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Collection Title: Nuclear Waste Disposal Research Collection

Collection Number: M427

Dates: ca. 1969-1987

Volume: 5.5 cu. ft.

Provenance: The collection was donated by Mrs. Carolyn Blackman in August 1990. It was transferred to the Archives from the Mississippiana Collection by Jennifer Brannock, November 14, 2005.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Perry County, Mississippi is the site of two salt domes – the Richton Dome and the Cypress Creek Dome - both of which were under consideration by the U. S. Department of Energy as nuclear waste repositories in the early 1980s. On November 6, 1981, citizens who opposed the idea formed the organization, Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (PC-CAND). The stated purpose of the group was “to inform and educate the public and public officials of the potential consequences, dangers and hazards of the disposal of nuclear waste in Perry County and Mississippi so that intelligent and informed choices may be made, and to do all these things and any act or activity in furtherance of these purposes in conformance with the laws of the State of Mississippi, including those governing non-profit corporations.”

PC-CAND battled proponents for several years, until in 1988, the Perry County sites were dropped from consideration. The organization was disbanded in 1990. In the intervening years, the Richton site has been considered for storage of crude oil reserves and natural gas, both of which would have been far more acceptable to area residents than nuclear waste.


Contents of the Collection
Mississippiana Vertical Files, “Richton Salt Dome” and “Nuclear Waste Disposal”

Scope and Content:

This collection contains materials generated and/or collected by Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (PC-CAND). The materials have been divided into two series:

• Series I: Records of Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal
• Series II: Nuclear Waste Research Materials

Series I contains the files of PC-CAND, which are arranged alphabetically. Folder
titles generated by the organization have been retained, and titles have been created for loose materials found in the collection. Items of interest are correspondence with Senators John Stennis and Thad Cochran; correspondence with (then) Congressman Trent Lott; newspaper clippings that follow the progress of the nuclear disposal debate; and materials that relate directly to the Richton and Cypress Creek Salt Domes in Perry County.

Series II is comprised primarily of research materials collected by PC-CAND. Items in this series pertain to the nuclear waste issue in Mississippi and other states, and are arranged alphabetically. Included are Newspaper and journal articles, newsletters, pamphlets, maps showing the Richton Salt Dome, and numerous reports regarding nuclear disposal.

This collection should be of interest to those researching any aspect of nuclear waste disposal.


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Nuclear Waste Disposal Research Collection
Box and Folder List

