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Collection Title: Hattiesburg Lions Club Records

Collection Number: M273

Dates: 1928 - 1993

Volume: .8 cu. ft.

Provenance: Donated by David W. West, President of the Hattiesburg Lions Club on September 24, 1993.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Lawof the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

The Hattiesburg Lions Club was organized in January, 1928, and received its charter on February 28, 1928. The Club was formed by converting the Young Men's Business Club consisting of forty six (46) members into a Lions Club. At the Charter Night Banquet, the Hattiesburg Lions Club Charter was presented to President R.C. "Chet" McMullan by Irving L. