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Collection Title: Cargill-Powers Photograph Collection

Collection Number: M314

Dates: c.1907-1989

Volume: .6 cu. ft.

Provenance: Part of this collection was donated by Dr. Ray Skates in June, 1994. In September 1996, Virginia Cargill and Katherine C. Chiles donated additional materials to the collection.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

The Charles G. Cargill Family

The Charles G. Cargill family resided in Hattiesburg for six or more decades. Charles and his wife, Marion Francis had eight children--Edwin, Marion, Margaret, Katherine, Charles Thomas, Joyce, Jean, and Virginia. Charles Thomas and Katherine both graduated from Hattiesburg High School in 1939. Charles T. served in World War II, and later was a chemist for DuPont in Luxembourg. Edwin Cargill was employed as a supervisor at Hercules Company in Hattiesburg, Mississipi. Margaret, Katherine, Marion, Jean, and Virginia graduated as Nurses from Methodist Hospital. Joyce Cargill was born on April 26, 1925 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and lived with her family until her marriage to newly returned World War II veteran, Herbert Powers. Prior to her marriage, she was employed as an assistant to Hattiesburg dentist, Dr. Claude S. Williams, Jr.

The Herbert and Joyce Powers Family

J. Herbert (Bert) Powers was from Glen Rock, New Jersey, where he was born May 8, 1912 and lived with his family in Keansburg and Glen Rock, until he was drafted into military service in 1943. Herbert Powers met Joyce Cargill while he was stationed at Camp Shelby (Forrest County) for basic training in 1944. During World War II, Powers served in the U.S. Army in France and Germany. He returned to Hattiesburg in 1945, and married Joyce Cargill. Following their marriage, the Powers made their home in North Haledon, New Jersey. Herbert Powers operated a canvas goods retail establishment in Paterson, New Jersey until his untimely death on April 20, 1967. His body was returned to Hattiesburg for interment in Roseland Park Cemetery. Powers was survived by his wife, Joyce, and son, Charles Herbert Powers; three sisters--May Fichtee, Ethel Murtha, and Loretta Powers--all of New Jersey; a brother, Fred Powers of Wycoff, New Jersey and a niece, also of Wycoff.

Joyce Powers returned to Hattiesburg with her young son shortly after her husband's death. Mrs. Powers was a member of the Central Christian Church and was employed by South Central Bell Telephone Company until her death at age 56 on September 7, 1982. She is interred with her husband at Roseland Park Cemetery. She was survived by her son, Charles Herbert Powers, her five sisters, Mrs. Marion Sherill of Washington D.C., Mrs. Katherine C. Chiles, Jean (d. 1996), Margaret, and Virginia Cargill-all of Hattiesburg; her two brothers, Edwin M. Cargill of Hattiesburg, and Charles T. Cargill of Grand Duchy, Luxembourg; her three sisters-in-law, Mrs. May Fichtee of Glenrock, New Jersey, Mrs. Loretta Powers of California, and Mrs. Ethel Murtha of New Jersey.

To this date, Virginia Cargill and Katherine C. Chiles still live in the Cargill House at 1223 North Main Street in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Scope and Content:

Series I: Herbert Powers Scrapbook

Box 1: Initially, this collection consisted of a large scrapbook comprised of 72 pages (front and back) of photographs which date from approximately 1915-1954, which was apparently compiled and artistically enhanced by Mrs. Joyce Cargill Powers. The scrapbook was bought at a flea market and subsequently donated to the University of Southern Misssissippi by Dr. Ray Skates. The scrapbook contains photos that chronicle the lives of Mrs. Powers and her husband, J. Herbert Powers as they each grew up in their separate hometowns, through their meeting in Hattiesburg in 1944. There are also pictures of Herbert Powers during his military training in Hattiesburg and throughout his World War II service in Europe where he saw a war-afflicted France, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg. Postwar photos of the Powers and Cargill family and friends continue to 1954. As a preservation measure, a photocopy of the scrapbook has been made and placed in a separate, oversized folder contained in Box 1.

The first 30 pages in the scrapbook chronicle Herbert Powers' childhood (c. 1915-1929) in Keansburg and Glenrock, New Jersey through his conscription into the U.S. Army (1943), at which time, he received military training at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

House on Main Street. The photographs of Powers' time spent in Europe (1945) include photos of German and American soldiers, buildings, bombed ruins, planes, barricades, German and French countryside, villages, cottages, the Danube River, and Hitler's birthplace. The remaining 42 photographs (1926-c.1954) chronicle Joyce Cargill Powers' childhood, her family, her young adult life, and some photos of her early married life. There are photos taken of Joyce and her girl friends as they explore downtown Hattiesburg and downtown New Orleans. Also included are several photographs of the Cargill house (one is in color, 1958) and one large photograph of five Cargill women who were all nurses. Many of the later photos, most of which are of people, are not marked, thus many of the subjects remain unidentified. Processing dates on the backs of some of the photos indicate that the yearbook's compiler was following a chronological order until 1954.

Series II: Photographs and Loose materials

Box 2: Donation of the scrapbook prompted members of the Cargill family to donate additional photographs and newspaper clippings which further illuminate the lives of the Cargill and Powers families.

Folder 1 is comprised of loose materials that were found in the scrapbook, dating from 1973-1976. Included are a postcard of a DuPont factory in Luxembourg, where Charles T. Cargill lived, a post card of a German festival, and a pamphlet which honors C.T. Cargill's career with DuPont Industry.

Folder 2 contains newspaper clippings of Joyce Cargill's obituary September 10, 1982, of the Cargill house as an historic house of Hattiesburg in August 1980, and an announcement of an Order of the Eastern Star tea honoring Katherine C. Chiles, grand matron of district four of the Grand Chapter of Mississippi in August 1976.

Folders 3-10 contain 256 photographs primarily of the Cargill family. However, a significant portion of the photographs chronicle the early years of the Powers family in New Jersey. The folders are arranged in a loose chronological order as some of the dates can only be approximated from context.

The earliest images are photographs that date from 1907-1939. These photographs are of ancestors of the Cargill Family on both maternal and paternal sides and of the early years of the Cargill family in the 1920's-30's. Charles G., Marion, Katherine, Joyce, Jean, Virginia, Charles T., and Edwin are all seen here.

Family photographs sometimes occur in series which are often on the same roll of film. For example, there is a series of Methodist Hospital Nurses who graduated with Kate Cargill; Joyce Cargill poses liesurely in several photographs; many photos show Kate, Marion, and Virginia--often with their pets; several images depict the Cargill-Powers wedding.

This collection would be useful to any student interested in photographs of the Hattiesburg area including the Leaf River and the U.S.O. in 1945, the Cargill family of Hattiesburg (c. 1907-1989), the Powers family of New Jersey, and tourist photos of New Orleans in 1945. Also of interest are photographs taken in France, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg during and directly after World War II.

Photograph Log: Available.

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