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Collection Number: M497

Title: The Stovall Family Collection


This collection was donated by Don Bishop of The Stovall Family Association.  He continues to contribute materials on a regular basis.  Material in the collection is also stored in a database maintained and held by Mr. Bishop of Laurel, Mississippi.  Dates of material include ca. 1984 and continue to the present.

Volume of collection:  59 cubic feet.  Original material and photocopies.

Historical Note

Taken from Family Lineage of Drury and Sarrah Stovall by Ada Ruth Stovall, c1997.

More than 250,000 people in the U.S. are descendants of Bartholomew Stovall who came from England to Virginia in 1684.  Bartholomew Stovall, was born to George and Joan Stovall, August 24, 1665 at Ashbury-Surrey, England.  A modest youth from Albury, England, Stovall agreed to a written contract to be indentured as a husbandman to John Bright, to travel to Virginia on the merchant ship Booth and to do whatever he was told to do for four years in exchange for payment for his passage and "meat, drink, apparel, lodging and most other necessities."

A Quaker lad who was baptized in the Anglican church in his town of Albury, England, Bartholomew wanted to be free of the political and religious strife that gripped England and was in opposition to his Quaker beliefs.  He came to America and worked off his indenture.  On August 8, 1693, he married Anne Burton in the St. John's Episcopal Church, Henrico Parish, VA. The couple had seven children. On August 17, 1715, Bartholomew was granted a patent in Henrico County for 318 acres of land near Powhaton, Va., about 30 miles from Richmond.

Children of Bartholomew and Anne Stovall:

George                                    William

Thomas                                    Hannah

Bartholmew, Jr.                       John


Tidbits:  Bartholomew Stovall was a private in the North Carolina militia during the war of the Revolution, he had refused or neglected to take the Oath of Allegiance to the State of North Carolina. Dury Stovall is on the Muster Rolls for the War of 1812.  John M. Stovall served as a private in the Texas Confederate Calvalry, 1864.  John C. Stovall was killed in the Civil War. Andrew Stovall served in the Mississippi infantry, Confederate army until 1864.  In 1893, Wallace Fisher Stovall founded the Tampa Tribune, and helped establish the Florida State Fair in Tampa.  Eddie Stovall served in the US Infantry in the Philippine Insurrection, 1899.

Scope and Content

Materials contained in this collection include correspondence from Stovall descendants to Lyle Williams, editor of the Stovall Journal, correspondence to Don Bishop regarding Stovall family members, newspaper clippings, financial records, deeds, wills, marriage records, land and estate papers, census records, requests for copies of the Stovall Cookbook, genealogical charts, notebooks of compiled information, genealogy periodicals, email correspondence and other miscellaneous correspondence.  States with information on deeds, wills, marriage and death certificates included in the collection are: MS, NC, SC, KY, GA, VA, TN, TX, SD, IN, AL, OK, KS, LA, IL and MO.  There is also a significant amount of correspondence to/from and compiled by Carmae Massey Smith.

The materials were transferred from letter size folders to acid-free legal size folders and labeled according to Mr. Bishop's original arrangement.  Some folders list just the Stovall name.  Others list descendants, where they live, and the Stovall surname about which they are providing information.  Some folders include a mixture of names listed within the alphabet letter.  For the folders marked "Miscellaneous", a listing of contents in each folder is provided.


Container Listing



Folder  1.                     “Spires, Carlton E.” – corr.

Folder  2.                     “Bob Tyson” - Descendancy Chart - Joseph Anna Stovall

Folder  3.                     “Gardenhire” - Descendents of Rev. John Eddington Stovall- Bush, Perkins Lines  via Billy Gardenhire and Johnny Langford

Folder  4.                     “Dorothy Pigott McCardle”- Josiah Stovall/Polly Hicks 1700s -VA/NC

Folder  5.                     “Pinson” - Descendants of Thomas and Molly Pinson (KY); Dyer/Terry/Beck/Ebnner/DeArmond/Damron/Queen Families

Folder   6.                    “Mary C. Ferguson Lohr”- Gaddy Descendent; Ekey/Bartley/Burtle/Pearsall/Lewis

Folder   7.                    “Avants/ Mary Whitmore.”

Folder   8.                    “Harry Williams/ Julia F. Stovall” - Teresa Moore’s research

Folder   9.                    “Sue Stovall Mobley/Larry Townsend/Nell Hargrove” - Tenn and NC research

Folder 10.                    “Ken Burke Pinson” - Bevins/Williams/Thompson/Pinson

Folder 11.                    “Laura Masten and Beverly J. Holmes” - Descendency from Josiah Stovall; Garner/Masten

Folder 12.                    “Pat Schlothaver” - Copies of certificates - Iverson Willard Stovall descendant

Folder 13.                    “Sharon Stovall” - Thomas William Stovall Family - IL

Folder 14.                    “Johnnie Langford/Billy Gardenhire/John Eddington Stovall/Helen; Parker” Texas Stovalls

Folder 15a-b.               “Stovall Correspondence Nov 94 - July 95 Updates”

Folder 16a-b.               “Stovall Correspondence 1994-1995"

Folder 17a-b.               “Stovall Updates, 1994-1995"

Folder 18.                    “Stovall Correspondence Sep. 95"



Folder  1a-b.                “Stovall Correspondence June 95-Sep 95"

Folder  2.                     “Stovall Correspondence July 29, 1995- Sep 11, 1995"

Folder  3a-b.                “Stovall Correspondence, Jan 14, 1995-Jun 26, 1995”

Folder  4a-b.                “1995 Correspondence”

Folder  5a-b.                “Surname BA”

Folder  6.                     “Surname BE”

Folder  7.                     “Surname BI - BL”

Folder  8.                     “Surname BO”

Folder  9.                     “Surname BR - BZ”



Folder  1.                     “Surname CA”                       

Folder  2.                     “Surname CH –  CK”            

Folder  3.                     “Surname CL”                       

Folder  4.                     “Surname COM”

Folder  5.                     “Surname CON – CQ”

Folder  6.                     “Surname CRA – CT”

Folder  7.                     “Surname CU – CZ”

Folder  8a.                   “Surname DA – DE”

Folder  8b.                   “Surname DE – DI”

Folder  9.                     “Surname DJ – DZ”

Folder 10.                    “Surname E”

Folder 11.                    “Surname F – FO”

Folder 12.                    “Surname FR”



Folder  1a-b.                “Surname G”

Folder  2a-c.                “Surname HA”

Folder  3.                     “Surname HE”

Folder  4.                     “Surname HI”

Folder  5a-b.                “Surname HO”

Folder  6.                     “Surname HU – HZ”

Folder  7.                     “Surname I”

Folder  8a-b.                “Surname J”



-The Stovalls– no author, publisher, date, etc.  (Yellow paper cover, photocopies).

-The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Amherst County, Virginia, by Netti Schreinter-Yantis and Florene Love.  Genealogical Books in Print, Springfield, VA  1987.

-The Happiness Handbook or Love Those Worry Birdsby Dorothy Britt.  Gabriel Publishing, Comfort, TX  1992.   

-Methodist History, Vol. 31, No. 3, April 1993.

-A History of the Stovall Museum of Science and History, by W. Eugene Hollon, University of Oklahoma, 1956.  (Pamphlet - 2 copies).

BOX 4 cont.

-The Franklin County Historical Review, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1983.  (Note:  “Stovall Descendants in Franklin Co., TN”).

-Major Brett Stovall and Descendantsby Hattie C. Spencer.  No publisher, or date.  (Spiral bound, yellow cover, approx. 221 pages).



Folder  1.                     “Surname Jones”

Folder  2.                     “Surname K”

Folder  3a-b.                “Surname L”

Folder  4.                     “Surname MA"

Folder  5.                     "Surname MA – MAR”

Folder  6.                     “Surname MAS – ME”

Folder  7a-b.                “Surname MC”

Folder  8.                     “Surname MI”

Folder  9a-c.                “Surname MJ – MZ



Folder  1a-c.                “Surname N”

Folder 2a-b.                 “Surname O”

Folder  3a-c.                “Surname P – PA”

Folder  4a-b.                “Surname PB – PZ”

Folder  5.                     “Surname Q”

Folder  6a-b.               “Surname RA – RI”

Folder  7.                     “Surname RJ – RU”

Folder  8a-b.               “Surname RO”

Folder  9.                     “Surname SA – SE”

Folder 10.                    “Surname SF”



Folder  1.                     “Surname SH”

Folder  2.                     “Surname SI – SM”

Folder  3.                     “Surname SN – SZ”

Folder  4.                     “Surname TA – TH”

Folder  5.                     “Surname TJ – TZ”

Folder  6.                     “Surname U – V

Folder  7.                     “Surname WA – WG”

Folder  8.                     “Surname WH – WI”

Folder  9.                     “Surname WJ – WZ”

Folder 10a-b.              “Surname XYZ”



Folder  1.                     Armstrong

Folder  2.                     Beasley, G. Spencer

Folder  3.                     Bleigh, Mildred

Folder  4.                     Bumgarner, Martha

Folder  5.                     Clarke, Donald

Folder  6.                     Gross, Lanis

Folder  7a-b.               Jones, Drucilla

Folder  8.                     Mitchell, Dora

Folder  9.                     Smith, Carmae Massey

Folder 10.                    Stovall, Bennie Gene

Folder 11.                    Stovall, Jack Neil

Folder 12.                    Stovall, Jefferson Thomas

Folder 13.                    “Stovall A, B, C” – First Names beginning with these letters

Folder 14.                    “Stovall D, E, F, G” – First Names beginning with these letters



Folder  1.                     “Stovall H, I, J” - First Names beginning with these letters

Folder  2.                     “Stovall K, L, M, N, O, P” - First Names beginning with these letters

Folder  3.                     “Stovall Q, R, S” - First Names beginning with these letters

Folder  4.                     “Stovall T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z” - First Names beginning with these letters

Folder  5.                     “A Partial History of the Descendants of John Harvey (-ca 1770) SC” etc. to the present 1992

Folder  6.                     MISCELLANEOUS

                                      -N.C. Revolutionary soldiers

                                      -GA county information, Elbert Co., GA tax digests, cemeteries and tombstones, early GA marriages, Augusta, GA name index

                                      -MS - records from Itawamba Settler=s Journal        

                                      -Autobiography of Emmett Bradshaw

                                      -TENN - 1850 census, WTENN marriages grooms, brides

                                      -Ky census - John Stovall 1870

                                      -correspondence, newspaper clippings and marriage records

                                      -Stovall family records: GA wills, , MS wills, SC, TN, VA

Folder  7.                    MISCELLANEOUS

                                      -VA marriage records., Amelia, will, land records,  DAR records, GA, MS


      -TENN declaration, Bartholomew records

                                      -KY deeds, census, notes

      -Federal census 1860

      -Clippings, Info on GA,

      -Joseph/Bibb Co

      -Franklin Co., GA Deeds, Court of Ordinary Records

      -Newberry Library (Chicago) Genealogical Index

      -Elbert Co, GA marriages, deeds in N.C.

     -Stovall family records compiled by researcher

     -Early Immigrant - Bartholomew b. 1665

     -Index to GA Tax Digests, index to 1860 GA census

     -newspaper clipping of house burning down

     -Obituaries from Christian Index

     -Colonial & Revolutionary Era Marriage Bonds, Amherst Co. VA

     -Marriage bond for Ferrisha (?) And Martha Adams


     -Franklin Co., GA 1850 records, deeds

     -Granville co., NC deeds Book H - indenture of Bartholomew, 1765


     -Albermarle Parish Records

                                     -Newspaper article on Clyde Ballard Stovall escapades

     -Excerpt from Louisville, KY phone book

     -Copy of John Stovall=s (NC) will

     -Marriage Licenses list for Henrico Co., 1692

     -Copy of VA Land Patent Book 15, 1732-1735

     -Excerpt from Hunting for Bears, Montgomery Co., MS

Folder  8.                    Copy of Rollo Stovall=s STOVALL=S GENEALOGY


Folder  9a-b.              MISCELLANEOUS

     -TX marriage records, copy of Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi newspapers

     -VA wills before 1799, article from Mississippi Genealogical

     -Exchange, Ms cemetery records, MS Index of wills

     -TENN Stovalls in Civil War, Lane information

     -So. Dakota biographical record of early settlers

                                     -TENN - Sequatchie Valley info, 1850 Census records        

     -TX - Stovall records

     -Research and Lineage of Bartholomew for DAR

     -VA census records

     -Research on Louisa Stovall

     -Official Roster of the Texas Legislature

     -Mexican War Pension Records of James and William Stovall

     -Patrick and Henry Counties, VA , history - Stovalls

     -Burton Chronicles of colonial VA

     -Patrick and Henry Counties, VA , history - Stovall

     -Burton Chronicles of colonial VA

     -Patrick and Henry Counties, VA , history - Stovalls

     -Burton Chronicles of colonial VA

     -GA Black Book, out take on Bartholomew

     -Notes from Who=s Who in Methodist Church

     -Allen Co, KY Deed Index

     -Excerpt from Story of Apalachee

     -Excerpt from History of Some Branches of the Mitchell and Stovall Families

                                     -Copy of Military records of Bartholomew Stovall

     -James Stovall - death certificates

Folder  9a-b.             MISCELLANEOUS cont.

    -Dury Stovall - Muster Rolls for War of 1812

    -Exerpts from history of McNairy Co. TN

    -Notes on Lawrence Co., ALA

    -Application of Lyle Williams for Son of the American Revolution

    -Page from Who=s Who in FLA       

    -Upshur Co., TX early Stovall land records

    -Record of John M. Stovall - Confederate Cavalry, TX

    -Pages from Arkansas 1860, 1870 census?

    -Court Records of Clay Co. TX, 1928

    -Eddie Stovall records of service in US infantry  - Philippine Insurrection

    -Obituary for Ella Cashman, Missouri

    -Notes, Fort Worth, TX

    -Marriage records of Cherokee, TX 1881-1905, 1846-1880

    -Williams family history excerpts, IN

    -History of Angelina Co, TX, excerpts

    -Obituary notices of Stovalls, TX

    -Marriage License records, Gregg Co., Harrison Co.,  TX and misc.

