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Collection Title: Polk (Abner & Ida Chambers) Family Papers

Accession Number: AM03-43

Inclusive Dates: ca. 1841 - 1998

Volume: .9 cubic foot

Given By: F. A. Polk and L. P. Zehnder

Form of Material:A collection of correspondence, estate documents, certificates, newsletters, genealogical materials and other items pertaining to the families of Abner Polk and his wife, Ida Chambers Polk. Abner Polk was born in Lawrence County, Mississippi in 1860, and Ida Chambers was born in Washington County, Alabama in 1867. Abner and Ida were married on February 13, 1890, and lived in Marion County, Mississippi until approximately 1898, when they moved to Hattiesburg. A list of materials in the collection is attached.

Box and Folder List

Box 1  
Folder 1 Marriage Record of William A. Polk & Martha Brown (Nov. 11, 1841)
Folder 2 Marriage Record of Abner Polk & Ida Chambers and a list of their children (ca. 1890-1902)
Folder 3 Birth Certificate of Esther May Polk (Aug. 4, 1900)
Folder 4 Abner & Ida Chambers Polk: Expressions of Sympathy and Praise (undated)
Folder 5 Will of Abner Polk, with Accompanying Letter (1944)
Folder 6 Financial Statements Re: Estate of Abner & Ida Polk (1945-1965)
Folder 7 Ida Chambers Polk: Inventory & Value of Personal Property (ca. 1948)
Folder 8 Abner Polk Hall at William Carey College (1962)
Folder 9 Plat of Property of A. Polk & Son, Hattiesburg, Mississippi (undated)
Folder 10 Real Estate Partitioning Deed (Apr. 30, 1956)
Folder 11 Correspondence: Abner Polk & Ida Chambers (1890-1891)
Folder 12 Correspondence: Abner Polk & Penn Elizabeth Burke (1939)
Folder 13 Correspondence: Polk Siblings Re: Abner's Estate (1941-1957)
Folder 14 Correspondence: Polk/Zehnder (ca. 1900-1944)
Folder 15 Correspondence: Esther May Polk Zehnder (1952-1977)
Folder 16 Correspondence: L. Polk Denmark to Mrs. Zehnder (1940-1944)
Folder 17 Correspondence: Mary & Kathleen Polk (ca. 1926-1927)
Folder 18 "Christmas at Home" by Mary Polk Montague (Dec. 1950)
Folder 19 History of Polk Family, by Esther May Polk Zehnder (undated)
Folder 20 Poetry of Ida Chambers Polk (1926; undated)
Folder 21 "Ancestor Hunt" (undated)
Folder 22 Garden Club Presentation: "Pruning and Revitalizing Flowers" (undated)
Folder 23 Gardening Presentation: "The Secret of Hot Weather Beauty" (undated)
Box 2  
Folder 1 Polk Family Genealogical Materials (undated)
Folder 2 Bass Family (1957; undated)
Folder 3 Brown Family (undated)
Folder 4 Chambers Family (1911; undated)
Folder 5 Granberry Family (undated)
Folder 6 Hunt Family (1948)
Folder 7 Powell Family (undated)
Folder 8 Robertson Family (1911; undated)
Folder 9 Robertson, Norvell, Sr.: Autobiography (1913)
Folder 10 Welch Family (ca. 1900, 1911; undated)
Folder 11 Hoyt Fenn Bass Memorial Pin & Scholarship Fund (1961-1978)
Folder 12 Company of Newt Knight, Free State of Jones (1863-1865)
Folder 13 Daughters of the American Revolution (ca. 1936-1983)
Folder 14 National Society Daughters of Founders & Patriots (1962-1963)
Folder 15 First Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS (ca. 1915-1939)
Folder 16 "Heraldry the Shorthand of History" (undated)
Folder 17 History of Early Mississippi Territory, East of the Pearl River (undated)
Folder 18 Pamphlet: "How You May Know the Value of Old Books", by M. R. Cooper (1952)
Folder 19 McPherson, Alfred A., 1836-1926): Biographical Information (undated)
Folder 20 National Society of Colonial Dames (1970)
Folder 21 Newsletter: Beechwood Press (1936-1938)
Folder 22 Newspaper Clippings (ca. 1965-1984)
Folder 23 Notes - Handwritten (undated)
Folder 24 The Order of First Families of Mississippi (ca. 1969-1984)
Folder 25 Providence Baptist Church (ca. 1951-1968)
Folder 26 Sons of the American Revolution (1998)
Oversize Materials
Item 1 "Genealogical Tree of the Polk Family"
Item 2 Polk Family Genealogical Chart


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