib. 1923. [See Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

Forrest County News. 1932-1937. Published as The Hub Breeze (1932-1936). Weekly. [See Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

Hattiesburg American. 1897- . Published as Hattiesburg News (1887-1917) and known as the Hattiesburg News Daily and as the Hattiesburg Daily News. Daily. [See Cook Library, Microfilm, call number: Micro AN2 .H38 A44 and Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

Hattiesburg Citizen. [See Cook Library, Microfilm Dept., [See Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

Hattiesburg Daily News. See Hattiesburg American.

Hattiesburg Daily Progress. 1901; 1909. Daily, except Sunday. [See Cook Library, Microfilm Dept., Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH; and Cook Library, Microfilm, AN2 .H38 D35.]

Hattiesburg News. See Hattiesburg American.

Hattiesburg News Daily. See Hattiesburg American.

Hattiesburg Progress. 1897. [See Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

The Hub Breeze. 1932. Weekly. [See Cook Library, Microfilm, Hattiesburg Miscellaneous Roll, #NP-248 MDAH.]

Weekly Citizen. 1921-1923. Weekly. [See McCain Library, USM Archives & Manuscripts Dept.]

Oral Histories

(All oral histories are shelved under Miss F 341.5 .M57x)

Ainsworth, Charles L. Native Mississippian. Interviews: January 9, 1976 and March 29, 1976 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 156, 1980.

Brown, Robert Woodrow. Pulitzer Prize Winning Newspaper Editor. Interview: November 3, 1973, by Chester Morgan. Vol. 60, 1975.

Cameron, Mrs. James A. Charter Member, Mississippi Nurses Association. Interview: May 9, 1972 by Carl Willis. Vol. 8, 1973.

Caudill, Orley B., ed. Hattiesburg: The First Hundred Years, An Oral History. Vol. 200, 1982.

Chambliss, J. Cecil. An Oral History with Mr. J. Cecil Chambliss. Interview: December 8, 1980 by R. Wayne Pyle. Vol. 197, 1986.

Collins, Mrs. Donnie K. Vietnam POW's Wife. Interview: June 13, 1974 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 105, 1978.

Cosby, Walter T. An Oral History with Mr. Walter T. Cosby. Interview: April 18, 1983 by Dr. Chester M. Morgan. Vol. 245, 1984.

Culpepper, Dr. J.P., Jr. Hattiesburg Physician, retired. Interview: April 20, 1972 by Carl Willis. Vol. 14, 1973.

Dukes, William F. Lawyer and Former FBI Agent. Interview: January 23, 1973 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 40, 1973.

Earles, Ben. Native Mississippian. Interviews: June 28, 1979 and June 29, 1979, by R. Wayne Pyle. Vol. 190, 1981.

Estes, Lucy Arledge (Mrs. W. E.). An Oral History with Mrs. W. E. Estes. ("Mrs. Hattiesburg," the senior native born resident of Hattiesburg). Interview: May 3, 1973 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 54, 1975.

Fairchild, Wiley. An Oral History with Mr. Wiley Fairchild, businessman and native Mississippian. Interview: April 7, 1981 and April 14, 1981 by Dr. Orley B. Caudill, Vol. 212, 1984.

Foote, L.Y., Sr. Attorney, Banker and Native Mississippian. Interview: May 7, 1974 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 72, 1976.

Hall, Stanton A. Politician and Judge. Interview: April 14, 1973 by Carl Willis. Vol. 3, 1972.

Haas, Irene. Hattiesburg American Employee. Interview: June 8, 1972 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 272, 1989.

Hennington, Mrs. Lamar. Native Mississippian. Interview: September 30, 1974 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 76, 1976.

Maples, Clem. Native Mississippian. Interviews: September 25, 1972 and October 3, 1972 by Kenneth McCarty and July 14, 1976 and July 22, 1976 by Michael Garvey. Vol. 94, 1977.

McCaughey, Eloise. (Miss Ned, Hattiesburg's Favorite Babysitter). Native Mississippian. Interviews: February 20, 1976 and October 26, 1976 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 95, 1977.

McMullan, Paul W. Board Chairman, First Mississippi National Bank. Interviews: July 9, 1974 and July 16, 1974 by Orley Caudill. Vol. 113, 1979.

O'Ferrall, Charles A. Native Mississippian. Interview: February 5, 1975 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 96, 1977.

Ross, Dr. T.E., Jr. Pioneer Hattiesburg Physician. Interview: February 24, 1975 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 61, 1975.

Smith, Luther Andrew. Luther Andrew Smith, Chancery Judge, Retired, and Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Bodies. Interview: June 18, 1971 by Dr. Claude E. Fike and Dr. Stanford Gwin. Vol. 11, 1973.

Thornton, George. An Oral History with Mr. George B. Thornton. Interview: December 9, 1980 by R. Wayne Pyle. Vol. 251, 1985.