    -Rusk Co. X history - copy

    -Butler Co. Ky history - excerpt

    -Key and allied Families - excerpts

    -DAR lineage book - excerpt

    -Lufkin, TX early land records

    -Fuqua - a Fight for Freedom - excerpts

    -Kate Imoe=s application for DAR

    -Death certificate for JM Stovall, James Stovall

    -Excerpts from diary of 1866, History of Cuba, TN

    -History of some Branches of the Mitchell and Stovall Families by Bates Mitchell  Stovall

Folder 10.                 Harrison-Smith Correspondence over Stovall Journal

                   Harrison-Adams Correspondence


                   Poole family research, charts

                   Pettit Family information

                   McDaniel family and other related families

Folder 11.                Correspondence

                                  Report on Meeting of Stovall Reunion

                                  Stovall Family Association Inc. Articles of Incorporation (Dec. 12, 1989)

                  Board of directors

                  Affidavit of Acceptance of Appointment (James E. Stovall as agent for SFA,INC.)

                  Nominating slate for Board of Directors       

                  Articles from GENEALOGICAL HELPER

                  Bank Deposit Authorization

Folder 12.              Correspondence

                                 Inquiries to Lyle Williams on Stovall family  (1975 -

BOX 10

Folder  1.         Brooks, Agnes & Martha Willis Nichols

Folder  2.         Poole, Pinson & Pettit

Folder  3.         Stovall, Hezekiah & Joseph Donald Stovall

Folder  4.         Tyson, Bob & Joseph Anna Stovall

Folder  5.         Garner, Jean & Josiah Robert Stovall

Folder  6.         Wilson, Joe & Sarah Virginia Stovall

Folder  7.         Sanders, Glynda Stovall

Folder  8.         Holland, Patsy & Elijah George Stovall

                          Naujokaitis, Phyllis & John Calvin Stovall

                          Lutz, Jack & Lepiarczky

Folder  9.         Kroll, Gretchen S. & John Staples & Martha Stovall

                          Warren "Tuck" Forsythe

                          Dortha Fitzgerall

                          Easley, Sharon I. & Tabitha Stovall

Folder 10.        Thomasine Elefant

                           Dell Magee Clawson

                           Mary Christian

                           John Carlberg

                           Carlson, Brenda & George Simeon Stovall

Folder 11.        Burnett, Jearald Dean & Tabitha Stovall

                           Bausell, Nell (allied to William Zach Stovall)

                           Black, Vivian Altfeld & Joseph Marcellus Pleasant Stovall

Folder 12.        Correspondence of Lyle Williams, Editor

Folder 13.        Harriet A. Kelley

                          Jones, J. Tom & Thomas Pinckney & Rhetta Almeda Stovall & Debra Holley

                          Hess, Wendell & Fannie Angeline Stovall

Folder 14.        Barbara Deaghn-Hamling

                           Judith Head, Rockwall, TX

                           Mrs. Sam Hays

                           Fortson, Malcom & Anne Fortson Freeman & Pleasant A. Stovall

Folder 15.        Nash, Della & Drury Stovall

Folder 16.        Burke, Ken & Pinson Line

*Two brown spiral bound notebooks

                        Descendants:  Benjamin Franklin Ellzey & Holmes & Stovall

                        Descendants:  Lewis N. Ellzey & Mary Ann Holmes

                        Descendants:  Mary Ellen Grubb & Mary Ann Holmes & SR 37324

BOX 11         

Miscellaneous correspondence and records of surnames beginning with:

Folder  1a-b.    A

Folder  2.         B

Folder  3.         BA-BE

Folder  4.         BI-BO

Folder  5.         BR-BZ

Folder  6a-h.    Bishop


BOX 12         

Miscellaneous correspondence and records of surnames beginning with:

Folder 1.         C

Folder  2.         C

Folder  3.         C

Folder  4.         D

Folder  5.         D

Folder  6.         D

Folder  7.         D

Folder  8.         E

Folder  9.         E

Folder 10.        F

Folder 11.        F

Folder 12.        G

Folder 13.        G

Folder 14.        G

Folder 15.        H

Folder 16.        H

Folder 17.        I          


BOX 13   

Miscellaneous correspondence and records of surnames beginning with:

Folder  1.         J

Folder  2.         J

Folder  3.         K

Folder  4.         K

Folder  5.         L

Folder  6.         L

Folder  7.         M

Folder  8.         M

Folder  9.         MC

Folder 10.        N-O

Folder 11.        P

Folder 12.        R

Folder 13.        R

Folder 14.        Stambazze, Dee-Ann


BOX 14         

Miscellaneous correspondence and records of surnames beginning with:

Folder  1.         S

Folder  2.         S

Folder  3.         S

Folder  4.         T

Folder  5.         T

Folder  6.         Turnell

Folder  7.         U-V

Folder  8.         W

Folder  9.         W

Folder 10.        W


Surname Stovall correspondence/records filed under first name beginning with:

Folder 11.        A

Folder 12.        B

Folder 13.        C

Folder 14.        C

Folder 15.        D

Folder 16.        E


BOX 15

Surname Stovall correspondence/records filed under first name beginning with:

Folder  1.         F-G

Folder  2.         H-I

Folder  3.         J

Folder  4.         J

Folder  5.         J

Folder  6.         K-L

Folder  7.         M

Folder  8.         N-Q

Folder  9.         R

Folder 10.        R

Folder 11.        R

Folder 12.        S

Folder 13.        T-V

Folder 14.        W

Folder 15.        W

Folder 16.        Newspaper Clippings

                           Stovall Family History Brochure

                           Savannah Evening Press - Last edition (October 31, 1996)

                           Book: Family Lineage of Drury Sarrah Stovall by Ada Ruth Stovall, Alabama, 1997

                           Blue Notebook: Officers & Members of the Board 1996 National Stovall Reunion


BOX 16

Correspondence from Individuals:

Folder  1.         Allison Williams Stovall - George Alexander Stovall

Folder  2.         Beverly Stovall  (Livingston, TN)

Folder  3.         Bobby Stovall (Foxworth, MS) & Bobby Joe Stovall (Covington, TX)

Folder  4.         Buel E. Stovall (Louisville, KY)

Folder  5.         Carol Stovall - Mrs. Stovey H. Stovall (Colleyville, TX)

Folder  6.         Charles Stovall

Folder  7.         Clarence W. Stovall (Duncansville, TX)

Folder  8.         Clifton W. Stovall (McKinney, TX)

Folder  9.         Cora Stovall (Huntland, TN) - Thomas Jefferson Stovall

Folder 10.        Crystal Stovall (Tulsa, OK) - "Blind" Jim Stovall

Folder 11.        Derald Stovall (Maryville, TN)

Folder 12.        Donald Stovall

Folder 13.        Earl Fenton Stovall - Columbus Stovall)

Folder 14.        George Hill Stovall

Folder 15.        George L. Stovall (Son of John Randolph Stovall)

Folder 16         Mrs. George Raymond Stovall (Mayfield, KY)

Folder 17         Gladys Stovall

Folder 18         Gloria Stovall (Greenville, SC)

Folder 19         George W. Stovall

Folder 20         Heather Stovall (Tumwater, WA) - File pulled by Don Bishop 2/99

Folder 21         Henry P. Stovall - Pam Jones

Folder 22         Hugh Stovall

Folder 23         Issac Stovall

Folder 24         James E. Stovall (Montgomery, AL) - Horace Tuillion Stovall)

Folder 25         James Franklin Stovall/Son of David Jerry Stovall

Folder 26         James Thomas Stovall

Folder 27         James Miller Stovall

Folder 28         Jean Stovall/ (Highland, IN) - Martin L. Stovall

Folder 29         Jerome Stovall

Folder 30         Jessie Hood Stovall (Malaga, WA) - John Baccus Stovall

Folder 31         John Early Stovall (Honolulu, HI)

Folder 32         Larry Dow Stovall - John Mallie Stovall

Folder 33         John Quincy Alexander Stovall

Folder 34         John R. Stovall

Folder 35         Ken Stovall (Louisville, KY) - Owen Paul Stovall

Folder 36         Mrs. Larry "Diane" Stovall (Garland, TX) - James Stovall

Folder 37         Mrs. Laurence Stovall "Kathy" (Cupertino, CA)

Folder 38         Linda Stovall (Dubuque, IA) - Wilkins Stovall

Folder 39         Mabel T. Stovall  (Mayfield, KY) - Gustavius T. Stovall

Folder 40         Russell Lee Stovall (Amarillo, TX) - John Thomas Stovall


Folder 41         Albertson, Louise, sister of Norma Scott (Huntington, IN) - William Turner Stovall

Folder 42         Allen, J.R. & Margaret (Abingdon, VA) - Archehaus Stovall

Folder 43         Andrews, Betty (Sarasota, FL)

Folder 44         Ashermann, Virginia

Folder 45         Askew, Linda (Mt. View, OK)

Folder 46         Bauer, Fred G. (Huntland, TN)

Folder 47         Bennett, Virginia (Asheville, NC)

Folder 48         Benson, Emma Lu (Bedford, TX) - Lucella Stovall Turner

Folder 49         Burer, Mary R. (Yellville, AR) - Benjamin Rush Stovall

Folder 50         Blackstone, James L. (Terrell, TX) - Thomas Pinckney Stovall

Folder 51         Bloomberg, Callie (Longview, TX) - Albert Green Stovall

Folder 52         Boatman, Dave (Ft. Worth, TX) - Martha "Patsey" White (wife of Bartholomew Stovall)

                          Correspondence from Henry White of Buckingham Co., VA

Folder 53         Bow, Beth Ellis (Austin, TX) - William Budley Stovall

Folder 54         Bowers, Orville S. (Kirksville, MO) - Martha "Pattie" Stovall/Sterling Crowder

Folder 55         Brandon, Cleta (Memphis, TN) - George Alexander Stovall

Folder 56         Brasfield, Caroline Allen (Odessa, TX) - "The Early Stovalls"

Folder 57         Brooke, Ted (Cumming, GA) - James D. Stovall

Folder 58         Brown, Phyllis (Johnson City, TN) - Iris Rachel Stovall

Folder 59         Bruno, Nelita Price (Tulsa, OK)

Folder 60         Bullard, Karen Prosser (Cuming, GA) - Frances Stovall Prosser

Folder 61         Burkett, Sandra S. (Seneca, SC)

Folder 62         Burns, Margaret A. (San Antonio, TX) - Pettit, Poole, Dillard, Usry, Easterwood, Grove

Folder 63         Caddell, Jean (Ellis Co. Texas Genealogical Society) – H. R. Stovall

Folder 64         Calhoun, Constance B. (Commerce, MI) – George Clark Stovall

Folder 65         Carlin, Linda Evans (Sun Valley, CA) – George Thomas Real Stovall

Folder 66         Carpenter, Lucille (Wagoner, OK) – Sarah Stovall/John Pitts

Folder 67         Cartledge, Don S. (Waterville, OH) – James Franklin Monroe Stovall/Louisa Louise Longmire

Folder 68         Collins, Ruth (Alexander, VA) – Ralph Stovall

Folder 69         Conner, D.A. (Humble, TX)

Folder 70         Dryden, Ken R. (Madison, WI) – Renee Angelina Stovall-Cote

Folder 71         Covington, Janice (Jackson, MS)

Folder 72         Cox, Gladys (Winslow, AZ) – Ottis Briggs Stovall/Kevin Stovall

Folder 73         Crank, Robert K. (Venice, FL) – George Gaddy/Ann Stovall

Folder 74         Creeden, Vivian – Sarah Stovall

Folder 75         Crocker, George David (Pace, FL) – John “Abe” Stovall

Folder 76         Crook, Jane Williams (Peete)

Folder 77         Draves, Orancis/Davis (Bloomfield, NM) – Francis Elizabeth Stovall

                           ***Dryden, Ken. R.   [See folder 70]

Folder 78         Durham, Robert L. (San Dimas, CA) – Blanche Maize Stovall

Folder 79         Erickson, Leona “Lee” (Prescott, AZ) – Barton

Folder 80         Farmer, Carolyn B. (Dunwoody, GA)

Folder 81         Ferguson, Jack (Hurst, TX)

Folder 82         Fisher, Mildred A. (Decatur, GA)

Folder 83         Ford, Mrs. Edwin R. (Denver CO) – Mary Elmina Stovall

Folder 84         Fouts, Sarah S. (Shreveport, LA)

Folder 85         Freeman, Mrs. Judson (Jacksonville, FL) – Phinizy Stovall

Folder 86         Freeman, Diane Dunn (Ormand Beach, FL)

Folder 87         Freeman, Nita (Helena, MT) & Carolyn Lacy (Riverside, CA)

Folder 88         Garmon, Mrs. John H. (Clarksdale, MS) – Anastasia L. Stovall

Folder 89         Garner, Jallie Alvis (Parrish, AL) – Drury Stovall

Folder 90         Garrison, Barbara S. (Lake Havasu City, AZ) – Barbara Stovall

Folder 91         Gatewood, Carol S. (Tuscaloosa, AL) – Virginia Victoria Pocahontas Stovall

Folder 92         Georgis, Carol Stovall (Rockville, MD) – Joseph Dorsch Stovall

Folder 93         Gibbs, Charles W. (Spring, TX) – Silas Ross Stovall

Folder 94         Gibbs, Marian G. (Marlin, TX) - Silas Ross Stovall

Folder 95         Gibbs, Robert W. (Houston, TX) - Silas Ross Stovall

Folder 96         Gibson, Sally Jo (Harrison, AR) - Joshua Pettit

Folder 97         Gibson, Hazel (Tucson, AZ)

Folder 98         Gillis, John N. (Hemet, CA) - Thomas Pinckney Stovall

Folder 99         Graham, Lavinia - Mary Alfred (Stovall) (Bentley) (Ponder) Cagle, Ferdinand Stovall

Folder 100       Granger, Debra Anne (Warriors Mark, PA) Crockett Harrison

Folder 101       Graves, Bea (LePonto, AR) - Matilda Mary Stovall

Folder 102       Green, Ella L. Stovall (Cupertino, CA) - John Eddington Stovall, James Thomas Stovall

Folder 103       Greenaway, Marquita (Tuka, MS) - A.K. Hendricks

Folder 104       Hadden, Robert Lee (Sterling, VA)

Folder 105       Hart, Virginia (Pleasant Hill, IL)

Folder 106       Kindred, Sharon L. (La Center, WA) - Gustavus & Elisha W. Stovall

Folder 107       Padgett, Barbara Carter (Spring, TX) - Byrd-Friend-Leggett

Folder 108       Tillman, Vonda Lou Bates (Broken Bow, OK) - Maude Ora Stovall

Folder 109       Winnette, Alice Gordon - John Pleasant Stovall


BOX 17

Folder  1          Pettit, Ellen (Kosciusko, MS) - Joshua Pettit

Folder  2          Rasmussen, Chris (Riverside, CA) - Lillie Stovall Crocker

Folder  3          Ray, Mona - Ottis O. Holmes

Folder  4          Reid, Jackie (Batesville, MS) - Lucy Stovall

Folder  5          Rhodes, Ron (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) - John Randolph Stovall

Folder  6          Rhoton, Trudy (Mesa, AZ) - Bartholomew Stovall

Folder  7          Richards, David E. (Springfield, MO) - Southwest Missouri State Archives

Folder  8          Robinson, Susan J. (Corpus Christi, TX) - William A. Stovall/George Henry Stovall

Folder  9          Rogers, Nelda Moore (Hurst, TX) - John Chandler/Dorothy Stovall

Folder 10         Rowe, Jean - George M. Stovall - "Sukey" Chandler

Folder 11         Rowe, Lauren (Syracuse, NY)

Folder 12         Roylance, Elsie Murrell (San Quentine, CA) [no inmate] - Martha Jane Stovall

Folder 13         Rudabill, Anne Kent (Portsmouth, RI) - George R. Spivey/Elizabeth Stovall

Folder 14         Salyer, Pearl (Georgetown, TX)

Folder 15         Sanders, Fern M. (Lincoln, AL)

Folder 16         Serra, Mike - Zachariah Stovall "Rev"

Folder 17         Shaver, Addie, (Huntsville, AL)

Folder 18         Shipman, Ross L. (San Antonio, TX) - Lillie Emily Smylie

Folder 19         Shurden, Sidney (Drew, MS)

Folder 20         Simmons, Michael G.

