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Collection Title: McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection

Collection Number: M393

Dates: 1935 - 1987

Volume: 2.0 cubic feet

Provenance: William D. McCain

Donor: The majority of the materials in this collection were transferred from the Mississippiana Collection and Cook Library in 1997. Leston E. Easterling, Sr. donated six items relating to the Easterling Family Genealogical Society on March 12, 2004.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

William David McCain, fifth president of Mississippi Southern College (now The University of Southern Mississippi), was born on March 29, 1907, in Bellefontaine, Mississippi. He graduated from Sunflower Agricultural High School, received his bachelor’s degree from Delta State College, his master’s degree from The University of Mississippi, and his Ph.D. from Duke University. In 1967, the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters was conferred by Mississippi College.

Dr. McCain taught at East Central Junior College, Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, Millsaps College, The University of Mississippi, and Mississippi State College (now Mississippi State University). He served as Director of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History from 1938 to 1955. In addition, he worked as a historian at Morristown National Historical Park in Morristown, New Jersey (1935) and served as Assistant Archivist at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (1935-1937).

In 1924, McCain enlisted as a private in the National Guard. He served with General Mark Clark in Italy during World War II, and also served during the Korean Conflict. Remaining in the National Guard, he rose to the rank of Major General.

McCain married the former Minnie Leicester Lenz on October 3, 1931, and they were parents of three children: William D., Jr., John W., and Patricia.

On May 19, 1955, he was elected president of Mississippi Southern College and assumed office on August 18, 1955. When he took office, Dr. McCain promised to “keep the campus dusty or muddy with construction,” and during his tenure, twenty-five new academic and housing complexes were constructed.

Under McCain’s leadership, the first complete reorganization of the academic programs into Schools and Colleges was accomplished. This action paved the way for Mississippi Southern College to become a university, and on February 27, 1962, the school was officially renamed The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). Another event of profound significance that occurred during Dr. McCain’s presidency was the admission of USM’s first African American Students, Gwendolyn Armstrong and Raylawni Branch, in September 1965. In the 20 years that McCain served as president, enrollment grew from 3000 in 1955 to more than 11,000 in 1975.

Dr. McCain retired on June 30, 1975. In his honor, the William D. McCain Chair of History was established in 1975, and in 1976, the William David McCain Library and Archives on the USM was opened and named in his honor.

Following his retirement from USM, he maintained an office in McCain Library, as President Emeritus, devoting much of his time to civic activities. He died on September 5, 1993, and is interred at Lakewood Memorial Park in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dr. McCain was a nationally recognized author, lecturer, historian, archivist and genealogist. He was a founding member of the Society of American Archivists and wrote several genealogical volumes, including histories of the McCain, Fox, Shaw, and Vance families. In addition, he wrote The Story of Jackson: A History of the Capital of Mississippi 1821-1851 (1953) and The United States and the Republic of Panama (1937)

Source Consulted:

USM Archive Record Group 4 Faculty/Staff Biographies: McCain, William David

Scope and Content:

The majority of the materials consist of pamphlets, collected by Dr. William D. McCain from 1955 to 1975. Topics covered in the materials include communism, civil rights, desegregation, and other race-related matters. There are also several books, reports and speeches, plus one broadside. Two of the books are in Italian, and they concern Benito Mussolini and Italian Fascism; their titles are Storia de un anno (1944) and Progetto de un libro di massa su la dottrina del fascismo di Benito Mussolini (1940).
Many items in the collection are signed and dated by Dr. McCain, and both Italian books contain inscriptions by McCain.

