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Collection Title: Morrison (Jessie) Collection

Collection Number: M422

Dates: 1864-1990

Volume: 1.8 cu. ft.

Provenance: Materials in this collection were donated by Mrs. Gray Sutherlan and Ms. Mary Butler in 1991 and 1992.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Jessie Hagler "Miss Jessie" Morrison was born on February 5, 1919, in Forrest County, Mississippi, one of nine children born to Eva B. Morrison and William Sylvester Morrison. The family moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1903, where William Morrison became the manager of a small brickyard on the banks of the Bouie River, just northwest of Hattiesburg. In 1904, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Ira Gaston purchased the company and renamed it Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company.

Jessie graduated from the Demonstration School on the State Teachers College (now USM) campus in 1937. In 1947, she received a Bachelor's degree from Mississippi Southern College (now USM).

In 1943 she enlisted in the U. S. Waves, and was sent to Hunter College in New York for training. Afterward, she served in the hospital corps at the U. S. Naval Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was later transferred to New Orleans. She left the service in 1944.

She was employed by Western Union and Cranston's Commercial School before landing a job as secretary to the dean of Mississippi Southern College, Dr. R. A. McLemore, in 1953. From 1955 until her retirement in 1986, she served as secretary, executive secretary and administrative assistant to the president of the University of Southern Mississippi. Once Jessie retired, she continued to work part time in the same office.

Miss Jessie was a lifetime member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She was also a member of the Mississippi Association of Office Personnel, National Association of Office Personnel, the Mystic Krewe of Zeus, and the Daughters of the Confederate States of America.

Jessie H. Morrison died on February 22, 1991. She is interred in the Roseland Park Cemetery in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


U. S. Census Records, 1920, 1930
M108 Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company
RG 4 Faculty and Staff Biographies
Neka Camon, 1939


Series I: Jessie Morrison and Family
Series II: Receipts
Series III: The Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company

Scope and Content:

Materials in this collection span more than a century of activities relating to Jessie Morrison and her family. Most of the materials have been photocopied, due to water and insect damage. The collection is divided into three series.

Series I - Jessie Morrison Family

This series contains records that deal with the Morrison family as a whole. Included are correspondence, a short history of the Morrison family in Hattiesburg, insurance policies, newspaper clippings, grocery lists, record book, high school bulletins, and records regarding Jessie Morrison's involvement in various organizations and community issues. In addition, there are day planners relating to Miss Jessie's work at the University of Southern Mississippi. Noteworthy items in this series are the beautifully written correspondence, and materials pertaining to Kamper Park.

Series II - Receipts

Receipts in this series apparently relate to both personal and business expenses. They provide insight into the types of goods and services used by the Morrison family between 1903 and 1938.

Series III - Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company

This series consists of materials relating to the daily operation of the Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company from 1903 - 1935. Included are company ledgers, shipping orders, receipts, payroll, a court case, stock sheet and the notice of incorporation.

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Jessie Morrison Collection
Box and Folder List

Series I: Jessie Morrison and Family


Box 1    
  Folder 1 William S. Morrison - History (undated)
  Folder 2 William S. Morrison’s Estate (1932)
  Folder 3 Medical Notes (undated)
  Folder 4 Insurance Policies: W. S. Morrison (1918-1932)
  Folder 5 Privilege Tax License (1909)
  Folder 6 Hattiesburg High School: Cora Morrison (1944-1945)
  Folder 7 McCain Appreciation Luncheon (1975)
  Folder 8 Conference Room Schedule (1979)
  Folder 9 Florist: Phillips & Southland (1973-1977)
  Folder 10 Mystic Krewe of Zeus (1986-1990)
  Folder 11 Grocery Lists: W. S. Morrison (1927)
  Folder 12 Kamper Park (undated)
  Folder 13 Kamper Park - Legal (1891-1949)
  Folder 14 Confederate States of America (1864-1948)
  Folder 15 Political Bulletin (1931)
  Folder 16 Railroad Exchange (undated)
  Folder 17 Bauer's Bulletin (1895)
  Folder 18 Photographs
  Folder 19 Postcards (1908 - 1954)
  Folder 20 Invitations / Announcements (1902-1937)
  Folder 21 Correspondence to W.S. Morrison from W.E. Thrash (1904-1905)
  Folder 22 Correspondence to W.S. Morrison from Maymie (1894-1898)
  Folder 23 Correspondence to Mrs. W.S. Morrison / Eva (1896-1949)
  Folder 24 Correspondence to Brother from Lill (1902-1903)
  Folder 25 Correspondence to Brother from Eliza (1902)
  Folder 26 Correspondence from Harnett T. Kane (1949)
  Folder 27 Correspondence from Patent Agency (1901-1902)
  Folder 28 Correspondence: Miscellaneous (1897-1930)
Box 2    
  Folder 1 Children’s Writings (undated)
  Folder 2 Pocket Companion (undated)
  Folder 3 Household Ledger (1906-1909)
  Folder 4 Money Journal (1921-1922)
  Folder 5 Workbook (1959-1988)
  Folder 6 Notary Records (1972-1978)
  Folder 7 Minute Book: Mayor’s Committee on the Status of Women (1974-1975)
  Folder 8 Calendar (1980)
  Folder 9 Day Planner (1980-1988)
  Folder 10 Newspaper Clippings (undated)
  Folder 11 Newspapers (1872-1932)