Folder 21         Sinyard, Roberta (N. Las Vegas, NV)

Folder 22         Sisson, David, Mrs. (Laurel, MS) - Drury Stovall

Folder 23         Sitton, Karen (Canton, OH)  

Folder 24         Smith, Alton (Belvidere, TN) - Isaac Warren Stovall

Folder 25         Smith, Caroline (Chatham, NJ) - Gardner/Drake/Winthrop Sargent

Folder 26         Smith, Charles A. (Belvidere, TN)

Folder 27         Smith, David C. (Pembroke, KY) - Susan Stovall

Folder 28         Smith, Helen B. (Evans, GA)

Folder 29         Smith, James Dean, Mrs. (Sarasota, FL) - William Poole/Elizabeth Stovall

Folder 30         Smith, Mary Beasley (Greenwood, MS)

Folder 31         Smith, Robert L. (Huntsville, AL)

Folder 32         Spalding, June H. (Huntsville, AL)

Folder 33         Spencer, Marcella

Folder 34         Sperry, Diane (Kent, WA)

Folder 35         Springer, Juanita (Manchester, GA)

Folder 36         Stephenson, Tom - Thomas Stovall

Folder 37         Sternberg, Carol (Jasper, IN)

Folder 38         Spires, Carlton E. (Denham Springs, LA)

Folder 39         Stiver, F.L. - Holmes/Stovall

Folder 40         Stockstill, Mildred S. (Leakesville, MS) - Terry Edward Stovall

Folder 41         Sutley, Gene (Jacksonville, AL) - Pettit/Poole/Pinson File

Folder 42         Tatum, Jay (Houston, TX) - John McDonald Stovall

Folder 43         Taylor, Watts

Folder 44         Thompson, Martha H. (Shreveport, LA) Anna Mumford Stovall

Folder 45         Thompson, William W. & Lisa L. (Southwick, MS) - Amanda E. Stovall

Folder 46         Tillman, Lou. Mrs. (Broken Bow, OK)

Folder 47         Timm, Anne (Longboat Key, FL) - Thomas Lester Stovall

Folder 48         Tippett, Flora J. (Tyler, TX)

Folder 49         Treadwell, Pat (Dunlap, TX) - Seaborn T. Stovall

Folder 50         Tribble, Dorothy (Prattville, AL)

Folder 51         Upton, Marie Luter (Clinton, MS)

Folder 52         Van DeGraaf, Maxine (Sunnyside, WA)

Folder 53         Wakem, Alicia J. (Alaska)

Folder 54         Walker, Gary (Vancouver, BC Canada) - Josiah Stovall/Mary Hicks

Folder 55         Walters, Frances (Shreveport, LA) - George Otis Eugene Stovall

Folder 56         Watson, Janis (Edmond, OK) - Pinson/Gaddy

Folder 57         Weaver, McKinnie, Mrs. (Hickory Valley, TN)

Folder 58         Webb, Mary Alice - Mary Alice Stovall

Folder 59         Weiss, Merrie Lee (Chino Valley, AZ) - Agnes Brooks

Folder 60         Welch, Lex O. (Victoria, TX) John McDonald Stovall

Folder 61         White, Carol (South Lake Tahoe, CA) - Rachel Stovall

Folder 62         White, F. Wayne (Austin, TX)

Folder 63         White, Melba

Folder 64         White, Roy (Salt Lake City, UT) - Guy Carl Stovall

Folder 65         Wick, Cheryl (San Diego, CA) - Martha Staples

Folder 66         Wiencek, Henry (Charlottesville, VA) - Robert Hairston/Ruth Stovall

Folder 67         Wiggins, Tommy (Irving, TX) - David Jerry Stovall

Folder 68         Wilhite, John Burton (Tacoma, WA)

Folder 69         Williams, Deborah - Peter Wynn Stovall

Folder 70         Witt, Marcia (West Palm Beach, FL)

Folder 71         Williams, Helen (Valliant, OK) - James Franklin Monroe Stovall

Folder 72         Williams, Ned (Crystal Beach, TX)

Folder 73         Williams, Ken (Seattle, WA) - Julia F. Stovall

Folder 74         Willis, Linda "Diane" (Dallas, TX) - Thomas Hugh Stovall

Folder 75         Wofford, James "Bert" (Ila, GA) - James Alexander Wofford, Jr./Frances Alberta Stovall

Folder 76         Woodham, Delene (Pensacola, FL) - Mildred Stovall

Folder 77         Woodhams, Anne S. (Bethseda, MD) - Anne Nelson Stovall

Folder 78         Woodward, Augustus M. (Alanson, MI)

Folder 79         Wright, George Ronald (Sandy, UT)

Folder 80         Wright, Kenneth Josiah (Lubbock, TX) - Joseph Samuel Stovall

Folder 81         Young, Roy M. (Houston, TX) - Mary Ann Aycock

Folder 82         Youngblood, Jackie (Monahans, TX)

Folder 83         Zeigler, Hamilton B. - Hagar Stovall


BOX 18

Folder  1          Anderson, Kate - Pinson Line

Folder  2          Ariola, Dell Boone (Willis, TX) - Holmes

Folder  3          Barton, Martha C. (Florence, AL) - William Pool Stovall

Folder  4          Bays, Edward H. (Longview, TX) - John Tatum Stovall

Folder  5          Beard, Christopher (Abita Springs, LA) - Sarah Stovall/Elisha Holmes

Folder  6          Beck, Margaret (Tulsa, OK) - Dickenson/Dickersons

Folder  7          Bennett, Ruth (Baton Rouge, LA) - Robert Hairston/Ruth Stovall

Folder  8          Bohnsack, Debbie (Missouri) - Wilkins Stovall

Folder  9          Bolinger, Mary (Rose, OK) - Emaline Stovall

Folder 10         Brazelton, G.

Folder 11         Brothers, Mary A. (DeLand, FL) - Cheatham/Penn

Folder 12         Brown, Donald G. (Toledo, OH) - Sarah Stovall

Folder 13         Byers, Mari (Murfreesboro, TN)

Folder 14         Cadman, Bobbie (Walla Walla, WA) - Ballard Co. Stovalls

Folder 15         Castleman, Janice (Midlothian, TX)

Folder 16         Clawson, Dell

Folder 17         Cliburn, Van (Ft. Worth, TX)

Folder 18         Colburn, Hazel A. (East Jordan, MI) - Sidney Liana Stovall

Folder 19         Collins, Ruth T. (Sterling, VA)

Folder 20         Cooley, Patsy (Little Rock, AR) - Mary Hicks Stovall, wife of Josiah Stovall

Folder 21         Cooper, Brenda - George M. Stovall

Folder 22         Cote, Renee' (Richelle, IL)

Folder 23         Cox, Jim - Hagar Stovall

Folder 24         Craiglow, Betty P. (Grapevine, TX) - Benjamin L. Stovall

Folder 25         Crist, Wanda Scott (Decatur, IL) - Stovalls in Illinois

Folder 26         Culleton, Tina (In Military) - William Radney "Bill" Stovall

Folder 27         Damron, Betty (Waxahachie, TX) - Delilah (Delia) Stovall

Folder 28         Daniel, Pauline (Omaha, NE) - Mike Stovall

Folder 29         Danley, James L. - Josiah Stovall/Martha Lucas

Folder 30         Darnell, Patti - George Stovall

Folder 31         Davies, Malcom (Warner Robins, GA) - Elam Farmer Stovall

Folder 32         Davis, Richard -Descendants of

Folder 33         DeSoto, Linda - Hulda Stovall

Folder 34         DeVries, Jack (Nutley, NJ) - George Thomas Stovall (Cleveland Indian Baseball Player)

Folder 35         Dillon, Barbara P. (Vinton, VA) - Laura Jane Williams Stovall

Folder 36         Durham, Don (Glenwood, MD)

Folder 37         Elmore, Malinda - Ralph Fuqua

Folder 38         Farnsworth, Donna (Ramona, GA) - Harold Stovall

Folder 39         Fletcher, Donald F. (Tijeres, NM) - "M" Calvin Stovall

Folder 40         Ford, Helen (Denver, CO) - William Silas Stovall

Folder 41         Gaddle, Ernest L. (Mesa, AZ) - Bartholomew Stovall

Folder 42         Gaddle, Trudy (Mesa, AZ) - George Stovall Gaddie

Folder 43         Gamble, Billy & Linda (Bridgeport, TX) - Barton Lewis Stovall

Folder 44         Gatch, George - Godfrey Gatch (Baltimore Co. MD)

Folder 45         Gardenhire, Billy G. (O'Donnell, TX) - John Eddington Stovall

Folder 46         Garner, Jean (Austin, TX)

Folder 47         Gomer, David

Folder 48         Goree, Oland (Mesquite, TX) - Jackson W. Stovall

Folder 49         Haines, Mike (Scottsdale, AZ) - John W. Stovall

Folder 50         Hamlett, Peggy Batchelor

Folder 51         Hardiman, Joe

Folder 52         Harrell, Martha H. (Mesquite, TX)

Folder 53         Harrison, Crockette A.

Folder 54         Harrison, Mrs. James M. (Kennebunk, NE) - Richard Maier Stovall

Folder 55         Harvey, Nancy P. (Tallahassee, FL) - Imogene Stovall

Folder 56         Hatfield, Marie

Folder 57         Haverlock, Sandra A. (Barstow, CA) - George Hill Stovall 

Folder 58         Hawkins, Rhonda (Mariette, GA) - NGAGN (North Georgia Genealogical Newsletter)

Folder 59         Haws, Carolyn (Huntington Beach, CA)      

Folder 60         Hedgepeth, Jean (Canmer, KY) - Andrew Anderson DeVine/Agnes Brooks

Folder 61         Henderson, Carolyn B. (Greenville, MS) - Robert Hairston/Ruth Stovall

Folder 62         Henderson, Debbie (Warrior, AL) - John Stovall/Mary Gibson

Folder 63         Henne, Douglas R. (Lake Oswego, OR) - Almedia Stovall

Folder 64         Higgins, Ann W. (Memphis, TN) - Webster/Holmes/Ellzey

Folder 65         Hightower, General - Absohom L. Stovall (First Baptist Church, Tupelo, MS)

Folder 66         Hill, Ray

Folder 67         Hisaw, Paul (Ochelata, OK) - Margaret Stovall Suggs

Folder 68         Hixson, Lou - Aaron Pinson

Folder 69         Hobbs, David (Murfreesboro, TN) - Drury Stovall

Folder 70         Holland, Patsy (Dallas, TX) - Brig. Gen. Marcellus Augustus Stovall

Folder 71         Holley, Thomas E. (Thomson, GA) - Josiah Stovall/John Thaddeus Stovall/George Pierce Stovall

Folder 72         Holmes, Deanna (Greeley, CO) - Daniel Monroe/Susan Stovall

Folder 73         Homes, Mildred - Drury/Pinson

Folder 74         Horace, Rebecca (Show Low, AZ) - George Henry Stovall

Folder 75         Hudgins, Florence S. (Abilene, TX) - John Richard Stovall

Folder 76         Hull, Walter L. (Phoenix, AZ) - Louisa Tatum Stovall

Folder 77         Hurdle, Michael (Hendersonville, TN)

Folder 78         Hurst, Ima Jean (Abilene, TX) - Charles David Stovall

Folder 79         Hyatt, Rose Mary (Steele, AL) - John Calvin Stovall

Folder 80         Ingram, Charlotte P. (Winder, GA) - John Stovall/David Joseph Stovall

Folder 81         Ivy, Pattie W. (Athens, GA) - Martha Emerline Stovall

Folder 82         Jeeter, Sandra (Erie, PA)

Folder 83         Johnson, Bonnie N. (Kingsbury, CA) - William Zachariah Stovall

Folder 84         Johnson, Jenny

Folder 85         Jones, Drucilla Stovall (Bowling Green, KY) - Bartholomew W. Stovall

Folder 86         Jones, Pam (Pensacola, FL) - Henry P. Stovall

Folder 87         Joyner, Velma E. (Cisco, TX)

Folder 88         Julian, Amanda (Orlando, FL) - George L. Stovall

Folder 89         Juneau, Virginia (Shreveport, LA) - Harvey

Folder 90         Kaehler, Marie Stringer (Grand Junction, CO) - William G. Meredith/Martha Stovall

Folder 91         Keesee, Dennis (Laguna Niguel, CA) - Tabitha Stovall

Folder 92         Legrone, Terry S. (San Diego, CA) – James Thomas Stovall

Folder 93         LaMunyon, Tom – Frances Stovall

Folder 94         Langford, Johnnie F. (Santee, CA) – John Eddington Stovall

Folder 95         Larsen, Jimmie Lou (Lacey, WA) – Wilkins Stovall/William Pendleton Stovall

Folder 96         Laughoff, Cathy (New Orleans, LA) – Elisha Holmes

Folder 97         Ledbetter, Jack & Nell (Terrell, TX) – David Joseph Stovall

Folder 98         Ledford, Karen T. (Toccoa, GA)

Folder 99         Ledwell, Dudley (Roanoke, VA) – Sarah Stovall/Roberts

Folder 100       Lee, Sammye (Franklin, TN) – Stephen Franklin Jacob Stovall

Folder 101       Lee, Stephen C.