Box 1    
  Folder 1 Attorneys General: Bill Allain and Edwin Pittman (1981-1984)
  Folder 2 Comments (ca. 1982-1985)
  Folder 3 Committees (1981)
  Folder 4 Correspondence: General (1981-1985)
  Folder 5 Correspondence: Senator Thad Cochran (1980-1985; undated)
  Folder 6 Correspondence: John Green and Department of Energy (1981-1985; undated)
  Folder 7 Correspondence: Trent Lott (1981-1984)
  Folder 8 Correspondence: Senator John C. Stennis (1981-1985)
  Folder 9 Forums and Hearings (1981-1983; undated)
  Folder 10 Governors: William Winter and Bill Allain (1981-1984)
  Folder 11 Handwritten Notes (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 12 Hazards of Waste (1891-1984)
  Folder 13 House Bills (1981-1983)
  Folder 14 Insurance (May 11, 1983)
  Folder 15 Law Engineering Testing Company (1979; 1982)
  Folder 16 League of Women Voters (ca. 1973-1984)
  Folder 17 Letter-Writing Campaigns (ca. 1984)
Box 2    
  Folder 1 Mayors: Richton, Beaumont, and New Augusta (1980-1984)
  Folder 2 Membership Attendance Sheets (1981; undated)
  Folder 3 Miscellany (ca. 1981-1982)
  Folder 4 Mississippi Environmental Management Organization (1984; undated)
  Folder 5 Mississippi’s Nuclear Waste Policy Advisory Council (ca. 1982-1984)
  Folder 6 Mississippians Against Disposal [MAD] Committee: Hattiesburg (ca. 1982-1984)
  Folder 7 News Clippings (1981)
  Folder 8 News Clippings (1982)
  Folder 9 News Clippings (1983)
  Folder 10 News Clippings (January – June, 1984)
  Folder 11 News Clippings (July – Dec. 1984)
  Folder 12 News Clippings (1985; undated)
  Folder 13 News Clippings: John Stennis, Thad Cochran, Trent Lott (1981-1984)
  Folder 14 Newsletters (1981-1982; undated)
  Folder 15 News Releases (1982-1984)
  Folder 16 Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear Reactors (1981-1984; undated)
  Folder 17 Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal: General Information (ca. 1981-1983)
  Folder 18 Petition Opposing Nuclear Waste Storage (1984)
  Folder 19 Programs Presented (1979-1984; undated)
  Folder 20 Publication: Chemical and Engineering News (July 18, 1983)
  Folder 21 Representatives and Senators: State and Federal (1981-1985)
  Folder 22 Resolutions and Supporting Materials (1981-1984)
Box 3    
  Folder 1 Richton – Cypress Creek Salt Domes: News Clippings (1981-1985; undated)
  Folder 2 Richton – Cypress Creek Salt Domes; Miscellaneous Documents (1983-1984; undated)
  Folder 3 Seminars (1984)
  Folder 4 Site Studies Other Than Perry County (1981-1985)
  Folder 5 State’s Energy and Transportation: News Clippings (1981-1982)
  Folder 6 Transportation of Nuclear or Hazardous Waste (1981-1984)
  Folder 7 Unanswered Questions (1982-1983; undated)

Series II: Nuclear Waste Research Materials

Box 3    
  Folder 8 Anti-Nuclear Disposal Groups: Organizational Materials (ca. 1981-1984)
  Folder 9 Articles (1972-1982)
  Folder 10 Articles (1983)
  Folder 11 Articles (1984)
  Folder 12 Articles (Jan. – Sept. 1985)
  Folder 13 Articles (Oct. – Dec. 1985)
  Folder 14 Articles (Jan. – Mar. 1986)
  Folder 15 Articles (Apr. – Nov. 1986)
  Folder 16 Articles (undated)
Box 4    
  Folder 1 Brochures (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 2 Bumper Stickers (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 3 Business Cards (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 4 Camp Shelby: Environmental Assessment Report (1983)
  Folder 5 Camp Shelby: Information Regarding Nuclear Repository at, or near
Camp Shelby (1984-1985)
  Folder 6 Citizen Alert (1985)
  Folder 7 Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal (ca. 1980-1983)
  Folder 8 Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal: Biloxi, Mississippi (undated)
  Folder 9 Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal: Pascagoula, Mississippi (1982-1986)
  Folder 10 Citizens Against Nuclear Trash (ca. 1979-1981)
  Folder 11 Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes (1984-1986)
  Folder 12 Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Information Meeting (Dec. 1983)
  Folder 13 Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program Mission Plan, Vol. I (Dec. 20, 1983)
  Folder 14 Coastians Against Nuclear Disposal (July 2, 1981)
  Folder 15 Contracts (ca. 1984-1985)
  Folder 16 Correspondence: General (1980-1981)
  Folder 17 Correspondence: General (1982)
  Folder 18 Correspondence: General (Jan. – July 1983)
  Folder 19 Correspondence: General (Aug. – Dec. 1983)
  Folder 20 Correspondence: General (Jan. – Apr. 1984)
  Folder 21 Correspondence: General (May – Aug. 1984)
  Folder 22 Correspondence: General (Sept. – Dec. 1984)
Box 5    
  Folder 1 Correspondence: General (1985)
  Folder 2 Correspondence: General (1986)
  Folder 3 Correspondence: General (undated)
  Folder 4 Correspondence: Letters by Fifth Grade Students at Sandy Hook School
(May 16, 1983)
  Folder 5 Deep Well Injection (1985; undated)
  Folder 6 Demographic Information on Perry County (1982)
  Folder 7 Department of Energy (1974)
  Folder 8 Department of Energy (1984)
  Folder 9 Department of Energy (1985-1986; undated)
  Folder 10 Department of Energy: Audio Cassette: “Nuclear Waste” (Feb. 20, 1985)
  Folder 11 Department of Energy: Maps (1983; undated)
  Folder 12 Energy: Alternatives (1981-1982; undated)
  Folder 13 Environmental Action (May 31, 1985)
  Folder 14 Environmental Policy Institute (1984)
  Folder 15 Environmental Policy Institute (1985)
  Folder 16 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 1980
  Folder 17 Exxon Nuclear Idaho Company, Inc. (undated)
  Folder 18 Fact Sheet Re: Richton Salt Dome (ca. 1980)
  Folder 19 Firms Studying Richton and Cypress Creek Salt Domes (1981)
  Folder 20 Flyers (1984-1986; undated)
  Folder 21 Gandy, Evelyn (July 21-22, 1983)
  Folder 22 Guest Book (1980-1981)
Box 6    
  Folder 1 Hazardous Waste: General Information (1983-1984; undated)
  Folder 2 Hazardous Waste: Pamphlet (July 1, 1983)
  Folder 3 Hospital Emergency Department Radiation Accident Protocol (Mar. 14, 1984)
  Folder 4 Index of Reports (1984)
  Folder 5 International Association of Fire Chiefs (1984)
  Folder 6 Jefferson Island Flooding (Nov. 20, 1980)
  Folder 7 Laws and Guidelines Re: Nuclear Waste (1983-1984; undated)
  Folder 8 Legislation (1981-1982)
  Folder 9 Legislation (1983)
  Folder 10 Legislation (1985-1986; undated)
  Folder 11 Legislative Committees (1984; undated)
  Folder 12 Lott, Trent (1981-1982)
  Folder 13 Managing the Nation’s Nuclear Waste (1985)
  Folder 14 Maps (1977-1984; undated)
  Folder 15 Millar, Dr. Fred: Testimony before Senate Committee (1983)
  Folder 16 Miscellaneous Materials (ca. 1969-1986)
  Folder 17 Mississippi Department of Energy and Transportation (1983)
  Folder 18 Mississippi Environmental Management Organization (1984-1986; undated)
