Genealogy Vertical File

McCain Library & Archives


The Genealogy Vertical Files are housed in the stacks on the 3rd floor of McCain Library & Archives. These files contain biographical information, family trees, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other items that may be helpful for genealogy researchers. The vertical files are divided into four sections:

States: contains maps, information about the history of the state, genealogy publications, etc

Counties: contains information about the history of the county, info about what materials can be found in the Chancery Clerk's Office, genealogical info of families in the county, newspaper/journal articles, etc.

General Information (Native Americans): contains journal articles, other publications, information about Native American research, etc.

Surnames/Locations/General: contains information about the history of surnames, basic genealogical information, family trees, clippings, journal/newspaper articles, etc

Using the Index

Access to the genealogy vertical files are provided through the Cleanth Brooks Reading Room in room 305 in McCain Library & Archives. Photocopies are allowed at $0.10/each except in situations where the materials are fragile. All materials must remain in the reading room.

The index is arranged alphabetically within each of the 4 sections. To view the genealogy vertical files, use the corresponding index to determine what folders are needed. Write the categories on a call slip, and a student or staff person will pull the folders from the closed stacks.