Folder 102

Folder 103       Lester, Marsha (Dallas, TX)

Folder 104       Libby, Patricia (Fresno, CA)

Folder 105       Lilly, Pamela A. (Weirton, WV) – Sarah Stovall

Folder 106       Little, Diane S. (Campbell, TX) – Ernest Edgar Stovall

Folder 107       Londa, Tanya V.H. (San Antonio, TX)

Folder 108       Lynch, Karen L. (Fresno, CA)

Folder 109       Lynch, Sonya (Andrews AFB, MD)


BOX 19

Folder  1          Mahoney, Jared - Pinson

Folder  2          Manda, Lauri (Winnetka, CA) - Ann Stovall

Folder  3          Mangana, Jackie (Lk. Havasu City, AZ)

Folder  4          Martin, Linda (Azle, TX)

Folder  5          Mason, Jerry D.

Folder  6          Mason, Pamela H. (Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA)

Folder  7          Mason, Patricia S. (Hayden Lake, ID) - George Madison Stovall

Folder  8          Mathys, Sue (Pacific Grove, CA) - Drake Family/Tipps/Hall

Folder  9          Matthews, Betty Morgan (Sarasota, FL) - Caroline Stovall

Folder 10         Matthews, Stan (Tucson, AZ)

Folder 11         Maurmann, Juanita (Chamblee, GA)

Folder 12         McCarthy, Mrs. Edward [Diana] (Evansville, IN) - Permelia L. Stovall

Folder 13         McCarthy, Melissa (Fountain Inn, SC)

Folder 14         McClard, Deric (Lafayette, TN) - Martha Stovall

Folder 15         McClurken, Brenda (Weatherford, TX) - Sarah Stovall Staples

Folder 16         McColloch, Mrs. T.R. (Richmond, TX) - Hilda Jean Stovall

Folder 17         McDaniel, Charles R. (Rocky Mount, VA) - Jabez Leftwich/Delilah Stovall

Folder 18         McElroy/Muckleroy Misc. Records

Folder 19         McGowen, Marian (Ardmore, OK) - Malinda Mildred Stovall

Folder 20         McIntosh, Mrs. Knox (Russellville, KY) - Lucille Scruggs

Folder 21         McKean, Ruth A. Wilson (Gunlock, UT) - Martha Elmira Stovall

Folder 22         McLain, Della S. (Jackson, MO) - Joseph Cannon Stovall

Folder 23         McNutty, Jacquelyn (Madison, GA)

Folder 24         Means, Chad C. (Liberty, MO) - William Howard Stovall

Folder 25         Middleton, Sarah F. (Oakland, TN) - Elizabeth Stovall

Folder 26         Mier, Martha B. (Lake City, FL) - Louisa Tatum Stovall

Folder 27         Mitchell, Mary K. (St. John, VT) - Hamilton/Bassett

Folder 28         Mitchell, Thana Cheryl S. (Richmond, TX) - Mildred Stovall

Folder 29         Mize, Julia J. (Providence, RI) - Abda Christian Stovall

Folder 30         Mobley, Sue (Norman, OK) - John Henry Stovall

Folder 31         Montague, Fann C. (Stovall, NC) - Granville County NC Library

Folder 32         Moore, Sharron M. (Grand Prairie, TX) - John Thomas Stovall

Folder 33         Moore, Terri (McAllen, TX) - Julia F. Stovall

Folder 34         Morgan, Jane Savage [Mrs. Fritz Robert Morgan, Jr.] (Morgan City, MS

                          - Josiah Stovall/Polly Hicks

Folder 35         Morris, Ina B. (San Antonio, TX) - Samuel Stovall

Folder 36         Mudd, Mike (St. Charles, MO) - Bartholomew W. Stovall/Sarah Turner

Folder 37         Mulrey, Sharon (Albuquerque, NM)

Folder 38         Murrin, Peggy J. McKamie (Houston, TX) - Stovall/Medart/VanWinkle


Folder 39         Nelms, Wanda (Cisco, TX) - Elizabeth Stovall

Folder 40         Noble, Richard (Los Alamitos, CA) - Elizabeth Stovall

Folder 41         O'Neill, Mrs. Thomas R. (Flowood, MS) - Josiah Stovall/Mary "Polly" Hicks

Folder 42         Oster, Brian (Tampa, FL)

Folder 43         Paddock, Janet (Garland, TX)

Folder 44         Page, Frank C., Jr. (Lillian, AL) - Abraham Penn/Ruth Stovall [Critz]

Folder 45         Parish, Ray (Pascagoula, MS) - Holmes Line

Folder 46         Parker, Judith Riddle (Birmingham, AL) - William L. Stovall/Serena Norwood

                           -William Prosser Stovall

Folder 47         Parmley, Emily (Pebble Beach, CA)

Folder 48         Parrott, Charles (Alexandria, LA) - George Stovall

Folder 49         Patterson, Janice (Dalton, GA) - Elizabeth Stovall (Franklin Co., GA)

Folder 50         Payne, Ann (Humble, TX) - Patrick Henry Stovall/William Jefferson McDaniel

Folder 51         Penick, Carol (Georgetown, IN)

Folder 52         Perdue, Connie (Austin, TX) - George Thomas Rial Stovall

Folder 53         Pettus, Shelly Tucker

Folder 54         Pflum, Charlotte (Clarence, MO)

Folder 55         Phillips, P.S. (Carbon Hill, AL) - John Thomas Stovall

Folder 56         Philpot, Mary (Raytown, MO) - William Hatcher

Folder 57         Pierson, Marie (Odessa, TX) - George M. Stovall

Folder 58         Pinson Line

Folder 59         Poertner, Gene

Folder 60         Porter, Karra J. (Salt Lake City, UT) - William Alonzo Stovall

Folder 61         Potter, Diane K. (East Walpole, MS)

Folder 62         Powell, Wilma C. - Lynn M. Powell

Folder 63         Ragsdale, Wayne (Birmingham, AL) - Caroline Stovall

Folder 64         Rahn, Evelyn - William P. Stovall

Folder 65         Ralls, Rose Marie (Coos Bay, OR) - Bird Stovall

Folder 66         Shirley, Euretta (Bothell, WA)

Folder 67         Spencer, Marcella - Ann Dorcas Stovall/Patrick Henry Stovall/McDaniel Line

Folder 68         Stovall/Carter Connections

Folder 69         Stovall, Mary Almina/Melanie Leach - Ewing Line

Folder 70         Stovall, Bradley M. (Chico, CA) - James Warren Stovall

Folder 71         Stovall, David Joseph - George David Stovall

Folder 72         Stovall, Denise (Dallas, TX) - Elijah George Stovall

Folder 73         Stovall, Dona Lee (Cleburne, TX)

Folder 74         Stovall, Elda Alexander (Reno, NV) - Thomas Hugh Stovall

Folder 75         Stovall, Esther M. (Durango, CA)  - Samuel C. Stovall

Folder 76         Stovall, Gary Hudson (Chula Vista, CA)

Folder 77         Stovall, George & Jo (Austell, GA)

Folder 78         Stovall, Hubert Newton - James Stovall/Doris Beckendorf/Jackie Terrell/Debbie Stovall

Folder 79         Stovall, James Arthur - Norma Churchill

Folder 80         Stovall, Jason - Wilbur Conduff Stovall

Folder 81         Stovall, John McDonald

Folder 82         Stovall, Marcellus A.

Folder 83         Stovall, Martha Minter

Folder 84         Stovall, Mayola (Colorado Springs, CO) - Thomas Stovall

Folder 85         Stovall, M. L. (LaVista, NE)

Folder 86         Stovall, Michael C. - Harry Wylie Stovall

Folder 87         Stovall, Naomi (Ranson, WV) - Alvin Dean Stovall

Folder 88         Stovall, Nathan Vincent

Folder 89         Stovall, Orin Clifton

Folder 90         Stovall, Pamela (Grand Rapids, MI)

Folder 91         Stovall, Patrick Henry - Patsy Baggett Cooley/Donna Merrill/Edith Privatsky

                           -Dr. Thomas DeVan Johnson


BOX 20

Folder  1          Schumate, John (Midway, KY) – Nancy Dickerson/James Jackson

Folder  2          Stovall, Francis Davis

Folder  3          Stovall, James Franklin Monroe (Walker Co., AL) – Louisa/Louise R. Longmire

Folder  4          Stovall, Peyton D.

Folder  5          Stovall, Ralph - Thaddeus James LaFayette Stovall

Folder  6          Stovall, Rex Owen (Indianapolis, IN)

Folder  7          Stovall, Robert L. (Whitewater, MO) – Robert Lee Stovall/Gladys B. Stovall

Folder  8          Stovall, Robert Norman, Jr.

Folder  9          Stovall, Rollo (1)

Folder 10         Stovall, Rollo (2)

Folder 11         Stovall, Sandi (Holly Springs, MS) – Rust College

Folder 12         Stovall, Sarah – Miller Line

Folder 13         Stovall, Silas Ross – David Stovall/J.M. Stovall

Folder 14         Stovall (Seney Chapel) – Athens, GA

Folder 15         Stovall, Steve (Plano, TX)

Folder 16         Stovall, Tabitha

Folder 17         Stovall, Thomas Fisher

Folder 18         Stovall, Thomas Jefferson

Folder 19         Stovall, Thomas Hugh

Folder 20         Stovall, Tim (Clinton, TN) - James B. Stovall

Folder 21         Stovall, Tom

Folder 22         Stovall, Vernon L.

Folder 23         Stovall, Vickie Smith (Owensboro, KY)

Folder 24         Stovall, Ward, Rev. (Coeur d'Alene, ID) - Columbus LaFayette Stovall

Folder 25         Stovall, William Bryan (Savannah, GA)

Folder 26         Stovall, William F. (Kenefic, OK)

Folder 27         Stovall, William Tatum - Geraldine Askew/Carol P. Flores/Brenda J. Beyer

Folder 28         Stovall, William Zachariah - Jim Stovall/Nell Bausell Line

Folder 29         Tyson, Bob (Jackson, MS)

Folder 30         Weiss, Merrie Lee - McAlister/Weiss

Folder 31         Williams, Nancy Duckworth (Amelia Island, FL) - William Jackson Stovall

Folder 32         Wilson, Joyce (Lake Quivira, KS) - Thomas J. Stovall

Folder 33         Wright, Donna - Owen, Griffin Sr./Anne Stovall

Folder 34         Various Mississippi County Records

Folder 35         Allen, Margaret W. (Abingdon, VA) - Archelaus Stovall

Folder 36         Brooks, Agnes (Kansas City, KS) - Shirley Seymour/Andrew Anderson Devine/Jean Hedgepeth

Folder 37         Compton, Helen - Priscilla Stovall

Folder 38         Flynn, Ruth A. (Post Falls, ID) - George Stovall

Folder 39         Gruver, Burnell Surles (San Antonio, TX) - Terrell J. Stovall

Folder 40         Hankins, Mary R. (Greenville, TN) - Rollo Stovall/Lucy Ann Martha Stovall

Folder 41         Hays, Sam J. Mrs. (Memphis, TN) - Hays/Donelson/Ray/Owens/Stovall

Folder 42         Johnson, Cynthia S. (Cedar Hill, TX) - Charles Thomas Stovall

Folder 43         Jones, Viola H. - Henry Pettit

Folder 44         Article for Methodist History “A Remarkable Stovall Family in Early Day Texas Methodism”

Folder 45         “Houser” –  Misc. material from Mrs. F.C. Smith, Jr.

Folder 46         Parker, Judith Riddle (Birmingham, AL) – Stovall, Pounds, Spikes, Riddle and related Families

Folder 47         Application Forms/Pedigree Charts – Membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution-Washington, D.C. and Pedigree Referral                                    Service – The Genealogical Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Inc.

Folder 48         Major Thomas Savage of Boston and His Descendants – Misc. sheets of book by Lawrence Park (1914)

Folder 49         Georgia Lottery Grants to Veterans of Revolutionary War – 2 books published 1966

Folder 50         Copy of Hiram Smith’s “Memoirs”.

Green Notebook Mississippi Stovalls compiled by G. Spencer Beasley, 1976.


BOX 21

Folder  1          Stovall Research Fund Correspondence 1983-84-85-86

Folder  2-2a     Stovall Research Fund Correspondence 1987-88

Folder  3-3a     Stovall Correspondence - 1989-90-91-92 (J.E. Stovall, Treasurer)

Folder  4-4b    Stovall Correspondence - Sept. 6, 1993 - Aug. 22, 1994 (3 folders)

Folder  5          Stovall Correspondence - Sept. 11, 1995 - Oct. 14, 1995

Folder  6          Stovall Updates from Lyle Williams - Nov. 1993 - Sept. 1994 (3 folders)

Folder  7          Stovall Updates from Lyle Williams - 1994-95

Folder  8          Stovall, Rollo - "Stovall Cousins"

Folder  9          Miscellaneous Stovall Records - References for Book 

Folder 10         Miscellaneous Stovall Records - "Other Stovalls than our line…"

Folder 11         "The Stovall Family and Related Lines" - Vol. 1, Second Printing Revised


BOX 22

Folder  1          Stovall Family Association Bank Statements - Metro Bank (1990-91-92)

Folder  2          Stovall Research Fund Bank Statements - First Atlanta Bank (1984-85-86)

Folder  3          Stovall Research Fund Bank Statements - First Atlanta Bank (1987-88)

Folder  4          Stovall Research Fund Bank Statements - Metro Bank (1988-89)

Folder  5          Stovall Research Fund Bank Statements - Metro Bank (1990-91-92)

Folder  6-6b    Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits and Related Information (1984-85-86-87)

Folder  7-7b    Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits and Related Information (1988 - 


BOX 23


Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder  1-1a     "Descendants of Arthur Massey - Cheraws District, South Carolina 1769 with allied lines of Thurman and Tucker" c1981 Chapters I-V

Folder  2-2a     Massey, Philip of Talbot County, MD; Note on front of notebook:  “Pending file on Massey Research.  Philip Masse [Massey] of Talbot County, Maryland.  (Trying to prove he was father of the Philip Massey of Charleston, SC)”

Folder  3-3a     Massey Family Miscellaneous Records - “For Reference Only”       

Folder  4          Descendants of George and Ann Gaddy – Certificate as “Charter Member of Franklin County Historical Society

Folder  5          Miscellaneous Correspondence – Dodge, Smith, Crocher, Gibson, Savage

Folder  6          “The Name and Family of Meadow(s)”

Folder  7          Smith, Amos

Folder  8          Thurman Line

Folder  9          “Other Massey Data” (not ours) – Brunswick Co., VA & Lancaster Co., SC

Folder 10-10a              Miscellaneous Correspondence

                                     -“The Stovall Family”

                                     -Elizabeth Stovall

                                     -William Howard Stovall

                                     -Henry Clay Stovall

                                     -T. J. Stovall

                                     -Mississippi Cemetery Records

                                     -Drury Stovall

                                     -Photocopy of 1838 Marriage License of Mary Stovall (Morgan Co., AL)


Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder  10-10a            -Stovalls listed as Kentucky Volunteers in the Confederate States Army

-“Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky”

-Listing of Stovalls in 1840 & 1880 Census, Bedford Co., TN

 -Listing of Stovalls in 1850 Census, Pontotoc Co., MS

-“North Carolina Colonial Records, Granville Co. Militia – 1771

-Listing of Stovalls by descendants of Patriots of the American Revolution

-Photocopy of “Students of Cornersville School-1914-15,” “The Students of Cornersville School-1916-17,” “Hickory Grove School-1928-29,” & “The Black Oak School-1930”

-“Pitts Family History-1643-1985” – “The Descendants of John Pitts-1753-1834

-Itawamba Settlers

-Military Records of pension applicants

-“Stovalls who were War of 1812 Pensioners”

-George Stovall – Franklin Co., GA

-Index to Tennessee Wills & Administrations – 1779-1861

-Indexs to Georgia Tax Digests – 1789-1799 & 1804-1806

-“History of Walker County-Its Towns and Its People”

-“Stovalls of Missouri, Texas & Louisiana”

-“Stovalls Excerpt from 1810 Census – Warren Co., KY

-Lyon’s Raid Through Kentucky

Folder 11         Miscellaneous Correspondence

                                    -Historical Tidings

                                    -J. H. Stovall

                                    -“White Columns in Georgia”

                                    -Thomas J. Stovall

                                    -“The Georgia Black Book”

                                    -“The State Records of North Carolina”

                                    -TexasStateHistorical Association Publications

         -StephensCountyGenealogical Society Newsletter

Folder 12         Miscellaneous Correspondence

                                    -Data in Stovall File, Albany, GA

                                    -Marriage Bonds, 1760-1867 - Granville Co., NC

                                    -Powhatan Stovall, Joseph Stovall, Pleasant Stovall

                                    -Littleberry and Elizabeth Stovall

                                    -Henry Stovall

                                    -Will of David Morrow, father of Easter Stovall-Granville Co., NC

                                    -George Stovall

                                    -John Stovall

                                    -Hezekiah Stovall

                                    -Anne Stovall and Achelaus Mitchell

                                    -Deed, dated 8-20-1734, Goochland Co., VA of William Tabor, John Tabor and George Stovall

                                    -Abstracts of Wills recorded 1752-1800 in Orance Co., NC

                                    -Document stating "Richard Kennon received 8000acres of land - 1690 from Barthalomew Stovall

Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder 12                   -Pages from Lunenburg Co. Court Order Book #3 (November 1754)

                                    -"Statutes at Large…Laws of Virginia from the First Session of the Legislature, in the year 1619"

                                    -Caroline Stovall Guardian Bond July 21, 1800, Amherst Co., VA

                                    -Index to Georgia Wills

                                    -"Applicant's Working Sheet…Daughters of the American Revolution."

                                    -Elizabeth Faye Stovall Adams

Folder 13         Correspondence with McDowell Publications

Folder 14         Records given to Carmae Smith by Edna Smith, includes photographs

Folder 15         Massey, William Lawrence - Wexford Community, Mt. Croghan, SC

Folder 16-16a  Miscellaneous Correspondence

-George F. & Malinda Stovall

-Tommie Augusta Foster, ancestry of John Stovall

-Letters to Carmae

-Census listing of "Stovall" in Henry Co., VA

-"The Farmer Family"

-Article on Miss Sarah Stovall

-Notes from bible of Mrs. J.B. Stovall, Elon, VA

-Abda Christian Stovall

-Jack Neil Stovall, Robert Stovall, Jefferson Stovall

-Stovalls in Spartanburg Co. SC

-"Family of William Poole, called 'Taylor'"

-Ancester Chart of Delene McDowell

-A History of Henry County Virginia, 1925

-Article on Old Parish Church of Albury on the Albury Park Estate

-Early Wills 1746-1765 Lunenburg Co., VA

-Marriages of Stovalls, Rutherford Co., TN

-Article on Ruth Stovall, 1725-1808

-Floyd Stovall

-"Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents…1666-1695

-Virginians in the Revolution

-Lineage of David C. Smith to Bartholomew Stovall

-"Chapter Three - Third Generation North Carolina Branch" Children of John Stovall (Bartholomew) and wife, Dorcas

                                -Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Campbell Co., VA

                                -Hardin Co. & Allen Co., KY listing of Stovall marriages

                                -Stovall Deeds registered in Amherst Co., VA

                                -John Stovall

                                -Franklin Co., TN Stovalls

                                -Christopher Carroll Hight & Louisa Stovall Hight

                                -Archibald Stovall

                                -"Family of Josiah, Sr. and Polly (Hicks) Stovall"

                                -Index to Henry County Wills, VA

                                -"The Josiah Stovall Family" compiled by G. Spencer Beasley

                                -Unidentified Stovall marriages in Carroll Co., MS

Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder 16-16a          -Itawamba County, MS Deeds and Marriage Records for Stovall

                                    -Children of Francis Davis and Olivia Kate (Hooker) Stovall

                                    -J.J. Stovall, William Prosser, Joe Bovall Stovall

                                    -Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Accomacke CO, 1637-1640

                                    -Bob Stovall article in Lavonia

                                    -Halifax Co., VA Stovalls

                                    -Ancestor Charts of: Delene McDowell & Ann Aycock, Family Group Sheet for Miles McKinnis and Ann (Aycock) McDowell

                                    -Goochland Co., Virginia Land and Property Index 1729-1784

                                    -Henrico Co., VA Stovalls

                                    -"Kentucky Branch of Stovalls"

                                    -Georgia Wills, 1733-1860

                                    -Family Group Record of William and Elizabeth Bradley

                                    -Stovall marriages in Hardin Co., KY

                                    -History of Granville Co., NC - Marriage Bonds

                                    -"Family of George Stovall, Jr."

                                    -John Stovall - Mecklenburg Co. Deed Book 30, page 522 (8-1843)

                                    -Georgia 1840 Census Index; Accelerated

                                    -Joseph Stovall from Baldwin Co., GA

                                    -Pedigree Chart on Loyce Margaret Smith Robbins

Folder 17         Certificate - "The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century" - Carmae Massey Smith

Folder 18         Correspondence from Lucille S. Kusch (San Antonio, TX) including Copeland DAR Chart

Folder 19-19b Miscellaneous Correspondence - Label on front of Lt. Blue Notebook: "Pending file, material I am still working on-of no value


BOX 24

Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder  1          Arthur Massey of South Carolina - "(Printed pages from The Addendum of the Massey

Genealogyby Judge Frank A. Massey, published 1979.)"

Folder  2          Book Chapter Drafts - "The Stovall Family and Related Lines" - Chqpters. 1, 2, 3

Folder  3          Book Chapter Draft Pages -  "The Stovall Family and Related Lines" Vol. I

Folder   4-4a    Chesterfield Masseys of Chesterfield, SC - Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder  5          Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine (Oct. 1966) and

The Genealogical Helper(Jan/Feb 1979)

Folder  6          Deep Creek Church Minutes 1810-1887 - Anson Co., NC

Folder  7          Dickerson-Stovall

Folder  8          Descendants (TX) of James B. and Margaret (Scott) Stovall

Folder  9          Family Puzzlers (Nos. 39, 60, 61, 88, 562, 632)

Folder 10         Franklin Co. Historical Review - Vol. XI, No. 2 (Summer 1980)

                          Seventeenth Century Review - Vol. 20, No. 3 (1978) & Vol. 21, No. 1 (1979)

Folder 11         Garter/Gerder Line

Folder 12         Massey Correspondence - W.L. Massey, Alston Massey and Pedigree Charts of other "Masseys"

Folders 13-16 Miscellaneous

Folders 17-21 Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 22         Miscellaneous Letters (18)

                        -Photo of Monte Tavenner - grandson of Hattie (Stovall) Spencer and 4 negatives

                        -Pages from Cavaliers and Pioneers pgs. 338, 419, 154 & pages from Virginia Genealogist pgs. 19, 102, 191

Folder 23         Smith Line

Folder 24         Stovall, George - Gaddy Line and George Stovall Smith

Folder 25         Telephone Directory (April 1964) New Mexico - Roswell, Dexter, Hagerman, Hondo

Folder 26         Thurman Family

Folder 27         Wills of Peter Allston and John Allston (copies)


BOX 25

Correspondence from, compiled by and sent to:  CARMAE MASSEY SMITH

Folder  1          Chart of Elizabeth, Queen of England and Phillip

Folder  2          Massey Family and Allied Branches - Thurman/Meadow/Tucker

Folder  3          McCanlies, John Michael Jr.

Folder  4-4a     Miscellaneous - Carmae Massey Smith

Folder  5-5a     Smith Line Family Data - Marbury/Crocker/Smith/Savage

Folder  6-6d    Stovall/Thurman/McElroy/Box/Floyd Records

End of Carmae Massey Smith Files - Don Bishop Files cont.

Folder  7-7a    Stovall Miscellaneous

Folder  8          Stovall Mailing List

Folder  9          Stovall - Owen/Musgrove/Musgrave Research

Folder 10         Stovall, Thomas

                           **Brown Book: The Williams Families of New Jersey - Descendants of Matthew Williams of Wethersfield, Connecticutby Lyle Keith Williams

BOX 26         

Miscellaneous Periodicals and Books

                        -The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century - The Rev. Samuel Swayze Chapter-Jackson, MS Yearbook 1991-93

                        -Seventeenth Century Review - Vol. 36, No. 3 (Autumn 1994)

                        -The Arctangel & Other Cold Poems by Harriet Stovall Kelley

                        -Ancestry Chart Media Research Bureau

                        -The Trail of the Huguenots pamphlet by G. Elmore Reaman

                        -Research for Huguenot Ancestors at the Historical Room-Houston Public Library

                        -Genealogical Miscellany No. 4 - A List of Recent Reprints & Acquisitions of books of Genealogical Interest

                        -The South:  A Selection of Basic Genealogical Reference Books relating to The Southern States - catalog #212

                        -Seventeenth Century Review - Vol. 26, No. 1 (Spring 1984)

                        -Favorite Recipes from Stovall Families - Vol. II

                        -Methodist History - Vol. 33, No. 4 (July 1995)

                        -Methodist History - Vol. 34, No. 1 (Oct. 1995)

                        -The Genealogist - Vol. 6, No. 1 (Spring 1985)

                        -Sumner Co., Tennessee Abstracts of Will Books 1 and 2 (1788-1842), compiled by: Edythe Rucker Whitley

                        -The Texas state Historical Association 100th Annual Meeting (Feb. 29-Mar. 2, 1996)

                        -The Arkansas Family Historian - Vol. 3, No. 6 (Fall 1965)   3 copies

                        -The Georgia Genealogical Magazine - No. 59 (Winter 1976)

                        -Riding Line Newsletter - Fall 1996

                        -David Ackerman Descendants (D.A.D) Newsletter - Vol. 33, No. 2 (May/Sept. 1995)

                        -The Stovall Scene Newsletter - Vol. 1, No. 7 (June/July 1996)

                        -Treat Family Association Newsletters - May 1995, June 1997, April 1998

                        -Franklin County Historical Society 1992 Calendar

                        -Honorees Patrick-Henry Allied Families of Virginia, Inc. (1952-1978)  2 copies

                        -Waco Heritage & History - Vol. 10, No. 2 (Summer 1979)

                        -Branching Out from St. Clair County, Illinois - Vol. 23, No. 4 (Aug. 1996)

                        -Reunions Magazine - Vol. 7, No. 2 (Winter 1997)

                        -Texas State Historical Association Publications 1996-97

                        -Houser Hunters - July 1982 - Founder & Publisher: E.A. Houser, Jr.

                        -Williams Family Bulletin (30th year - Spring & Summer 1995)

                        -1828 American Revolutionary War Pensioners (Report to the 20th Congress)

                        -1839 United States Pensions Records (War Dept. Report of 1839)

                        -Descendants & Allied Families of Early Carolina Back Country Immigrants, ca. 1700-1994. By: Frederick L. Watts

                        -New South Vision (Thomson/McDuffie County, GA)

                        -Heritage Quest Issue #77 (Sept/Oct 1998)

                        -Descendants of Arthur Massey, Cheraws District, South Carolina 1769 w/Allied Lines of Thurman & Tucker    By: Carmae Massey Smith

                        -McLeod, Stovall, Hinkle & Allied Families. By: Daniel McLeod Peterson

                        -Stovall Immigrants & Their New World Descendants

                        -The Family of Wilkins Stovall. Compiled by:  Rollo P. Stovall

        -Stovall Connections - Vol. III. By: Rollo P. Stovall

                        -The National Registry of Living Stovalls (1990/91 Edition) - The Names and Addresses of 4857 Stovalls nationwide   Published by:  The Stovall Family News

                        -The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide (Sept/Oct. 1995)

                        -The Simple English Bible (New Testament - International Edition)

                        -Franklin County Historical Review - Vol. 2, No. 2 (June 1971)

                        -Paternal Genealogy of the Box Family - Prepared by:  Herbert F. Koonce (Sept. 1971)

                        -"Colonial Granville County and Its People - By: Worth S. Ray  (1956)

                        -Franklin County Georgia Records (Early 1800's) - Compiled by: Frances Wynd


BOX 27         

Photographs in oversized box including aerial view of Stovall Plantation in Powhatan Co., VA and family reunion August, 1984.  Other photographs not labelled. On top of  Box 27   CanterburyTales Manuscript page facsimile  - 12A F2. World War II Memorial-artist's rendition


BOX 28

Folder #1         Stovall Reunions 1994 – 1996

Folder #2         Stovall Reunions, Lavonia, GA 1995

Folder #3         Stovall Reunions, Clemson, SC 1992; Helen, GA 1991

Folder #4         Correspondence, Don Bishop, Research Data 1997-1998

                                    -not necessarily in date order

Folder #5         Correspondence, Don Bishop, Research Data 1997-1998

                                    -not necessarily in date order

Folder #6         Correspondence, Don Bishop, Research Data 1997-1998

                                    -not necessarily in date order

Folder #7         Notebook (photocopy), George Stovall

Folder #8         Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research by Surname A-D

Folder #9         Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research by Surname E-J

Folder #10       Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research by Surname K-R

Folder #11       Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research by Surname S

Folder #12       Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research by Surname T-Z

Folder #13       Photographs (Early)

                           -To: Donald Bishop   From: Wilda O. Stovall, 345 Laurel Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387-2723,


BOX 29

Folder #1         Subscribers

Folder #2         Stovall Reunion, New Orleans, LA 1993

Folder #3         Correspondence, Lyle Williams; James Stovall Research

Folder #4         Bishop

Folder #5         Stovall Reunion, Richmond, VA

Folder #6         Research Committee

Folder #7         Carter-Stovall

Folder #8         Research Committee

Folder #9         Photographs, H.M.S., Others-early photos, including tintype

Folder #10       Photograph, Mrs. L.B. Stovall

                                    -Mary Lou Harwell

Folder #11       New Testament, Hampton Harwell Stovall

                                    -From “Mama” Christmas 1924

Folder #12       Photographs, Bessie Sellers Stovall

                                    -Mrs. H.H., Atlanta, GA

Folder #13       Correspondence, early letters

                                    -Miss Mary Lou Harwell

                                    -Mrs. L.B. Stovall


BOX 30  

Binders, Books, Etc.

-          The Stovall Family and Related Lines V.II

-          The Batchelor-Williams Families and Related Lines

-          Lane-Robertson Families of Amherst County, VA

-          Charles Smith and Rachel Amy Bryant-Their Ancestors and Descendants, by Tenney Smith

-          Batchelor Genealogy

-          The Early Stovalls

-          Benjamin Fay Childs III, Watertown Branch

-          Stovall Family Legends

-          Dreamgivers,  by Crystal Stovall (relative)

-          Pamphlet: "Stovall Reunion, Fort Worth '99"

-          Pamphlet: "Gleanings from Twenty Years of Stovall Journals"

-          Descendants of Bartholomew Stovall (1655-1722)

-          CarrollCounty Missouri


BOX 31


Folder #1         Surname “A”

Folder #2         Surname “B”

Folder #3         Surname “B” con’t.

Folder #4         Surname “C”

Folder #5         Surname “C” con’t.

Folder #6         Surnames “D & E”

Folder #7         Surname “F”

Folder #8         Surname “G”

Folder #9         Surname “G” con’t.

Folder #10       Surnames “H & I”

Folder #11       Surnames “H & I”

Folder #12       Surnames “J & K”

Folder #13       Surname  “L”

Folder #14       Surname  “M”

Folder #15       Surname  “M” con’t.

Folder #16       Surname  “Mc”


BOX 32


Folder #1         Surnames “N&O”

Folder #2         Surname  “P”

Folder #3         Surnames “P & Q”

Folder #4         Surname  “R”

Folder #5         Surname  “S”

Folder #6         Surname  “T”

Folder #7         Surnames “X, Y, & Z”

Folder #8         First Names “A, B, & C”

Folder #9         First Name “D”

Folder #10       First Names “E, F, & G”

Folder #11       First Name  “G”

Folder #12       First Names “H & I”

Folder #13       First Names “J & K”

Folder #14       First Names “L”

Folder #15       First Names “M, P, & Q”


BOX 33


Folder #1         First Name “R”

Folder #2         First Name “R” con’t.

Folder #3         First Name “S”

Folder #4         First Name “T”

Folder #5         First Names “U, V, W, X, Y & Z”

Folder #6         Judith Parker

Folder #7         Barbara Owens

Folder #8         Nellie, Sharon Murky, Pam Chadwick, Imogen McDonald, Joyce McMurry

Folder #9         Maurman, Mann, Lynch, Lyons, Madden, Lewis, Long, Ledford

Folder #10       Sherry Lee, Mary Largent, Sabrina Lanson, Hagar Stovall, Dave King, Jan Kingsley, Jennifer Kinney, Jodi Jorschumb, Owen Howard, Rose Hyatt

Folder #11       Cindy Johnson, Nanna Jones,  Pat Honeycutt, Joan Holm, Austin Hathcock, Hazel Hanvey, Jeanine Gray, Elizabeth Groff, Jeanne Gross, Mable Gilmore, Angie Givens,       Betty Goode, Perry Evans, Richard Flourney, Kathleen Fowler, Anne S. Gaddy

Folder #12       Larry Clayton, Joe R. Cheatham, Cynthia Chandler, Sara Carrington, Carolyn Buckley, Mallie Brown, Roxy Bowen, Linda Blab, Charlotte Bitner

Folder #13       Norma Brashear, Melissa Beall, Jean Barrentine, Donna Eakins, Cheryl Edson, Nancy Douglas, Grace DeuPree, Kay Diekemper, Debbie Dominguez, Shirley Cunningham

Folder #14       Robert Cupples, Penelope Cunningham, J. Cromwell, Wanda Crist, Wilma Cowan, Eileen Coppola

Folder #15       Ken Dryden

Folder #16       Ken Dryden, con't.

Folder #17       Roger Banks, Susan Anthony, Melinda Allen, Sarah Agnew, Tanja Adams

Folder #18       Mimi Alexander, Woods, Judith Lawson, Charles Tucker, Tammy Harmon, Henry Coenen, Dana Patterson, Linda Wilson, Sandy Noe, Marlena Hirtzer, Charles White, Robert Jackson, Pam Lyons, Rena Worthen, Shirley Dophied, Grace Burkart, Charles Ford

Folder #19       Martha Carter, Randy Bohnsack, Chester Johnson, Dan McLendon, Deborah Williams, Elizabeth Zaza, Danny Scott, Sherri Flud, Larry Harrison, Sheila Messer, Wanda Haesly, Janice Patterson, Michelle Smith, John Hendricks, Faye McCombs, Lou Hixon, Les Callan, Dan Scott, Sandra Mierer, Dale Dodson, Lillie Ruby

Folder #20       Samme Ford, Carol Van Hook, Audrey, Aurrea Mathis, Meghan Wortman, Kim Dean, Patsy Gannon, Ron Rogers, Virginia Fraser, Dell Ariola, Marion Sutterfield, Aisha Hullett, Joan Evans, Carney Dew, James Courtenay, Tommy Garrigan, Johnnie Sanders, Rosemarie Ralls


BOX 34

Correspondence, Lineage Outlines, Newsletters & Journals

Folder #1         Genealogy Book

Folder #2         Ken Burke

Folder #3         David Moore, Mrs. John Moore, Pharo Osborne, Betty Perry, Debbie Suddwth, Ann Stier, Carlton Spiers, Daniel Simmons, Neva Schiltz, Lillie B. Ruby, Alice                  Rieders, Mack Riley, WM Richter.

Folder #4         Fred Robinson, Pat Rives, Debbie Richard, Sandra Richardson, Nancy F. Reesler, Gail Ratteree, Ruth Price, Ava Powell, Jane Poore, Helen Pool, Ron Pinson, Jim Pinson,  Marjorie Tweedy, Greg Turnbaugh, Neil Thompson, Tracellen Templin, Jeanette P. Tabb.

Folder #5         Bill Woods, Bill Tyler, Bea Graves, Debbie Wasserburger, VA-NC Piedmont, Teresa Williams, Duane Wilson, Connie Webb, Crystal Warner, Lallie Wallace

Folder #7         Lineage: John Candler

Folder #8         Lineage: Necessary

Folder #9         Pedigree Chart: William Smith Mize

Folder #10       Lineage: Arthur Wright

Folder #11       Correspondence: Lyle K. Williams

Folder #12       Correspondence: George Henry Stovall

Folder #13       Reunion Planning Activities, 1999

Folder #14       Reunion, Louisville 1996

Folder #15       Miscellaneous: Letters, Obits, etc.

Folder #16       Newsletters, Journals


BOX 35  


Folder #1         Correspondence:  Warren Wolff

Folder #2         Correspondence:  Anne S. Woodhams

Folder #3         Correspondence:  Nancy Duckworth Williams

Folder #4         Correspondence:  Gayle Wilcox

Folder #5         Correspondence:  Anna Ward

Folder #6         Correspondence:  Pat Treadwell

Folder #7         Correspondence:  Greg Turnbaugh

Folder #8         Correspondence:  Hayden Street

Folder #9         Correspondence:  David Surles

Folder #10       Correspondence:  Gloria Swensson

Folder #11       Correspondence:  Selma Stewart

Folder #12       Correspondence:  Henry Stogner

Folder #13       Correspondence:  Lauren Stokes

Folder #14       Correspondence:  Zack Spivey

Folder #15       Correspondence:  Kenneth Smith

Folder #16       Correspondence:  Karen Spaeth 

Folder #17       Correspondence:  Sheri Slusher

Folder #18       Correspondence:  Bob Smith

Folder #19       Correspondence:  Mike Simmons

Folder #20       Correspondence:  Edith M. Sherertz

Folder #21       Correspondence:  Norma Scott

Folder #22       Correspondence:  Barbara Salisbury

Folder #23       Correspondence:  Susan Robinson

Folder #24       Correspondence:  Loretta Rogers

Folder #25       Correspondence:  Nelda Rogers

Folder #26       Correspondence:  Philo Romine

Folder #27       Correspondence:  Bobby Rich

Folder #28       Correspondence:  Plato

Folder #29       Correspondence:  Marie Pierson

Folder #30       Correspondence:  Maureen Parker

Folder #31       Correspondence:  Roger M. Pace

Folder #32       Correspondence:  Robert Murphy

Folder #33       Correspondence:  Barbara Murray

Folder #34       Correspondence:  Sharon Mulrey

Folder #35       Correspondence:  Ginny Mize

Folder #36       Correspondence:  Martha Mier

Folder #37       Correspondence:  Sheila Messer

Folder #38       Correspondence:  Jenna McGrath

Folder #39       Correspondence:  Helen McCle

Folder #40       Correspondence:  Susan S. McAteer

Folder #41       Correspondence:  Ruby McAdams

Folder #42       Correspondence:  Carol Lutz

Folder #43       Correspondence:  Wanda Luke

Folder #44       Correspondence:  Wilma Lathrop

Folder #45       Correspondence:  Ronnie Jones

Folder #46       Correspondence:  Carol Jacobson

Folder #47       Correspondence:  George Ingram

Folder #48       Correspondence:  Elmer “Bud” Houser

Folder #49       Correspondence:  Sharon Herrington

Folder #50       Correspondence:  Debbie Henderson

Folder #51       Correspondence:  Darryl Harrington

Folder #52       Correspondence:  Eulimma Harvey

Folder #53       Correspondence:  Peggy Haythorn

Folder #54       Correspondence:  Gilbert Hamling

Folder #55       Correspondence:  Laura Harrison

Folder #56       Correspondence:  Virginia Hart

Folder #57       Correspondence:  Mary Denman Hankins

Folder #58       Correspondence:  Mitchell Hagerstrom

Folder #59       Correspondence:  Helen

Folder #60       Correspondence:  Jon Guida  

Folder #61       Correspondence:  John Grismore

Folder #62       Correspondence:  Dortha Greenlee

Folder #63       Correspondence:  Jason Gervase       

Folder #64       Correspondence:  Bob Good

Folder #65       Correspondence:  Lavinia Graham (Clarke)

Folder #66       Correspondence:  Sandy Gates

Folder #67       Correspondence:  Joy A. Gage

Folder #68       Correspondence:  Joy Gallagher

Folder #69       Correspondence:  Nita M. Freeman

Folder #70       Correspondence:  Mary June Foulk

Folder #71       Correspondence:  Alfreda Emery

Folder #72       Correspondence:  Michael Bland Ellzey

Folder #73       Correspondence:  Diana Pettit Edwards

Folder #74       Correspondence:  Kenneth L. Dyer

Folder #75       Correspondence:  Carl Dobson

Folder #76       Correspondence:  Chris Devine

Folder #77       Correspondence:  Ella Daws

Folder #78       Correspondence:  Ann Davis

Folder #79       Correspondence:  Terri Davis

Folder #80       Correspondence:  Mary Cooper

Folder #81       Correspondence:  Karan Cox

Folder #82       Correspondence:  Rex Clement

Folder #83       Correspondence:  Chuck Cutter

Folder #84       Correspondence:  J. Donald Bowman

Folder #85       Correspondence:  Mary Boone

Folder #86       Correspondence:  Mary Ivey Blanton

Folder #87       Correspondence:  Barbara Allen

Folder #88       Correspondence:  Janine/Judy Allen

Folder #89       Correspondence:  Lois Allen

Folder #90       Correspondence:  Carol Acker

Folder #91       Correspondence:  Regina Swindle Chambers

Folder #92       Correspondence:  Ben H. Carter, Sr.

Folder #93       Correspondence:  Ola Cates

Folder #94       Correspondence:  Barbara Rakers

Folder #95       Correspondence:  Bruce Randall

Folder #96       Correspondence:  Carolyn B. Farmer

Folder #97       Correspondence:  Dorothy B. Thompson

Folder #98       Correspondence:  Tina Bull

Folder #99       Correspondence:  Jason

Folder #100     General:  Letters, Articles, Pictures, Etc.

Folder #101     General:  Letters, Articles, Pictures, Etc.

