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Creator: Dr. Carlton L. McQuagge

Collection Number: M438

Title: McQuagge, Carlton L. Papers

Dates: Circa 1928-1988

Quantity: .90 cubic feet   

Abstract: A collection of materials relating to the life and work of Dr. Carlton L. McQuagge, former instructor and administrator at The University of Southern Mississippi.


Historical Sketch

Carlton Lamar (Carl) McQuagge was born in Stone County, Mississippi, on July 21, 1909.  He was the son of Daniel G. and Rebecca (Hickman) McQuagge.  Carl graduated from Wiggins High School May 18th, 1928.  He married Catherine Atwell Temple June 6, 1933.  Carl and Catherine had two sons, John Carlton and Daniel Temple.

McQuagge earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1932 from State Teachers College (now The University of Southern Mississippi) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  He earned his Master of Arts degree August 1947 from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, and completed his Doctorate in Education from the University of Texas in 1954.  He first came to The University of Southern Mississippi in 1945 as the Director of the Demonstration School. 

Throughout his professional career, McQuagge held many different positions:  instructor and later, superintendent at Rocky Creek High School, Rocky Creek, Mississippi (1932-1939); superintendent at Long Beach High School, Long Beach, Mississippi (1939-1944); Vocational Rehabilitation, Mississippi State Department of Education, Jackson, Mississippi (1944-1945); Director of the Demonstration School at USM (1945-1956).  In 1959 he was named Head of the Department of School Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum, and served as Chairman of the Department of Education Administration from 1958-1960. He was appointed USM’s Registrar in 1960, serving until 1963, when he was named Dean of the School of Education and Psychology (in 1968 the school became the College of Education and Psychology).  McQuagge remained as Dean until his retirement on July 31, 1970, due to poor health. Through the years, his varied background of experience served him well as a leader in education.

Dr. McQuagge was a founder of The University of Southern Mississippi Credit Union, and served as its first director.  When it was decided that (then) Mississippi Southern College needed a credit union, McQuagge, Jesse A. Gore, and  President William D. McCain volunteered to put forward 100 dollars each to fund the enterprise.  The Credit Union was organized November 20, 1956.

McQuagge was active in many professional organizations and commissions, including service on the Mississippi Accrediting Commission for Elementary and Secondary schools, the College Accrediting Commission for Mississippi Colleges, and the State Committee for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  He was a member of University Baptist Church, Hattiesburg Consistory - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, and the Kiwanis Club.

Interestingly, McQuagge’s aunt, Miss Alma Hickman, was a professor emeritus of English and one of the original faculty when The University of Southern Mississippi opened its doors as Mississippi Normal College in 1912.

Carl McQuagge died November 13, 1970 at the age of 61.  He suffered a fatal heart attack while attending a luncheon being given in his honor at the University Commons.  He is interred at Highland Cemetery, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.



Contents of the Collection


Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of .90 cubic feet of material pertaining to the personal and professional activities of Dr. Carlton Lamar McQuagge between approximately 1928-1971.  Included in the collection are biographical documents, correspondence, school diplomas, Ph.D dissertation, photographs, certificates, and other miscellaneous items.  Also included are items pertaining to events after his death.

Correspondence in the collection includes campaign materials for McQuagge’s run for Vice President of the Mississippi Education Association and letters regarding the passing of Dr. McQuagge.

Newspaper clippings in the collection include articles related to Dr. McQuagge’s accomplishments, retirement and rewards;  the dedication ceremony for Qwings-McQuagge Hall;  and his family.


Topics Covered

Carlton McQuagge
University of Southern Mississippi
Demonstration School
McQuagge Family


Administrative Information


Immediate Source of Acquisition:

Donated by Daniel McQuagge, son of Carlton L. McQuagge on August 5, 1996.

Restrictions Governing Access:

No restrictions.  Open for research.

Restrictions Governing Use:

This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

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Item, Title of Collection, McCain Library and Archives, The University of Southern Mississippi.