Also included in the collection are an audio cassette and a typescript of a speech presented by Dr. William D. McCain to members of the Easterling Family Genealogical Society, Inc. on September 6, 1987, in Laurel, Mississippi. The topic of the speech is conditions that affected families of soldiers who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Items in the collection are divided into three series:

* Series I: Materials on Communism
* Series II: Materials on Racial Matters
* Series III: Materials on Miscellaneous Topics


Series I: Materials on Communism
Box 1  
Folder 1 Pamphlet - "Guidelines for Cold War Victory: Toward True Peace" (undated)
Folder 2 Pamphlet - "Peace and Freedom Thru Cold War Victory" (1964)
Folder 3 Book - Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1961)
Folder 4 Book - Peaceful Coexistence: A Communist Blueprint for Victory (1964)
Folder 5 Pamphlet - "The Recognitionists: The Threat to American Security" by Arthur W. Radford (1963)
Folder 6 Pamphlet - "The United States and Russian Territorial Problems, 1917-1920" by Claude E. Fike (1962)
Folder 7 Pamphlet - "Communism: The Way to Meet It and The Way to Defeat It" by Mrs. Henry M. Woods (undated)
Folder 8 Report - "Communist Target – Youth: Communist Infiltration and Agitation Tactics by J. Edgar Hoover" (May 1960)
Folder 9 Pamphlet - "A Business Man Looks at Communism" by Fred C. Koch (undated) [2 copies]
Folder 10 Book - The Gravediggers by Phyllis Schafly and Chester Ward (1964)
Folder 11 Pamphlet -"Some Observations of Soviet Russia" by Herbert V. Prochnow (undated)
Folder 12 Report - "Contradictions of Communism" (1959)
Folder 13 Pamphlet - "What Can I Do? To Combat Communism" (undated)
Folder 14 Pamphlet - "Why I am Against Communism!" by Fred Schwarz (undated)
Folder 15 Speech - "Address on the Disease of Communism" by Fred Schwarz (March 25, 1959)
Folder 16 Pamphlet -"Why Communism Kills: The Legacy of Karl Marx" by Fred Schwarz (undated)
Folder 17 Pamphlet - "The Main Soviet Aim: A Society of Abundance" by Vladimir Konstantinovich Turadzhev (1962)
Folder 18 Pamphlet - "Know Your Enemy" by Robert H. Williams (1950)
Folder 19 Pamphlet - "Permit Communist-Conspirators to be Teachers?" by Hamilton A. Long (1953)
Folder 20 Pamphlet - "Communism Menaces Freedom" by Willard E. Givens and Belmont M. Farley (1962) [2 copies]
Folder 21 Pamphlet - "To Meet the Communist Challenge" by Edward Teller and Charles Malik (1960)
Folder 22 Pamphlet - "Cold War Democracy Communism" (1963)
Folder 23 Speech - "The Fallacy that Castro is Here to Stay" by Thomas J. Dodd (April 2, 1964)
Folder 24 Symposium Report - "Education for Survival in the Struggle Against World Communism" (1962)
Folder 25 Pamphlet - "Communism in Action" (1946)
Folder 26 Pamphlet - "Communism and Academic Freedom: The Record of the Tenure Cases at the University of Washington" (1949)
Folder 27 Broadside - "Will You Be Free to Celebrate Christmas in the Future?" (May 29, 1957)
Box 2  
Folder 1 Pamphlet - "Facts on Communism" (1959)
Folder 2 Pamphlet - "Captive Nations Week: Red Nightmare, Freedom’s Hope" (1966)
Folder 3 Pamphlet - "We Will Bury You" (1962)
Folder 4 Book - Khrushchev Reports to the 22nd Congress of the CPSU (1961)
Folder 5 Pamphlet - "World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace" by N.S. Khrushchev (1962)
Folder 6 Pamphlet -"Concentration of Land in Large Corporations not Best for the People by Hugh V. Wall" (undated)