Folder #102     (Pt. A) Descendants of Bartholomew Stovall (1655-1722) First Five American Generations

Folder #103     (Pt. B) Descendants of Bartholomew Stovall (1655-1722) First Five American Generations


BOX 36


Folder #1         Jo Arnspiger, Viriginia Aschermann, Lauri Gray, Herlene Gilbert, Freda Feese

Folder #2         Sue H. Edwards, Jean Dowdey, Debi Dennington, John R. Dawson

Folder #3         Nell Hargrove

Folder #4         Dennis E. A. Keesee, Ellen Hazen

Folder #5         Fran W. Harry, Martha H. Harrell, Imogene Key, Gladys Armstrong, Judy Aull, Faith Bishoff, Mary Cooper

Folder #6         Kim Austin

Folder #7         Darlene Austin, Marilyn Cole, Lavinia Clarke, Arlene Chilton, David Chaney, Doug Anderson

Folder #8         Mimi Alexander, Virginia Bennett, Donna Barsky, Orville E. Bowers

Folder #9         Sandra Perry

Folder #10       Dick Waits, Janis Taylor, Ed Stolze, Jessica Smith, John Wright, Ken Williams, Jerry Willis

Folder #11       Dianne Wilson, Helen Williams, Maggie Whitten, Linda White

Folder #12       Elaine Sprueill

Folder #13       Elaine Sprueill (continued)

Folder #14       Billie McCollaum, Martha Matthews, Margaret Mathis, Early Mashburn, Barbara Pike, Kevin Pinson, Ellen Pettit, Sandy Pardini, Esther B. Mulling, Jean Rowe

Folder #15       Joyce Wilson

Folder #16       Kathleen Stearns, Norrinne Holman, Dot Tribble, Pam Potter

Folder #17       Pam Potter (continued)

Folder #18       Pat Petty

Folder #19       James Patterson, Helen Parker, Patti Martin, Lera Long, Jenease Melban, Tracy McCall

Folder #20       Judy Llamas, Fred Lindsey, Susan Kuehnhold

Folder #21       Completed Pages, Vol. 2

Folder #22       For Corrections to Vol 1, Correspondence, Records

Folder #23       For Corrections to Vol 1, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #24       For Corrections to Vol 1, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #25       Bartholomew, Correspondence

Folder #26       Bartholomew, Correspondence (continued)


BOX 37

Correspondence & Miscellaneous Material

Folder #1         George, Correspondence, Records

Folder #2         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #3         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #4         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #5         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #6         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #7         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #8         George, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #9         Unplaced Stovalls

Folder #10       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #11       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #12       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #13       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #14       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #15       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #16       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #17       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #18       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #19       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #20       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #21       Unplaced Stovalls (continued)

Folder #22       Thomas, Correspondence, Records

Folder #23       Thomas, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #24       Thomas, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #25       Thomas, Correspondence, Records (continued)

Folder #26       Miscellaneous

Folder #27       Miscellaneous (continued)

Folder #28       Miscellaneous (continued)


BOX 38

Newsletters & Journals

-Everton's Genealogical Helper Jan 1999-Aug 1999, Nov 1999-Oct 2000

-New England Ancestors, Fall and Winter 2000

-New England Historical and Genealogical Register, April 2000

-American Genealogist, July and October 1999, April and July 2000

-Various newsletters and journals


BOX 39    

Folder #1         Thomas, F. Stovall Jr. Correspondence

Folder #2         Thomas, F. Stovall Jr. Correspondence

Folder #3         Lyle Williams Correspondence Editor

Folder #4         Lyle Williams Correspondence Editor

Folder #5         Lyle Williams Correspondence Editor

Folder #6         Linda Stovall Correspondence

Folder #7         Linda Stovall Correspondence

Folder #8         Joyce E. Stovall Correspondence

Folder #9         Genealogy

Folder #10       Ellen Payne Odom Geneological Library- Moultrie, GA

Folder #11       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-96

Folder #12       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-95

Folder #13       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-94

Folder #14       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-93

Folder #15       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-92

Folder #16       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-91

Folder #17       Stovall Family Association, Inc. 11-30-90

Folder #18       Lyle Williams Correspondence 1992-99

Folder #19       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Expenses (1998-99 Fiscal Year Ending Nov)

Folder #20       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Deposits (1998-99 Fiscal Year Ending Nov)

Folder #21       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Expenses (1989-97)


Box 40

Folder #1         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Expenses (1989-97)

Folder #2         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Expenses

Folder #3         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Account Statement

Folder #4         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Bank Deposits (1995-97)

Folder #5         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Details of Bank Deposits (1989-94)

Folder #6         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Details of Bank Deposits (1989-94)

Folder #7         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Details of Bank Deposits (1989-94)

Folder #8         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Details of Bank Deposits (1989-94)

Folder #9         Stovall Family Association, Inc. Details of Bank Deposits (1989-94)

Folder #10       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Account Statements

Folder #11       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Account Statements

Folder #12       Stovall Family Association, Inc. Account Statements

Folder #13       Stovall Research Fund Correspondence (J.E. Stovall 1989-94)

Folder #14       Stovall Research Fund Expenses (J.E. Stovall 1989-99)

Folder #15       Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits (J.E. Stovall 1989-99)

Folder #16       Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits (J.E. Stovall 1989-99)


Box 41

Folder #1         Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits (J.E. Stovall 1989-99)

Folder #2         Stovall Research Fund Bank Deposits (J.E. Stovall 1989-99)

Folder #3         Bill Norwood Correspondence

Folder #4         Correspondence: Bennie Gene Stovall

Folder #5         Correspondence: Bennie Gene Stovall

Folder#6          Correspondence: Sandra Sperry

Folder#7          Correspondence: Sandra Sperry

Folder#8          Correspondence: Sandra Sperry


                        Everton’s Genealogical Helper  Nov. 2000-June 2001

                        HopkinsCountyHeritage Vol. 17 No. 4 Dec. 2000

                        HopkinsCountyHeritage Vol. 18 No.1, No. 4 Dec. 2000

                        Ancestral News Vol. 25, No. 4 Winter 2000

                        Ancestral News Vol. 26, No. 1 Winter 2001

                        TennesseeGenealogy and History Vol. 4 No. 3


Box 42

Folder#1          Correspondence: Rob Zimmerwan

Folder#2          Correspondence: Suzannah Wornom

Folder#3          Correspondence: Jay Wise

Folder#4          Correspondence: Henry Wieneck

Folder#5          Correspondence: John B. Wilhite

Folder#6          Correspondence: Nicole Rogers Wiebe

Folder#7          Correspondence: Stacey White

Folder#8          Correspondence: Wayne F. White

Folder#9          Correspondence: Mary Ellen White

Folder#10        Correspondence: Larry Tyner

Folder#11        Correspondence: Dan Tollison

Folder#12        Correspondence: Martha Thompson

Folder#13        Correspondence: Meade Thomas

Folder#14        Correspondence: Ted T. Taylor

Folder#15        Correspondence: Sally Taylor

Folder#16        Correspondence: Jean Sutton

Folder#17        Correspondence: Jessie M. Stover

Folder#18        Correspondence: Kathleen Stearns

Folder#19        Correspondence: Tom Speers

Folder#20        Correspondence: Lee Ford

Folder#21        Correspondence: Cheryl Fikes

Folder#22        Correspondence: Suzann Durnell

Folder#23        Correspondence: Dan Durham

Folder#24        Correspondence: Thos J. Dezem

Folder#25        Correspondence: Judy J. Davis

Folder#26        Correspondence: Wanda Crist

Folder#27        Correspondence: Rick Cowart

Folder#28        Correspondence: Wilma Cowan        

Folder#29        Correspondence: Regina F. Cooey

Folder#30        Correspondence: Carolyn Clark

Folder#31        Correspondence: June T. Carter

Folder#32        Correspondence: June Reid Carter

Folder#33        Correspondence: Jean Carter

Folder#34        Correspondence: Pat Brunson

Folder#35        Correspondence: Ted Braid

Folder#36        Correspondence: Mitchell Billings

Folder#37        Correspondence: Susannah Ayers

Folder#38        Correspondence: Shirley Austin

Folder#39        Correspondence: Kim Austin

Folder#40        Correspondence: Virginia Aschermann

Folder#41        Correspondence: Doug Anderson

Folder#42        Correspondence: Tony Adams

Folder#43        Correspondence: Philo Romine

Folder#44        Correspondence: Joanne Rofkahr

Folder#45        Correspondence: Ruth Ratliff

Folder#46        Correspondence: Gerald Primm

Folder#47        Correspondence: Gary Poynter

Folder#48        Correspondence: Henry Poynter

Folder#49        Correspondence: Anita Poole

Folder#50        Correspondence: Toni Pickel

Folder#51        Correspondence: Sharron Perrin

Folder#52        Correspondence: Darrehh Pausky

Folder#53        Correspondence: Roger M. Pace

Folder#54        Correspondence: Dorothy Jane O’Neil

Folder#55        Correspondence: Robert Murphy

Folder#56        Correspondence: Sharon McGee

Folder#57        Correspondence: Esther McDormott

Folder#58        Correspondence: Ed Maxcy

Folder#59        Correspondence: Steve McCalip

Folder#60        Correspondence: Audrae Mathis

Folder#61        Correspondence: Sonya Lynch

Folder#62        Correspondence: Dahne Lineberry

Folder#63        Correspondence: Phyllis Lyons

Folder#64        Correspondence: Judy Lienhardt

Folder#65        Correspondence: Audrey Lawerence

Folder#66        Correspondence: Brenda Jones

Folder#67        Correspondence: Janet Jacobs

Folder#68        Correspondence: Walt Hull

Folder#69        Correspondence: Jeri Hreha

Folder#70        Correspondence: Sherry House

Folder#71        Correspondence: Barbara Homan

Folder#72        Correspondence: Karl Hilbert

Folder#73        Correspondence: Stephen T. Henshee

Folder#74        Correspondence: Eulima Harvey

Folder#75        Correspondence: Martha Haile

Folder#76        Correspondence: John Gonser

Folder#77        Correspondence: Jean S. Garner

Folder#78        Correspondence: Billy Gardenhire

Folder#79        Correspondence: Joy Gahhagher

Folder#80        Correspondence: Doris Fountain


Box 43           Stovall Records A-C

Box44            Stovall Records D-E

Box45            Stovall Records F-G

Box46            Stovall Records H-Jm

Box47            Stovall Records Jn-L

Box48            Stovall Records M-Q

Box49            Stovall Records R-T

Box50            Stovall Records U-Z

Box51            Stovall Records Address Cards


Box 52

Folder#1          Barbara S. Haynie

Folder#2          Linda Stovall

Folder#3          Sandra Perry

Folder#4          Ken Burke

Folder#5          Kimberly Wilson

Folder#6          John R. West

Folder#7          Kim Woodrum

Folder#8          Deanna Williamson, Maggie Whitton

Folder#9          Debra Walker, Christina Waller

Folder#10        Lallie Wallace, Mary Ann Vaughn

Folder#11        Carrie Truitt, Larry Tyner

Folder#12        Janis Taylor, Janet Stone

Folder#13        Norma Simmons, James Sims, Cleveland Smith

Folder#14        Amber Todora

Folder#15        Fletcher H. Ellzey

Folder#16        Sheldon Anderson, Janine Allen, Jo Ainsworth

Folder#17        Tina Beller, Ouida Ayers, Judy Aull

Folder#18        Bob Bowman, Callie Bloomberg, Patsy Bishop

Folder #19       Sherrie Childs, Melissa Childs, Ola Faye Brown

Folder #20       Pam Dautenhahn, Betty Craiglow, Elise Corpus

Folder#21        Anne Dunn, Richard Deighton, Sandra Ford

Folder#22        Virginia Grafton, Wendy Goodrich, Lucy Freeman

Folder#23        Sue Holcomb, Lisa Hall, Gaye Hall

Folder#24        Thomas Jones, Dennis Johnson, Jack Hill

Folder#25        Kim Leveringham, Marjorie Lischer, Melanie Leach

Folder#26        Evelyn Mayes, Gloria Lucius, Diane Little

Folder#27        Beverly Parker, Joe McAdams, Mildred Richbourg

Folder#28        Bill Richter, Christine Medley, Joni McFarland

Folder#29        Mary Scrudder, Tina Rogers, Fred Robinson

Folder#30        Phyllis Thompson, Leann Simmons, Richard Schram

Folder#31        David Payne, Sandy, Jean, Helen

Folder#32        Magazines

Folder#33        Alvey to Bultman

Folder#34        Cain to Davis

Folder#35        Davis, Mary

Folder#36        Ehlert to Gibbel

Folder#37        Harris to Heft

Folder#38        James to Law

(These names are continued in Box 54)


BOX 53

Book               Telephone Directory  By Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation

Book               Using Records in the National Archives for Genealogical Research  By National Archives and Records Administration

Book               Consumer Information Catalog  By Consumer Information Center

Book               Bartholomew Stovall Tricentennial 1684-1984:  Favorite Recipes  By Bartholomew Stovall

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. II  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical & Genealogical Society

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. I  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical & Genealogical Society

Book               Tracing Your Ancestry:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Your Family History  By F. Wilbur Helmbold

Book               The Dallas Journal  By Dallas Genealogical Society

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. IV  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical & Genealogical Society

Book               Who’s Who:  The Descendants of George Stovall, Sr.  By Mary Allen Davis and Mildred Allen Bleigh

Book               Getting Started:  Beginning Your Genealogical Research in the National Archives  By National Archives and Records Service

Book               Fulton-Hickman County Families Vol. I  By The Fulton County Genealogical Society

Book               Tracing Your Ancestry Logbook  By F. Wilbur Helmbold

Book               Where to Write for Vital Records:  Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces  By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Book               Handy Book for Genealogists 6th Ed.  By  George B. Everton Sr.

Book               Registery of Births:  Ballard County, KY  By Dr. J. S. Seay

Book               Graveyards in Carlisle and Hickman Counties, Kentucky  Compiled by Dick Barclay

Book               Tax Lists of Jackson Purchase:  1822, 1823, 1824  By Don Simmons

Book               McCracken County, KY. Census 1840  by Don Simmons

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Marriages 1885-1899 By Ballard-Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society

Book               Marriage Records 1882-1845 Hickman County, KY  By Fulton Genealogical Society

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. III  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society

Book               Stovall Family Legends  Compiled in 1996

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Marriages 1852-1878, 1881-1884  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. VI  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society

Book               Registery of Births (Ballard County, KY)  By Dr. J. S. Seay

Book               Ballard County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. V  By Ballard-Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society

Book               The Stovall Family In America  By Carmae Massey Smith

Book               Ballard’s Brave Boys  By M. Juliette Magee

Book               The Stovall Family and Related Lines Vol. II  By Lyle Keith Williams

Book               The Stovall Family and Related Lines Vol. I  By Lyle Keith Williams


BOX 54

Folder#1 Kiska, Tom

Folder#2 Lee to Murphy

Folder#3 Donation Materials

Folder#4 Newspaper Clippings

Folder#5 Stovall, Linda

Folder#6 Hall, Gage

Folder#7 Hargrove, Nell

Folder#8 Gilbert, Herlene

Folder#9 Geno, Gail

Folder#10 Garner, Kathy

Folder#11 Feaster, Linda

Folder#12 Felts, Linda

Folder#13 Etter, Cynthia

Folder#14 Ellzey, Mike

Folder#15 Ericson, Carolyn

Folder#16 Edwards, Susan

Folder#17 Duty, Mary

Folder#18 Dernehl, W

Folder#19 Davis, Linda

Folder#20 Bowsman, Bob

Folder#21 Clippings and E-Mails

Floder#22 Glover, Joyce H.