Series II: Receipts

Box 3    
  Folder 1 Receipts: Bethea Drug Company (1924-1928)
  Folder 2 Receipts: Calhoun’s Bankrupt Store (undated)
  Folder 3 Receipts: Coca Cola Bottling Company (1916)
  Folder 4 Receipts: Dunn Brothers (1938)
  Folder 5 Receipts: Gulf States Creosoting Company (1925)
  Folder 6 Receipts: Hattiesburg Creosoting (1923-1930)
  Folder 7 Receipts: Hattiesburg Grocery Company (1932)
  Folder 8 Receipts: Hawkins and Company (1904-1905)
  Folder 9 Receipts: L.B. Hudson (1914)
  Folder 10 Receipts: Liquor (undated)
  Folder 11 Receipts: Leo H. Martin, MD (1912-1914)
  Folder 12 Receipts: Overstreet Veneer Company (1925)
  Folder 13 Receipts: Post Office (1927)
  Folder 14 Receipts: Texas Oil Company (1916)
  Folder 15 Receipts: W.R. Thames, MD (1913)
  Folder 16 Receipts: Miscellaneous (1903-1935)

Series III: Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company

  Folder 17 Notice of Incorporation (1904)
  Folder 18 Riverside Ledger (ca.1904)
  Folder 19 Riverside Ledger (1905-1906)
  Folder 20 Riverside Ledger (1912-1913)
  Folder 21 Riverside Ledger (1919-1920)
  Folder 22 Riverside Ledger (1931-1935)
Box 4    
  Folder 1 Shipping Orders (1903)
  Folder 2 Shipping Orders (1905)
  Folder 3 Shipping Orders (1906)
  Folder 4 Shipping Orders ( 1912)
  Folder 5 Shipping Orders (1913)
  Folder 6 Shipping Orders (1917)
  Folder 7 Shipping Orders (1918)
  Folder 8 Shipping Orders (1919)
  Folder 9 Shipping Orders (1920)
  Folder 10 Shipping Orders (1921)
  Folder 11 Shipping Orders (1926)
  Folder 12 Shipping Orders (1928)
  Folder 13 Shipping Orders (undated)
  Folder 14 Shipping Orders: Mississippi Central Railroad (1925)
  Folder 15 Shipping Orders: Gulf and Ship Island Railroad (1920-1921)
  Folder 16 Shipping Orders: New Orleans and North Eastern Railroad (1905)
  Folder 17  R. S. Easterling (1924-1925)
  Folder 18 Brief Notes
  Folder 19 Receipts
  Folder 20 Riverside Cards
  Folder 21 Trial Balance (1905)
  Folder 22 Stock Sheets
  Folder 23 Payroll (1920)
  Folder 24 State vs. Joe Jackson (1912)


Jessie Morrison Collection
Photograph Log

M422-1 Young Boy in the Creek
  2 1/4 X 2 3/4" B&W Undated
  A young boy is standing in the creek. He is wearing a jumper.
(Box 1, Folder 18)
M422-2 Woman with Baby
  2 1/2 X 3 1/2" B&W Undated
  An unidentified elderly woman in a white dress is holding a very young baby. (Box 1, Folder 18)
M422-3 Standing in Uniform
  2 1/2 X 3 1/2" B&W Undated
  A man in uniform is standing in a wooded area. The image is very dim. (Box 1, Folder 18)
M422-4 Child on a Porch
  3 1/2 X 5 1/2" B&W ca. early 1900s
  Postcard image of a young child sitting on a porch. (Box 1, Folder 18)


Accession Number:              AM11-26                               

Given By:                               Box found in stacks, from an earlier accession given by Mrs. Gary Sullivan          

Date of Receipt:                    April 15. 2011           

Extent:                                   14 letters        

Inclusive Dates:                    circa early 1900’s       

Form of Material (Letters, Minutes, etc.):

These are letters to William Sylvester Morrison, in a box with “Daddy’s letters” written on the outside.

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