Folder 7 List of Publications - The House Committee on Un-American Activities (1963)
Folder 8 Book - Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung (1967)
Folder 9 Pamphlet -"The Doom of Communism" by Chiang Kai-shek (undated)
Folder 10 Pamphlet - "Communist China and the Non-Committed Countries: Motives and Purposes of Communist China’s Foreign Policy" by Franz Michael (undated)
Folder 11 Pamphlet - "Red China and the United Nations" by Peter H. Dominick (undated)
Folder 12 Pamphlet - "Freedom VS. Communism: A Report from Free China" by Tingfu F. Tsiang (undated)
Folder 13 Pamphlet - "Communist China: A Current Appraisal" by Tingfu F. Tsiang (1962)
Folder 14 Pamphlet - "We Must and Can Win the War in Vietnam" by DeWitt S. Snell (1967)
Folder 15 Senate Staff Study - "The Anti-Vietnam Agitation and the Teach-In Movement" (1965)
Folder 16 Pamphlet - "Kennedy and the Keynesians or How Red is Crimson!" by Clayton Rand (1962) [2 copies]
Folder 17 Pamphlet - "Communist Influence in the Los Angeles Riots" by Karl Prussion (undated)
Folder 18 Pamphlet - "Negroes Menaced by Red Plot" (1955)
Folder 19 Pamphlet - "The Negroes in Soviet America" by James W. Ford and James S. Allen (1935)
Folder 20 Speech - "Attack on Mississippi is Communist-Inspired" by William M. Colmer (February 16, 1966)
Folder 21 Pamphlet - "Behind the Plot to Sovietize the South" by Joseph P. Kamp (1956)
Folder 22 Pamphlet - "Trickery, Treachery, Tyranny and Treason in Washington" by Joseph P. Kamp (1957)
Folder 23 Pamphlet - "Communism and NAACP Vol. 2" (undated)
Folder 24 Pamphlet - "The Ugly Truth about the NAACP" by Eugene Cook (undated)
Series II: Materials on Racial Matters
Box 3  
Folder 1 Pamphlet - "The NAACP Legislative Scoreboard" (undated)
Folder 2 Pamphlet - "Conflicting Views on Segregation" by D.M. Nelson (undated) [2 copies]
Folder 3 Pamphlet - "Racial Facts" (1964)
Folder 4 Speech - "Segregation and the South" by Tom P. Brady (1957) [2 copies]
Folder 5 Pamphlet - "Social Problems" by T. Lynn Smith (1955)
Folder 6 Pamphlet - "Congressman James C. Davis Speaks to the States’ Rights Council" (1956)
Folder 7 Speech - "The Mid-West Hears the South’s Story" by William J. Simmons (1958)
Folder 8 Pamphlet - "In Praise of Mississippi or Other Side of the Coin" by Chester E. Swor (undated)
Folder 9 Speech - "The Majority Consensus" by William K. Shearer (1965)
Folder 10 Pamphlet - "The South’s Just Cause" by W.M. Caskey (1960) [2 copies]
Folder 11 Pamphlet - "Integration of Segregation in the United States" by William Cliff (1960)
Folder 12 Pamphlet - "After Desegregation, What?" Basil O’Connor (1963)
Folder 13 Pamphlet - "Civil Rights, States’ Rights and the Reconstruction Background" by Alfred H. Stone (1948)
Folder 14 Book - Better than You: Social Discrimination against Minorities in America by Terry Morris (1971)
Folder 15 Leaflet - "Segregation of the White Race Must be Preserved" (1955)
Folder 16 Leaflet -"The Education Fund of the Citizens’ Councils" (undated)
Folder 17 Pamphlet - "Interposition, the Barrier against Tyranny" by John Bell Williams (1956)
Folder 18 Pamphlet - "Truth about Supreme Court’s Segregation Ruling" (1954)
Folder 19 Speech - "A Lawyer Challenges the U.S. Supreme Court" by Hugh V. Wall (1955)
Folder 20 Pamphlet - "Interposition or Nullification" by M.M. McGowan (undated)
Folder 21 Speech - "A Review of Black Monday" by Tom P. Brady (1954)