  Folder 19 Mississippi Legislature (1986)
  Folder 20 Mississippi Nuclear Waste Policy Advisory Council (1983)
  Folder 21 Mississippi Statewide Transportation Plan (Sept. 19, 1980)
  Folder 22 Mississippi 2020 (undated)
  Folder 23 Movie Proposal (1984)
Box 7    
  Folder 1 Nevada vs. Loux (1985)
  Folder 2 Nevada Nuclear Waste Storage Investigations (1980)
  Folder 3 New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, Inc.
(1984-1986; undated)
  Folder 4 News Releases (1980-1986; undated)
  Folder 5 Newsletter: Action Bulletin (1985-1986)
  Folder 6 Newsletter: Alabamians for a Clean Environment (July 1, 1985)
  Folder 7 Newsletter: Citizen Alert (1985-1986)
  Folder 8 Newsletter: Citizens for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze (Sept. 4, 1985)
  Folder 9 Newsletter: Clean (Mar. – May 1986)
  Folder 10 Newsletter: Don’t Waste Utah (1986; undated)
  Folder 11 Newsletter: Everyone’s Back Yard (1985-1986)
  Folder 12 Newsletter: Foundation Restorers News Sheet (Mar. 19, 1984)
  Folder 13 Newsletter: Groundswell (1982-1986)
  Folder 14 Newsletter: Heal (1985-1986)
  Folder 15 Newsletter: Henderson Point-Pass Christian Isles Civic Association Newsletter (Jan. – Mar. 1986)
  Folder 16 Newsletter: High Level Radio Active Waste (Apr. 1986)
  Folder 17 Newsletter: Mississippi Nuclear Waste Highlights (1984-1986)
  Folder 18 Newsletter: MMA Reporter (Aug. 12, 1985)
  Folder 19 Newsletter: Mobile Bay Audubon Society (Dec. 1984)
  Folder 20 Newsletter: MS Sierran (1985-1986; undated)
  Folder 21 Newsletter: Nevada Monitor (1985)
  Folder 22 Newsletter: Nevada Nuclear Waste (1985-1986)
  Folder 23 Newsletter: Newsletter ’85 – Washington Nuclear Waste Board (Oct. – Dec. 1985)
  Folder 24 Newsletter: Newsletter ’86 (Jan. – Apr. 1986)
  Folder 25 Newsletter: Nuclear Fuel (1985-1986)
  Folder 26 Newsletter: Nuclear Waste Digest (Feb. & May, 1986)
  Folder 27 Newsletter: Nuclear Waste News (Oct. – Dec. 1983)
  Folder 28 Newsletter: Nuclear Waste Reporter (1985-1986)
  Folder 29 Newsletter: Nuclear Waste Update (1985-1986)
  Folder 30 Newsletter: OCRWM Backgrounder (Nov. 1985; undated)
  Folder 31 Newsletter: OCRWM Bulletin (1984-1986)
  Folder 32 Newsletter: Public Citizen (1986; undated)
  Folder 33 Newsletter: Public Education 1986 (Bulletin No. 1)
  Folder 34 Newsletter: The Recorder (Mar. 1985)
  Folder 35 Newsletter: The Resource (Sept. 1983)
Box 8    
  Folder 1 Newsletter: Sierra Club National News Report
(June 1985 – May 1986)
  Folder 2 Newsletter: Sierra Club Waste Paper (1985-1986)
  Folder 3 Newsletter: Traces (Oct. 1985 – Apr. 1986)
  Folder 4 Newsletter: Utah Nuclear Waste Repository News (Jan. 1985 – May 1986)
  Folder 5 Newsletter: Voter (Apr. 1984; May/June 1986)
  Folder 6 Newsletter: Wiggins Rotary Timberland Times Informer (Nov. 1984)
  Folder 7 Nuclear Freeze (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 8 Nuclear Information and Resource Service (ca. 1983-1986)
  Folder 9 Nuclear Waste Advisory Committee (Sept. 12, 1980)
  Folder 10 Nuclear Waste Damage Policy (undated)
  Folder 11 Nuclear Waste Fact Sheets (Mar. 1984; undated)
  Folder 12 Nuclear Waste Isolation (1978-1981)
  Folder 13 Nuclear Waste Policy Advisory Council (1986)
  Folder 14 Nuclear Waste Policy Commission Act of 1987: Section-by-Section Analysis (June 10, 1987)
  Folder 15 Off-Shore Dumping (1984; undated)
  Folder 16 Pamphlet: “Answers to Your Questions about High-Level Nuclear Isolation” (undated)
  Folder 17 Pamphlet: “Asbestos in Buildings – Guidance for Service and Maintenance Personnel” (July 1985)
  Folder 18 Pamphlet: “The Atomic Fingerprint: Neutron Activation Analysis” (1972)
  Folder 19 Pamphlet: “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” (Nov. 1985)
  Folder 20 Pamphlet: “The Disposal of Radioactive Wastes from Fission Reactors” (June 1977)
  Folder 21 Pamphlet: “Experts: A User’s Guide” (1985)
  Folder 22 Pamphlet: “Loss of Fluid Test Project” (1981; undated)
  Folder 23 Pamphlet: “Mainstream Mississippi” (Winter 1983-1984)
  Folder 24 Pamphlet: “The Management of Radioactive Wastes” (1981)