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Processed by Jill Kochom


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Carlton L. McQuagge Papers
Box and Folder List


BOX 1     
  Folder 1 McQuagge: Biographical Data (undated)
  Folder 2 Photographs of McQuagge (undated)
  Folder 3   Photographs of Owings-McQuagge Hall Dedication (April 23, 1988)
  Folder 4  Miscellaneous Photographs (undated)
  Folder 5 Photographs/Scrapbook (undated)
  Folder 6 Copy of Photographs/Scrapbook (undated)
  Folder 7 Correspondence (1963-1983)
  Folder 8 Memorial Service for Dr. Carlton McQuagge (November 15, 1970)
  Folder 9   News-clippings of Funeral Service (November 1970)
  Folder 10 Correspondence Regarding the Death of Dr. Carlton McQuagge (November 1970)
  Folder 11 News-clippings Regarding Dr. Carlton McQuagge’s Retirement (undated)
  Folder 12 Luncheon Honoring Dr. Carlton McQuagge (November 13, 1970)
  Folder 13 News-clippings: Homecoming 1970 November 13-14 Honoring Dr. McQuagge (November 1970)
  Folder 14 Dedication of Owing-McQuagge Hall (April 23, 1988)
  Folder 15 McQuagge: Campaign Materials for Vice-President of the Mississippi Education Association (1966-1967)
  Folder 16 McQuagge: College of Education and Psychology (July 1, 1968)
  Folder 17 “Perspective USM” McQuagge Resigns (July 27, 1970)
  Folder 18 Resolution on the Life and Memory of Kiwanian, Dr. Carlton Lamar McQuagge (December 12, 1970)
  Folder 19 McQuagge: Certificates (undated)
  Folder 20  McQuagge: School Papers (undated)
  Folder 21 McQuagge: Class of 1929 – not USM (July 1982)
  Folder 22 Carlton McQuagge’s Dissertation: A Study of School Administration Courses.  May 1954 Austin, Texas for degree of Doctor of Education
BOX 2    
  Folder 1 Diploma – State Teachers College Bachelor of Science (August 16, 1932)
  Folder 2 Diploma – University of Mississippi Master of Arts (August 22, 1947)
  Folder 3 Carlton Lamar McQuagge Wiggins High School (May 18, 1928)
  Folder 4 Photograph: Dan Megehee Memorial Class of the Ninetieth Reunion Hattiesburg Consistory, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry (March/April 1957)
  Folder 5 Atwell T. McQuagge – Diploma Mississippi Southern College Masters of Art (August 14, 1956)
  Folder 6  Catherine Atwell Temple – Diploma State Teachers College Bachelor of Science (May 13, 1933)
  Folder 7 Catherine Atwell Temple High School Diploma (May 31, 1929)
  Folder 8 Certificates – Catherine McQuagge (1983 & 1993)
  Folder 9 News-clippings: McQuagge Family (undated)
  Folder 10 Mississippi Music Educators Association: Daniel McQuagge Recitals (1956 & 1958)
  Folder 11 Miscellaneous News-clippings (undated)
  Folder 12 News-clippings of Demonstration School (undated)
  Folder 13 “Southern News and Views” (1970)
  Folder 14 Humorous Notes (undated)
  Folder 15 Biblical Notes (undated)
  Folder 16 Vesper Service: “What Next” (undated)
  Folder 17 Miscellaneous News-clippings (undated)
  Folder 18 Miscellaneous News-clippings (undated)
  Folder 19 Scrapbook on Mothers and Life (undated)
  Folder 20 Copy of Scrapbook on Mothers and Life (undated)



