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Collection Title: Mississippi Renewal Forum/Hurricane Katrina Collection

Accession Number: AM06-5

Dates: 2005

Volume: .25 cu. ft.

Provenance: Materials in this accession were given by Kay Wall.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

Items pertaining to the Mississippi Renewal Forum and efforts toward recovery, rebuilding and renewal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina:

1. Flip chart notes from a meeting held on October 13, 2005

2. Presentation materials from the Mississippi Renewal Forum Workshop held December 1 and 2, 2005, at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi


Accession Number: AM06-7

Dates: 2005

Volume: 22 items

Provenance: Materials in this accession were given by Heather Smith, Planning Director of Congress for the New Urbanism.

Form of Material:

Twenty-two original maps and drawings created by the Transportation Team of 2005 Mississippi Renewal Forum charrette (planning session). See attached list.



Hurricane Katrina Research Collection
Accession List

Item 1 Mississippi Gulf Region Map Set (10/15/05)

Item 2 Beach Boulevard, Looking East, Biloxi – cross section

Item 3 Core/Boulevard

Item 4 Quality of Life Universal Principles/Version for the Coastal Counties

Item 5 Route 90/Beach Boulevard Option: Transit Loop, Beach Side, Large Promenade

- cross section (10/15/05)

Item 6 MDOT Highways – Mississippi Map

Item 7 Route 90/Beach Boulevard Option: Two-way Transit Loop, Beach Side (10/15/05)

Item 8 Proposal for Route 90, Biloxi: One-way Transit Loop, Beach Side (10/14/05)

Item 9 Transportation Assets Allocation Questions

Item 10 Transportation Proposals: Questions?

Item 11 Beach Boulevard, Looking East, Biloxi – cross section

Item 12 Raised Cottages with Shared Elevator

Item 13 Port Access – Map

Item 14 CSX Street Sections

Item 15 Ocean Boulevard, Biloxi – cross section (10/15/05)

Item 16 Proposed new Boulevard at CSX Tracks

Item 17 Walkable Neighborhoods and Transit Service

Item 18 Movement and Connections – Map (10/15/05)

Item 19 Rail Connections – Map (10/15/05)

Item 20 Regional Sector Transect. Author: Eliot Allen (10/17/05)

Item 21 Regional Economy – Map. Author: Eliot Allen (10/17/05)

Item 22 Preliminary Advisory Flood Hazard Areas – Map. Author: Eliot Allen (10/17/05)

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