  Folder 25 Pamphlet: “Managing the Nation’s Nuclear Waste” (Aug. 1985)
  Folder 26 Pamphlet: “The New Waste Calcining Facility” (ca. 1977-1980)
  Folder 27 Pamphlet: “The Nuclear Legacy – How Safe Is It?” (1983)
  Folder 28 Pamphlet: “Nuclear Waste Isolation – Activities Report” (Dec. 1980)
  Folder 29 Pamphlet: “The Nuclear Waste Primer – A Handbook for Citizens” (1985)
  Folder 30 Pamphlet: “Public Law 97-425” (Jan. 7, 1983)
  Folder 31 Pamphlet: “Questions and Answers about Potential Socioeconomic Impacts of a Nuclear Waste Repository” (1982)
  Folder 32 Pamphlet: “State of Mississippi – Real Estate Brokers License Act Of 1954, as Amended” (July 1, 1984)
  Folder 33 Pamphlet: “Transporting Spent Nuclear Fuel: An Overview” (Mar. 1986)
  Folder 34 Pamphlet: “U. S. Department of Energy Presentation for Public Hearings in Mississippi” (1983)
  Folder 35 Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (1981-1985)
Box 9    
  Folder 1 Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (undated)
  Folder 2 Price-Anderson Act (undated)
  Folder 3 Public Citizen (1985-1986; undated)
  Folder 4 Publicity Program to Enhance Awareness of Nuclear Waste Repository Program (ca. 1986)
  Folder 5 Questionnaire on Monitored Retrievable Storage of Nuclear Waste (undated)
  Folder 6 Receipt Books: PC-CAND, Inc. (1981)
  Folder 7 Report: Additional Review Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment Richton Dome Site, Mississippi (ca. 1984)
  Folder 8 Report: Affects of the Proposed Nuclear Repository on the Army National Guard Training Site at Camp Shelby (ca. 1984)
  Folder 9 Report: Annotated Outline for Site Characterization Plans (Feb. 1985)
  Folder 10 Report: Answers to Your Questions about Nuclear Waste Isolation (Feb. 23, 1981)
  Folder 11 Report: Background and Status of Mission Plan Revision (ca. 1984)
  Folder 12 Report: Capital Arena Recharge Region Study Based on Geologic and Hydrologic Studies in Southwestern Louisiana and Southwestern
Mississippi (1985)
  Folder 13 Report: Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills Training Workshop (Apr. 5, 1984)
  Folder 14 Report: Department of Energy – Nevada Operations Office (undated)
  Folder 15 Report: Direct Shear Testing on Rock Core Samples from the Zeeck No. 1 (PD-7) Well, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: Unanalyzed Data (Apr. 1985)
  Folder 16 Report: DOE Proposed Final Siting Guidelines (Sept. 23, 1983)
  Folder 17 Report: DOE Testimony before the Mississippi Energy and Transportation Board (Oct. 13, 1983)
  Folder 18 Report: Draft of the Department of Energy’s Analysis and Consideration of Comments Received on the General Guidelines of Sites for
Nuclear Waste Repositories (undated)
  Folder 19 Report: Draft DOE Position Paper on Liability for Nuclear Accidents… (Oct. 2, 1984)
  Folder 20 Report: Environmental Programs at SRP [Savannah River Plant] (undated)
  Folder 21 Report: Environmental Standards for the Management and Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel, High-Level and Transuranic Radioactive
Waste (1984 draft)
  Folder 22 Report: Ethnographic Study Team Scoping Activity Estimating Property Changes in the Multi-County Study Area (1985)
  Folder 23 Report: General Guidelines for Recommendation of Sites for Nuclear Waste Repositories (Nov. 18, 1983)
  Folder 24 Report: Heat, High Water, and Rock Instability at Hanford (Feb. 1985)
  Folder 25 Report: Innovative Technologies for Permanently Destroying Hazardous Waste (Apr 1986)
  Folder 26 Report: Isolating High-Level Nuclear Waste (Nov. 1981)
  Folder 27 Report: Long-Term Environmental Impacts of Geologic Repositories (undated)
Box 10    
  Folder 1 Report: Management of Radioactive Defense Waste – SR [Savannah River] (ca. 1983)
  Folder 2 Report: Memorandum of Agreement between the State of Washington and the United States Department of Energy for Consultation and Cooperation Pursuant to Public Law 97-425 (1983)
  Folder 3 Report: Mississippi Department of Energy and Transportation – Minutes of Public Hearing (Oct. 13, 1983)
  Folder 4 Report: Mitigating Socioeconomic Impacts of Nuclear Waste Repository Siting (May 1982)
  Folder 5 Report: MMRI Nuclear Waste Isolation Team Comments on the Fourth Draft of the Environmental Assessments of the Richton and
Cypress Creek Salt Domes (Oct. 1984)
  Folder 6 Report: MMRI Nuclear Waste Isolation Team Comments on the Sixth Draft of the Environmental Assessment of the Richton Salt Dome (Feb. 1985)
  Folder 7 Report: National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
  Folder 8 Report: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
(Federal Register, Vol. 49, No. 171, Aug. 31, 1984)
  Folder 9 Report: Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Preliminary Decision Related to U. S. Department of Energy’s General Guidelines for the Recommendation of Sites for Nuclear Waste Repositories (1984)
  Folder 10 Report: OTA Report Brief – Managing the Nation’s Commercial High Level Radioactive Waste (Mar. 1985)
  Folder 11 Report: Overview of the Draft Environmental Assessment for the Richton Dome Site (ca. 1980s)
  Folder 12 Report: Overview of Savannah River Plant Activities (Oct. 24, 1979)
  Folder 13 Report: Preamble to the Siting Guidelines of May 14, 1984)
  Folder 14 Report: Preliminary Report of the Geohydrology Near Cypress Creek and Richton Salt Domes, Perry County, Mississippi (1983)
  Folder 15 Report: Presentation of Mississippi Comments on the Draft Site Characterization Plan to the State Geologists’ Technical Review Group (Nov 9, 1982)
  Folder 16 Report: Proposed DOE Draft Additions to the Disqualifying Conditions of the Nov. 18, 1983, Siting Guidelines (Apr. 18, 1984)
  Folder 17 Report: Proposed DOE Draft Revisions to Subpart A – General Provisions of Nov. 18, 1983 Siting Guidelines (Apr. 18, 1984)
  Folder 18 Report: Radiological and Non-Radiological Risks Associated with High Level Nuclear Waste Transportation in the State of Mississippi
(ca. 1985)
  Folder 19 Report: Refinement of Atmospheric Dispersion Methodology (Preliminary Report – Feb. 15, 1985)
  Folder 20 Report: Report of Manpower Assistance Subcommittee to the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Committee (ca. 1984)
  Folder 21 Report: Response Report from U. S. Department of Energy Hearings on Proposed Salt Dome Nominations 9Nov. 1983)
  Folder 22 Report: Responses to Comments by Mississippi Nuclear Waste Policy Council (Nov. 1, 1983)
  Folder 23 Report: Responses to Comments by Mississippi Nuclear Waste Policy
Advisory Council (Nov. 1, 1983)
  Folder 24 Report: Responses to Mississippi Comments on the Site Characterization Plan for the Gulf coast Salt Domes (Oct. 1983)
  Folder 25 Report: Review and Response to USGS, States of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas Comments on ONWI-109 (1981)
  Folder 26 Report: Review Comments on Draft Environmental Assessments, Richton Dome Site, Cypress Creek Dome Site – Mississippi
(Mar. 20, 1985)
  Folder 27 Report: Review of Area Characterization Reports, Gulf Interior Region, with Emphasis on the Mississippi Study Area (Apr. 1981)
  Folder 28 Report: Rules and Regulations Concerning Permits to Conduct Site Characterization Studies (Sept. 6, 1983)
Box 11    
  Folder 1 Report: Safety Criteria for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste in a Mine
(May 19, 1983)
  Folder 2 Report: Salt Handling and Disposal for the Nuclear Waste Repository Project (Nov. 15, 1984)
  Folder 3 Report: Salt Repository Project Technical Progress Report for the Quarter, Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 1984
  Folder 4 Report: Salt State Caucus Transmittal to DOE/SRPO (Nov. 16, 1984)
  Folder 5 Report: Social and Economic Aspects of Radioactive Waste Disposal – Considerations for Institutional Management (Oct. 1981)
  Folder 6 Report: A Social and Educational History of Perry County, Mississippi (ca. 1970s)
  Folder 7 Report: Socioeconomic Data Base Report for Mississippi (Sept. 1983)
  Folder 8 Report: SPRO Implementation Plan for Briefings and Public Hearings on Draft Environmental Assessments (Nov. 9, 1984)
  Folder 9 Report: Standard Format and Content of Site Characterization Plans for