Vasselus, Paul. An Oral History with Mr. Paul Vasselus, Hattiesburg Businessman. Interview: August 21, 1975 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 152, 1979.

Vickers, Hawkins, L., Sr. Businessman. Interview: November 10, 1973 by Orley B. Caudill. Vol. 37, 1974.


Journal of Mississippi History.

Mississippi: A View of the Magnolia State.

Mississippi Archeology.

Mississippi Banker.

Mississippi Business Journal.

Mississippi Folklife.

Mississippi History Newsletter.

The Primary Source.

Archives and Manuscript Collections

Hattiesburg Archives:
(Located in City Hall)

Mayorial Scrapbooks, 1956- .

Municipal Minutes, 1885- .

McCain Library and Archives

Children of American Revolution: John Dodd Society Records, 1943-1954. [M101 - Historical Manuscipts]

Colmer (William M.) Papers, 1890-1980. [M24 - Historical Manuscipts]

Dahmer (Vernon F.) 1908-1966. [M250 - Historical Manuscipts]

Daughters of the American Revolution, John Rolfe Chapter Records, 1954-1971. [M102 - Historical Manuscipts]

Forrest County, Mississippi Criminal Record Book, 1912-1939. [M205 - Historical Manuscipts]

Gaston (Paul L.) Insurance Agency Journal, 1931-1935. [M206 - Historical Manuscipts]

Hardy (William H. and Hattie L.) Papers, 1873-1929. [M182 - Historical Manuscipts]

Hattiesburg Area Chamber of Commerce Records, 1906-1982. [M216 - Historical Manuscipts]

Hattiesburg Municipal Records, 1891-1980. [M208 - Historical Manuscipts]

Hattiesburg U.S.O. Club Records, 1942-1946. [M211 - Historical Manuscipts]

Hattiesburg Women's Club Programs, 1950-1974. [M163 - Historical Manuscipts]

Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers, 1917-1970. [M191 - Historical Manuscipts]

Knights of Pythias Crescent Lodge #47, Minute Book, 1900-1913. [M247 - Historical Manuscipts]

Parliamentarians--Theta Unit, Mississippi Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, 1959-1969. [M93 - Historical Manuscipts]

Pine Belt Savings and Loan Association Records, 1968. [M109 - Historical Manuscipts]

Preer (George Thomas) 1906-1981. [M215 - Historical Manuscipts]

Republican Party of Forrest County Records, 1959-1964. [M203 - Historical Manuscipts]

Riley (James A.) Collection, ca. 1500-1950. [M23 - Historical Manuscipts]

Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company Records, 1905-1975. [M108 - Historical Manuscipts]

Southeastern Life Insurance Company Records, 1955-1961. [M97 - Historical Manuscipts]

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter Records, 1901-1982. [M204 - Historical Manuscipts]

Waller Photograph Collection, 1945-1977. Hattiesburg People, Places and Events. [AM 83-10 - Historical Manuscipts]

Williams (Howard S.) Papers, 1916-1960. [M3 - Historical Manuscipts]

Vertical File Materials

Vertical file materials include news clippings, flyers, programs, pamphlets and miscellaneous informational materials on Hattiesburg.

McCain Library and Archives, See: Vertical File Index, Cleanth Brooks Reading Room. Subject headings pertinent to research on Hattiesburg include:

Hattiesburg Area Education Foundation, Inc.
Hattiesburg Historical Neighborhood Association
Hattiesburg, MS.
Hattiesburg, MS. - Annexation
Hattiesburg, MS. - Business & Industry (2 folders)
Hattiesburg, MS. - Chamber of Commerce (1910- ) (3 folders)
Hattiesburg, MS. - Churches
Hattiesburg, MS. - Civic Arts Council
Hattiesburg, MS. - Clubs
Hattiesburg, MS. - Community Concerts
Hattiesburg, MS. - Economy
Hattiesburg, MS. - Elections
Hattiesburg, MS. - Festivals
Hattiesburg, MS. - Government
Hattiesburg, MS. - Historical Society
Hattiesburg, MS. - History (1900- ) 4 folders
Hattiesburg, MS. - History, The Hattiesburg Story
Hattiesburg, MS. - Hospitals
Hattiesburg, MS. - Little Theatre
Hattiesburg, MS. - Maps
Hattiesburg, MS. - Mardi Gras
Hattiesburg, MS. - Natural Disasters
Hattiesburg, MS. - Newspapers
Hattiesburg, MS. - Parks
Hattiesburg, MS. - Police
Hattiesburg, MS. - Public Library
Hattiesburg, MS. - Revitalization
Hattiesburg, MS. - School Board
Hattiesburg, MS. - Schools (1910- ) 3 folders
Hattiesburg, MS. - Senior Day Services Center
Hattiesburg, MS. - Service Organizations
Hattiesburg, MS. - United Way