                    Garoner, Peggy Starling

                    Freeman, Anne

                    Evans, Joan

Folder#23 Etter, Cynthia

                    Duty, Roland

                    Dunn, Anne M.

                    Cunningham, Shirley

                    Crow, Carol

                    Crumb, Eugene

Folder#24 Cromwell, John

                    Cook, Charice

                    Craig, Rosa

                    Coats, Janette

                    Claude, Julia

Folder#25 Connolly, Theresa

                    Clark, Rose

                    Carruth, Ralph

                    Campbell-Layman, Joyce

Folder#26 Bushnell, Jackie

                    Brown, Mallie

                    Boswell, Dennis K.

                    Benson, Linda

Folder#27 Alexander, Mimi

                    Abshier, Jerry

                    Allen, Judy

                    Anderson, Sheldon

Folder#28 Balderas, Dolores

                    Baird, Fred

                    Allred, Betty

Folder#29 Kirkpatrick, Shirley

Folder#30 Kilpatrick, Gail

Folder#31 Jones, Ned

                    Hurdle, Michael

                    Howell, Christy

                    Houtz, Duane

Folder#32 Holman, Len B.

Folder#33 Hart, Marie

Folder#34 Hart, Craig

                    McNeil, Marvin

Folder#35 McCarver, Jackie

Folder#36 McCoy, Don

                    McGee, Sharon

                    McKenzie, Elaine

                    McMahan, Vernon

Folder#37 Massey, Melinda

                    Marker, Clarice

Folder#38 Marbry, Delaine

      Lupi, Margaret

      Logan, RogerV.

      Locklear, Wanda

Folder#39 Layman, Joyce

                    Lawrence, Hollis

                    Langhoff, Cathlew

Folder#40 Stovall Family Reunion Souvenir Booklet, St. Louis, July 22-24, 2005


Box 55

Folder #1  Ralph Banks

Folder #2  Bob Bartlett

Folder #3  Marie Batey

                    Melissa Beall

                    Della Beaver

                    Norma Sue Collins

                    Rose Clark

Folder #4  Lin Barbee Clark

Folder #5  Patsy Chappelear

Folder #6  June S. Byars

Folder #7  Ken Burke

                    Sally L. Breeden

                    Pat Brunson

                    Faith Bischoff

                    David N. Bishop

Folder #8  Mimi Alexander

                    Donna Alsup

                    Alice Arieders

Folder #9  Billie Kerbo

                   George Ingram

                   Ellen John

Folder #10  Darlene House

Folder #11  Rose Huff

                      Susan Hussman

                      Rosemary Hyatt

                      Wendell B. Holmes                     

Folder #12  Patsy Holland

                      Dennis Holmes

                      Shirley Henry

                      Sharon Harris

Folder #13  Martha Hattabaugh

                      Gaye Hall

                      Len Holman

Folder #14  Jean Fish

Folder #15  Sandra Ford

                      Mary Duty

                      Carloyn Farmer

                      Linda Felts

                      Ken Dryden

Folder #16  Marshall Dickson

                      John Dillard

                      Mary Davis

                      Bessie Dalton 

Folder #17  Jo Ella Costello

                      Ernest Cornwell

                      Wanda M. Crist

Folder #18  Calvin Cook

Folder #19  Pat O’Brien

                      Mary Offill

Folder #20  Chomeh Ogilvie

                      Jackie Owens

                      Sharron Moore

                      Kevin Morgan

Folder #21  Jenease Melban

                      Barbara Miller

                      Richard Marmo

Folder #22  Clarise Marker

Folder #23  John Loman

Folder #24  Bob Leroy

Folder #25  Erwin Lepiarczyk

Folder #26  Alice Lee

Folder #27  Beth Leney

                      Mary Ann Stalpers

                      Carolyn Smotherman

Folder #28   Charles Smith III

Folder #29  Melissa Smith

                      Ray Smith

                      Robert L. Smith

Folder #30  Janece Smith

                      Cecil B. Smyth Jr

                      Scarlett S. Schilling

                      Mitch Ryder

Folder #31  Ron Ritchie

                      Kathleen Roark

                      Kathy Roberts

                      Jim Reeves

Folder #32  Roy S. Reynolds

Folder #33  Dennis S. Rhodes

                      Sandra Richardson

                      Glen Railsback

Folder #34  Jerry Rathman

Folder #35  Brenda Ragsdale

                      Allan Quinn

                      Barbara C. Prentice

                      Gerald Primm

Folder #36  Betty Peters

                      Carol Petifer

                      Pauline Phillips

Folder #37  Kay Pierce

                      Sarah Pool

                      Denise Penn

                      Annette O’Brien


Folder #38  Linda Stovall

Folder #39  Linda Stovall 2

Folder #40  Sandra Perry

Folder #41  Sandra Perry 3

Folder #42  Materials from Stovall Journal.  Clippings, pictures, genealogy, biographies, Sandra Perry

Folder #43  Sherri Schrat 1

Folder #44  Sherri Schrat 2


Box 56

Folder #1  Sherri Schrat 3

Folder #2  Misc Stovall

Folder #3  Misc Stovall

Folder #4  Sherri Schrat 1

Folder 5  Sherri Schrat 2

Folder 6  Misc papers

Folder 7  Paul Urbahns

Folder 8  Janice Vonschamer

Folder 9  Rose Walls

Folder 10  Linda Vibrock

Folder 11  Elizabeth Walker

Folder 12  Tom Walker

Folder 13  Debbie Wasserburger

Folder 14  Dave Webb

Folder 15  Mary Whitmore

Folder 16  Rebecca West

Folder 17  Lisa Whitney

Folder 18  Maggie Whitton

Folder 19  Maggie Whitton 2

Folder 20  Thomas Stovall Book

Folder 21  Stovall’s SSN’s

Folder 22  Tricentennial 1984

Folder 23  Stovall

Folder 24  Lyle Williams

Folder 25  Williams Grady

Folder 26  Leslie Williams

Folder 27  Tammy Williams

Folder 28  Susan Williford

Folder 29  Donna Wilson

Folder 30  Doug Wilson

Folder 31  Gylene Wilcox

Folder 32  Joyce Wilson

Folder 33  Marcia Witt

Folder 34  Lynda Wolfe

Folder 35  Warren Wolf

Folder 36  Karen Wood

Folder 37  Donna Wright

Folder 38  Bruce Yennerall

Folder 39  Sarah Zielinski

Folder 40  Connie Ziemke

Folder 41  Jacquetia Zinn

Folder 42  Becky Tennill

Folder 43  Patricia Tieber

Folder 44  Julie Thornton

Folder 45  Dorothy Tribble

Folder 46  Kay Tullis

Folder 47  Faith & Jim Turnipseed

Folder 48  Bob Tyson

Folder 49  Elaine Sprueill

Folder 50  Sherry Steelman

Folder 51  Chris Stofel

Folder 52  Joyce Stone

Folder 53  Jean Sutton

Folder 54  Gene Swann

Folder 55  Deborah Sweet

Folder 56  Marilyn Swindle

Folder 57  Phyllis Tanner

Folder 58  Guerry Taylor

Folder 59  Sharon Tabor

Folder 60  Sharon Tabor 2

Folder 61  M. Richbourg

Folder 62  Delores Rone

Folder 63  G.  Sanders


Box 57

Folder 1  Pat Seashore

Folder 2  Janet Sherling

Folder 3  Michael Shotwell

Folder 4  William Small

Folder 5  Myrna Slansky

Folder 6  Barbara Haynie

Folder 7  Judith Head

Folder 8  Herm Stovall

Folder 9  James E. Stovall

Folder 10  Joyce Stovall

Folder 11  Kevin Stovall

Folder 12  Robert Stovall

Folder 13  Tommy Stovall

Folder 14  Pat Treadwell

Folder 15  Tommy Wiggins

Folder 16  Dona Stovall

Folder 17  Sandra Perry

Folder 18  Martha Bender

Folder 19  Board of Directors

Folder 20  Cookbook

Folder 21  Reunion

Folder 22  Reunion 2

Folder 23  Stovall Book

Folder 24  Patricia Treadwell

Folder 25  Emily Murray

Folder 26  Barbara Padgitt

Folder 27  Katherine Pardini

Folder 28  Judith Parker

Folder 29  Linda Pearson

Folder 30  Denise Penn

Folder 31  Sheryl Norton

Folder 32  Bill Norwood

Folder 33  Connie Perdue

Folder 34  Edith Poston

Folder 35  Sandra Poston

Folder 36  Sheila Powell

Folder 37  Sandra Primm

Folder 38  Sandra Richardson

Folder 39  Clarise Marker

Folder 40  Juanita Maurmann

Folder 41  Charles & Sarah McDaniel

Folder 42  C. McDaniel

Folder 43  James McDaniel

Folder 44  Cheryl McNeil

Folder 45  Norm McNeil

Folder 46 Sherry Merrill

Folder 47  Ilene Miller

Folder 48  Bob Milner

Folder 49  David Mims

Folder 50  Barbara Muller

Folder 51  Gretchen Kroll

Folder 52  Carrie LaFavor

Folder 53  Tim Leatherwood

Folder 54  Peggy Lewis

Folder 55  Johnnie Langford

Folder 56  Susan Longyear

Folder 57  Margaret Lupi

Folder 58  Mike Mackey

Folder 59  Dell Magee

Folder 60  Cindy Marcotte

Folder 61  Margaret Berry

Folder 62  Edith Kitchens

Folder 63  Len Holman

Folder 64  Isabel Hoy

Folder 65  Marsha Jarvis

Folder 66  Dru Jones

Folder 67  Dennis Keesee

Folder 68  Harriett S. Kelley

Folder 69  Billie Kerbo

Folder 70  Thomas Kiska

Folder 71  Mary Hawkins

Folder 72  Hanson Harbour

Folder 73  Karol Harding

Folder 74  Jeffrey Hartley

Folder 75  Eulimma Harvey

Folder 76  Martha Hattabaugh


Box 58

Folder 1    Bobby Rich, Anna Prestage, Michael Perkins, Betty Dale Peters, Nancy Knight Moore

Folder 2    James McDaniel, Charles McDaniel, Sharon Mathis, Laura Masten

Folder 3    Alice Lee, Norrine Holman, Louise K. Hayes, Dee Harper, Bill Gilmer, Herlene Gilmer

Folder 4    Sarah Fouts, Kathleen Fowler, Kim Everingham, Shirley Euretta, Bob Edwards

Folder 5    Dan Drake, Pamela C. Daughtenhahn, Russell Dahton, Kathryn Crunkleton

Folder 6    Jean Cothran, Robert Childress, Bobby Carter, Chip Bragg, Dave Armstrong

Folder 7    Patricia Blankenship, Jessie M. Blasingim, Martha Sue Carroll, Ola Cates

Folder 8    Miscellaneous (1 out of 3)

Folder 9    Miscellaneous (2 out of 3)

Folder 10  Miscellaneous (3 out of 3)

Folder 11  Sunrise Tomorrow (book) and Keeper of the Echoes (book)

Folder 12  Janie (book) and The Ultimate Gift (novel)

Folder 13  Everton’s Family History Magazine (4 volumes Jan-August 2002)

Folder 14  Everton’s Genealogical Helper (2 volumes October & December 2001)

Folder 15  Hopkins County Heritage (Volume 18 Number 3 & 4)


Box 59

Folder 1     Melanie Dedmon

Folder 2     Anne Dunne

Folder 3     Delina Ferrill

Folder 4     Linda Felts

Folder 5     Tuck Forsyth

Folder 6     Tracy Frere

Folder 7     Ella Green

Folder 8     Dale Gross

Folder 9     Jean S. Gross

Folder 10   Barbara Haynie

Folder 11   Mary Christian

Folder 12   Tom & Kristi Clair

Folder 13   Cristine Clark

Folder 14   Hazel Colburn

Folder 15   Carol Hinkle

Folder 16   James Collins

Folder 17   Mary Cooper

Folder 18   Natalie Cottrill

Folder 19   Donna Crumb

Folder 20   Linda Davis

Folder 21   Ken Burke

Folder 22   Gray Burton

Folder 23   Cynthia Chandler

Folder 24   Sherrie Childers

Folder 25   Anna Adams

Folder 26   Gladys Armstrong

Folder 27   Karen Allen

Folder 28   Martha Bell

Folder 29   Beverley Almaraz

Folder 30   Margaret Berry

Folder 31   Shari Berueter

Folder 32   Montye Blackston

Folder 33   Norma Blackard

Folder 34   Edward Boehringer

Folder 35   Charles Boetsch

Folder 36   Dolores Boyd

Folder 37   Jennifer Brylinski

Folder 38   Horton Family Gedoms

Folder 39   Graves

Folder 40   Misc. Files

Folder 41   Misc. Files 2

Folder 42   Linda Stovall

Folder 43   Genealogy Book

Folder 44   Genealogy Book 2

Folder 45   Jennifer Murray

Folder 46   Sharon S. Stovall

Folder 47   Sharon S. Stovall 2  


BOX 60

Booklet: Stovall Family History, Stovall Family 2005 National Reunion, St. Louis, MO, July 22-24, 2005. Jennifer C.S (Stovall) Brylinski

Booklet: Stovall Family Reunion 2008, Auguest 2, 2008. Jennifer C.S. (Stovall) Brylinski

Booklet: Reunion Souvenir Booklet, Stovall Family Reunion 2008, Savannah, GA, August 1-3, 2008.

Folder: Quincy Alexander Stovall, 1831-1929: A Virginia Farmer and Confederate Soldier

Folder: Records of some of the First Stovalls in Virginia

Envelope: Articles:

            -Robert Stovall

            -Carl T. Stovall

            -Jeffrey Keith Stovall

            -John William Stovall

            -List of Stovalls in military

            -Unknown document

            -McNairy-Hardin Counties

Booklet (Copy): A White Marble Church: Jasper First United Methodist Church. First United Methodist Church History Committee. Jasper, Alabama: First United Methodist Church, 1998.

Photograph: Group photograph from Stovall Family Reunion, 1983.

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