High-Level Waste Repositories (1985)
  Folder 10 Report: State of Mississippi Comments on the Draft Report, “An Evaluation of Commercial Repository Capacity for the Disposal of Defense High-Level Waste” (1984)
  Folder 11 Report: Summary Evaluation of the Geologic Characterization of the Mississippi Study Area (1981)
  Folder 12 Report: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Status Report
on High-Level Waste Program (1984)
  Folder 13 Report: Untitled Paper on the Richton Salt Dome (undated)
  Folder 14 Report: U. S. Department of Energy’s General Guidelines for Recommendation of Sites for Nuclear Waste Repositories (Feb. 1984)
  Folder 15 Report: U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Draft Generic Technical Position on Design Information Needs in the Site Characterization
Plan (Feb. 1985)
  Folder 16 Resolutions Opposing Nuclear Waste Repository (1981-1986)
  Folder 17 Resolutions Opposing Nuclear Waste Repository (undated)
  Folder 18 Richton Dome: maps (1964; 1984)
  Folder 19 Richton Dome Site: Programmatic Memorandum of Agreement (1985 draft)
  Folder 20 Right-to-Know Law (1984-1985; undated)
  Folder 21 Safe Energy Commission Council (1984-1986)
  Folder 22 Safe Energy Communication Council (1982-1986; undated)
  Folder 23 Salt Dome Site Information (1982-1985)
  Folder 24 Sierra Club (1984-1985)
Box 12    
  Folder 1 Social Impact Assessment Center: Plan of Study Summary (Dec. 2, 1985)
  Folder 2 Social Science Research Associates (1984-1985)
  Folder 3 Solid Wastes Disposal: Mississippi Code (undated)
  Folder 4 Southwest Research and Information Center (1985-1986; undated)
  Folder 5 Spent Nuclear Fuel Away-from-Reactor Program (ca. 1980)
  Folder 6 Statement of Principles (undated)
  Folder 7 Statement of Robert L. Morgan to Senate Subcommittee (May 2, 1983)
  Folder 8 Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power (Aug. 1, 1985)
  Folder 9 Subcommittee on Energy Research and Development (Sept. 12, 1985)
  Folder 10 Subcommittee Reports (1984; undated)
  Folder 11 Superfund Bill (1984-1986; undated)
  Folder 12 Tatum Dome: Summary (Nov. 27, 1978)
  Folder 13 Testimony before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment (May 26, 1983)
  Folder 14 Transportation of Hazardous Materials (1984)
  Folder 15 Transportation of Low-Level materials (ca. 1978-1984)
  Folder 16 Trip Reports (1983)
  Folder 17 Trip Reports (1984)
  Folder 18 Trip Reports (1985-1986)
  Folder 19 TV Proposals (1984; undated)
  Folder 20 U. S. Department of Energy (1986; undated)
  Folder 21 U. S. Geological Survey (June 30, 1981)
  Folder 22 Vermont Public Interest Research Group (1985-1986)
  Folder 23 Video Cassette: Debate – Millar/Jefferson (1984)
Oversize Materials in Mapcase:
  Item 1 Chart: Stratigraphic Column of Mississippi (1981)
  Item 2 Leaflet: “DOE’s Nevada Operations Office: What it Does and Why”(ca. 1979)
  Item 3 Newsletter: Cap Rock (Vol. 2, Issue 1, Spring 1980)
  Item 4 Newsletter: Citizen Alert (ca. 1986)
  Item 5 Newsletter: Nucleus (Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring 1986)
  Item 6 Newsletter: The Waste Paper (Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall 1985)
  Item 7 Newspaper Insert from The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Forevermore:Nuclear Waste in America” (Reprint from Nov. 13-20, 1983)
  Item 8 Newspaper Insert from The Sun/The Daily Herald, “Nuclear Waste: IsSouth Mississippi Going to be the Nation’s Dumping Ground by Default?” (June 13, 1981)
  Item 9 Drawing of a Waste Isolation Facility (undated)
  Item 10 Map: Urban Pattern Within 250 Miles of the Mississippi Study Area(undated)
  Item 11 Map: Urban Population and County Population Within 50 Miles of theMississippi Study Area (undated)
  Item 12 Maps: Twelve Maps of the Vacherie Dome, North Louisiana Study (1980)
  Item 13 Map: Ownership Map of T 5N, R10W Perry County, Miss. (1977)
  Item 14 Map: Deep and Shallow Wells (undated)
  Item 15 Map: Two Plat Maps of Perry County, T5N, R10W; T5N, R9W;
T4N, R10W; and T4N, R9W (1977)