Carlton L. McQuagge Papers
Photograph Log


M438-1 Carlton L. McQuagge
  2 x 3  B&W 1947-48
  Head and shoulders School Days photo taken at the Demonstration School, Mississippi Southern College. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-2 Carlton L. McQuagge
  1 ½  x 2 ½ B&W 1946-47
  Head and shoulders School Days photo taken at the Demonstration School, Mississippi Southern College. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-3 Carlton L. McQuagge
  1 ½ x 2 ½ B&W  1946-47
  Head and shoulders School Days photo taken at the Demonstration School, Mississippi Southern College. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-4 Carlton L. McQuagge
  2 ½ x 3 ½ B&W Circa late 1940s
  Causal head and shoulders photo. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-5 Carlton L. McQuagge
  4 x 5 B&W  undated
  Carlton McQuagge seated at his desk. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-6 Carlton L. McQuagge
  4 ½ x 6 ½ B&W undated
  Head and shoulders photo. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-7 Carlton L. McQuagge
  8 x 10 B&W undated
  Carlton McQuagge sitting behind his office desk. (Box 1, Folder 2)
M438-8 USM President Aubrey K. Lucas
  5 x 6 ½ B&W April 23, 1988
  Dr. Lucas speaking at the Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication. (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-9 Group at Owings-McQuagge Hall Dedication
  5 x 6 ½ B&W  April 23, 1988
  Four speakers at the Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication ceremony:  Mercer B. Miller Jr. Ed.D, Hugh Fruge’, Ed.D, Willie Earl Cooley, Ed.D, and L. Conrad Welker, Ed.D. (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-10 William D. McCain
  5 x 6 ½   B&W April 23, 1988
  William D. McCain, USM President Emeritus, speaking at the Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication ceremony. (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-11 L. Conrad Welker
  5 x 6 ½   B&W April 23, 1988
  L. Conrad Welker speaking at the Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication ceremony.   (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-12 Group at Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication
  5 x 6 ½ B&W April 23, 1988
  Owings-McQuagge Hall dedication ceremony.  Pictured are Wanda Gunn Clark, Mrs. Ralph S. Owings, Catherine McQuagge, and Dr. Willie Earl Cooley.  Wanda Clark is the daughter of Eric McCoy Gunn, for whom the building’s Education Materials Center was named.  Mrs. Owings is the widow of former dean Ralph Seer Owings, and Catherine McQuagge is the widow of Carlton McQuagge. (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-13 Carlton Lamar McQuagge Plaque
  5 x 6 ½ B&W April 23, 1988
  Photo of Carlton Lamar McQuagge plaque, located in Owings-McQuagge Hall.   (Box 1, Folder 3)
M438-14 Class of ’38 Rocky Creek
  8 x 10     1938

Rocky Creek graduation class of 1938 including their teachers.  Carlton McQuagge was superintendent 1936-39.

(Box 1, Folder 4)

Photo Features (Acie Norris, Dosche (Davis) Bolton, Louise Wilkin, Carlton McQuagge, Vivian (Mills) Slay, Leonard Harrison, 2nd row Nelda (Nickerson) McLeod, Willie G. Eubanks, Inez (Eubanks) Harmon, Christine (Cannon) Lewis, Marie (Moore) Williams, 3rd row Druey McLeod, Clyde RutherFord, Myrtes WelFord, Lloyd Yonge, Palama Woodward, Marshall Snowden)

M438-15 Carlton McQuagge with unidentified group
  5 x 7 B&W Circa 1950
  Carlton McQuagge, front row middle, with group of unidentified man and women.  Picture taken outside. (Box 1, Folder 4)
M438-16 Unidentified Group Photo
  8 x 10 B&W undated
  Unidentified group photo taken outside. (Box 1, Folder 4)
M438-17 Carlton L. McQuagge with Four Unidentified Men
  8 x 10 B&W  undated
  Carlton McQuagge with four unidentified men.  One man is presenting a certificate to another. (Box 1, Folder 4)
M438-18 Dan Megehee Memorial Class
  10 x 13   March/April 1957

Dan Megehee Memorial Class of the Ninetieth Reunion-Hattiesburg Consistory, Ancientand Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry. Carl L. McQuagge, 32 Vice President of Class. Group Photo Features (Sam Seidler, A.S. Scott Jr., Carl L. McQuagge,Roy G. Bigelow, Elmer C. Harris Jr., Frank H. Ford, 2nd row Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr., Herbert H. Lee, George H. Holder, Jack C. Johnson, Thomas L. Sullivan, 3rd row William J. Joyner, John W. Pattillo Jr., Wallace D. Thrash, Dan T.Ketchum, Bryce J. McMahan, 4th row J.A. McMichael, Herman L. Brewer, Harold E. Baisley, Joe W. Cole, R.T. Kessler, 5th row M.W. Vinson, Earl H. Smith,Thomas D. Ott)

(Box1, Folder 4)

Photographer: Hyland Dykes Studio


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