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Collection Title: Dukes (William F.) FBI Scrapbook

Collection Number: M404

Dates: 1964-1967; undated

Volume: ca. .1 cu. ft.

Provenance: Donated by Mr. William F. Dukes in 1997.

Restrictions: Available for research use by the serious student and scholar.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

William F. Dukes was born in Smith County Mississippi on January 15, 1927. The Duke family moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi from the Carolinas when Mr. Dukes was very young. He attended elementary school and high school in Hattiesburg and upon graduation in 1944, enlisted in the United States Navy. While in the Navy he served in Florida and on anti-submarine patrol in the Caribbean. In June of 1946 he left the Navy and began his undergraduate career at Mississippi Southern College, now The University of Southern Mississippi. Mr. Dukes received his BA from USM and his law degree from the University of Mississippi.

In 1951 the Federal Bureau of Investigation accepted Mr. Dukes into service. He trained in Washington DC, spent a short time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then returned to Mississippi, where he was stationed in charge of the Gulfport office. While in Gulfport, Mr. Dukes worked to prevent organized crime from establishing a stronghold in the area, and he also worked on several civil rights cases involving the Ku Klux Klan. Three high profile cases on which he worked were the Mack Charles Parker civil rights murder case (1959), the Vernon Dahmer murder case (1966, code name: DABURN), and the murder of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman in Neshoba County, Mississippi (1964, code name: MIBURN). Mr. Dukes played a significant role in apprehending the alleged killers of Vernon Dahmer, and his brother, James K. Dukes, was a lawyer on the prosecuting team in the Dahmer case.
Mr. Dukes retired from the FBI in 1966 and began practicing law in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1968. William F. Dukes died on December 11, 2003.


Contents of Collection.

William F. Dukes Oral History Interview, vol. 40. A copy is available in the McCain Library, call number F341.5 .M57.

Dukes, Dukes, Keating and Faneca, P.A . Retrieved on January 27, 2005 from

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of thirty-one photocopied pages from a scrapbook documenting the career of William F. “Bill” Dukes with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1964-1967; undated). Mr. Dukes retained the original scrapbook.

The collection is organized into two folders. Folder 1 contains 8 x 11 acid free photocopies of the scrapbook pages and Folder 2 contains 11 x 14 photocopies of the scrapbook pages.

The portion of the scrapbook in this collection highlights Mr. Dukes' involvement in the Vernon Dahmer murder case, as well as other cases with which he was associated. Included are newspaper clippings, photographs of Mr. Dukes, images portraying evidence from crimes involving the Ku Klux Klan, and letters of commendation from J. Edgar Hoover and various others regarding Mr. Dukes' work. Also in the collection is a copy of Cecil V. Sessums' Affidavit (1966) concerning his involvement in the Vernon Dahmer murder and alleged FBI harassment. In addition, there are two anti-FBI bulletins distributed by the Jones County Citizens' Council and the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi, and two issues of an anti-FBI newsletter titled, "The Forrest Crusader."

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