Nuclear Waste Disposal Research Collection
Photograph Log

M427-1 Underground Transfer Vehicle
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Rail-mounted vehicle for lowering canisters of spent nuclear fuel into the
underground test facility in Nevada. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-2 Spent Fuel Test Area
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Underground facility for evaluating the effects of storing spent reactor fuel
in a crystalline rock formation 1400 feet below the surface of the Nevada
Test Site. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-3 Exploratory Drilling
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  Core samples of argillite obtained during drilling are package for shipment
to laboratories. Exploratory drilling provides current and historical data
about the subsurface environment at the Nevada Test Site. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-4 Radioactive Materials Handling Facility at Nevada Test Site
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Aerial view of the facility. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-5 Equipment at Nevada Test Site
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Commercial truck parked beneath a derrick-like steel structure, either loading, or
unloading a spent fuel canister. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-6 Truck Transporting Radioactive Canister
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Commercial truck traveling on a road in the Nevada desert. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-7 Truck loading, or Unloading Radioactive Canister
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Truck parked inside the Nevada Test Facility. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-8 Men Checking Equipment at Nevada Test Site
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Two men appear to be inspecting a large piece of equipment. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-9 Spent Fuel Test – Climax Granite
  8 X 10 Color ca. 1980
  Images showing how a spent fuel canister is placed in an underground hole.
(Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-10 Truck at Door of Nevada Test Facility
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  A commercial carrier backing into the Nevada test facility. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-11 Unidentified Equipment
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  Appears to be the top portion of a cylindrical device. (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-12 Spent Fuel Canister Being Lowered into Storage Silo
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-13 Truck Carrying Fuel Canister Backs into Nevada Test Facility
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  Commercial Carrier at “Hot Bay.” (Box 7, Folder 2)
M427-14 Unidentified Object Engraved with “B41”
  8 X 10 B & W ca. 1980
  Possibly part of a piece of heavy equipment. (Box 7, Folder 2)


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