Folder 22 Leaflet - "Colored Mondays" by Thurman Sensing (undated)
Folder 23 Leaflet - "The Supreme Court Sowed the Wind" by Thurman Sensing (undated)
Folder 24 Pamphlet -"Segregation is Constitutional but Compulsory Integration is Unconstitutional" by W.L. Eason (undated)
Folder 25 Pamphlet - "Extraordinary Communication No. 1" (1959)
Folder 26 Leaflet - "High Court’s ‘Arrogance’ is Viewed by Northerner: A Letter to the President" by Carleton Putnam (1958)
Folder 27 Pamphlet - "Unmasking the Civil Rights Bill" (undated)
Folder 28 Magazine - Southern Digest (April 1956)
Folder 29 Pamphlet - "The Dubious Origin of the Fourteenth Amendment" by Walter J. Suthon, Jr. (1953)
Folder 30 Pamphlet - "A Brochure on the 14th Amendment" by John B. Mason (1956)
Folder 31 Magazine - Arkansas Faith (March 1956)
Folder 32 Pamphlet - "We’ve Reached Era of Judicial Tyranny" by James O. Eastland (1955)
Folder 33 Pamphlet -"Where is the Reign of Terror" by John Bell Williams (1956)
Folder 34 Pamphlet - "Confusion in Our Times" by Will E. Orgain (1956)
Folder 35 Pamphlet - "The Law of the Land" by R.A. Surrey (undated)
Folder 36 Book - The Invasion of Mississippi by Earl Lively, Jr. (1963)
Folder 37 Pamphlet - "Oxford: A Warning for Americans" (1962) [2 copies]
Folder 38 Leaflet - "50 Days" by Edwin A. Walker (undated)
Folder 39 Pamphlet - "Racial Amalgamation Propaganda Versus Segregation and Racial Cooperation" by Fred A. Ross (undated)
Folder 40 Pamphlet - "Congressional Committee Report on What Happened When Schools Were Integrated in Washington, D.C." (1956)
Folder 41 Pamphlet - "The Public Schools of Mississippi" by W.M. Drake (1957)
Folder 42 Pamphlet - "Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood" by Herbert Ravenel Sass (1956)
Folder 43 Pamphlet - "The Disorders at the District of Columbia High School Championship Football Game" (1963)
Folder 44 Speech - "The University and Integration" by John D. Williams (1963)
Folder 45 Pamphlet - "How Classroom Desegregation Will Work" by Henry E. Garrett (undated)
Folder 46 Speech - "Meeting the School Crisis" by J.P. Coleman (1954)
Folder 47 Pamphlet - "Treason on the Campus" (1965)
Folder 48 Pamphlet - "Campus Crisis" by Erwin D. Chanham (1970)
Box 4  
Folder 1 Pamphlet - "Rebuilding the Tower of Babel" by Stuart O. Landry (1957)
Folder 2 Pamphlet - "God the Original Segregationist" by C. Daniel (1955)
Folder 3 Pamphlet - "A Christian View on Segregation" by G.T. Gillespie (November 4, 1954)
Folder 4 Leaflet - "The Demands of Conscience" (1956)
Folder 5 Pamphlet - "Plans of the “Synagogue of Satan" (undated)
Folder 6 Pamphlet - "Southern Baptist Leaders: Committed Liberals" by John R. Rice (1970)
Folder 7 Pamphlet - "The Bible Answers the Race Question" (1945)
Folder 8 Pamphlet - "Christmas: A Demon Holiday" by L.R. Shelton (undated)
Folder 9 Pamphlet - "A Corrupt Tree Bringeth Forth Evil Fruit" by D.B. Red (undated)
Folder 10 Pamphlet - "Race Mixing a Religious Fraud" by D.B. Red (undated)
Folder 11 Pamphlet - "A Jewish View on Segregation" (undated)
Folder 12 Pamphlet - "God Gave the Law of Segregation (as well as the 10 Commandments) to Moses on Mount Sinai" by Mrs. B.J. Gaillot, Jr. (1960)
Folder 13 Address to the Yale Political Union - "Race Relations and Civil Rights: A Southern Point of View" by William J. Simmons (February 28, 1963)
Folder 14 Excerpt from Down to Earth - "Civil Rights for Blacks and Whites" by Rhyming Martian (undated)
Folder 15 Pamphlet - "Civil Rights and Liberty" by Frederick Nymeyer (1964)
Folder 16 Book Announcement - The Biology of the Race Problem by W.C. George (October 3, 1962)
Folder 17 Pamphlet - "Dr. W.C. George’s The Biology of the Race Problem: A Review by Herbert C. Sanborn" (undated)
Folder 18 Book - The Biology of the Race Problem by Wesley George (1962)
Folder 19 Pamphlet - "Race, Heredity and Civilisation" by W. George (1963) [2 copies]
Folder 20 Pamphlet - "The Hybrid Race Doctrine" by Bela Hubbard (undated) [2 copies]
Folder 21 Pamphlet -"Blood Groups and Race" by Roger Pearson (1966)
Folder 22 Pamphlet - "Eugenics and Race" by Roger Pearson (1966)
Folder 23 Pamphlet - "Three New Letters on Science and Race" by Carleton Putnam (1963)
Folder 24 Pamphlet - "Let’s Talk Sense about the Negro" by C.J. McNaspy (1961)
Folder 25 Pamphlet - "Let Us Understand the Negro" by Paul Clark (undated)
Folder 26 Pamphlet - "Our Nordic Race" by Richard Kelly Hoskins (1961)
Series III: Materials on Miscellaneous Topics
Folder 27 Speech - "The Masquerade of Liberalism" by William M. Colmer (June 2, 1967)
Folder 28 Pamphlet - "Let’s Turn the Liberals Out to Pasture" by Frank Wallace (1976)
Folder 29 Pamphlet - "Freedom" by William D. McCain (1964)
Folder 30 Sermon - "Real Freedom" by W.A. Gamble (May 11, 1969)
Folder 31 Pamphlet - "Censorship and Survival" by Edwin A. Walker (1961)
Folder 32 Magazine - The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty (April 1961)
Folder 33 Book - Freedom Gained - Liberty Lost by E.E. Weedman (1964)
Folder 34 Pamphlet -"Statement of J. Edgar Hoover before National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence" (September 18, 1968)
Folder 35 Pamphlet - "Testimony of John Edgar Hoover before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations Regarding Communist, Racial and Extremist Groups" (April 17, 1969)
Folder 36 Pamphlet - "Excerpts from Testimony by J. Edgar Hoover before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations" (March 5, 1970)
Folder 37 Leaflet - "Master Masons" by Luther A. Smith (undated)
Folder 38 Leaflet - "Instructions for Entered Apprentices, Free and Accepted Masons" by Luther A. Smith (1943)
Folder 39 Speech - "The New Deal and Diocletian" by Clayton Reed (1943)
Folder 40 Speech - "The Case against the Welfare State" by Thurman Sensing (October 12, 1961)
Folder 41 Speech - "Is the U.N. Serving our Best Interests?" by John Bell Williams (May 15, 1962)
Folder 42 Speech - "The House I Build" by J.H. White (October 2, 1957)
Folder 43 Pamphlet - "Man, the Head of the Home" by L.R. Shelton (undated)
Folder 44 Pamphlet - "Gags for Guys from True: The Man’s Magazine" (undated)
Box 5  
Folder 1 Pamphlet - "POW…the Fight Continues after the Battle…" by the Secretary of Defense’s Committee on Prisoners of War (August 1955)
Folder 2 Correspondence between William D. McCain and Easterling Family Genealogical Society (1987)
Folder 3 Cassette and typescript of a Speech Presented to the Easterling Family Genealogical Society by William D. McCain (September 6, 1987)
Folder 4 William D. McCain Biographical Materials (1984, Undated)
Folder 5 Book - Progetto di un Libro di Massa su la Dottrina del Fascismo di Benito Mussolini by Fernando Mezzasoma (1940)
Folder 6 Book - Storia di un Anno by Benito Mussolini (1944)


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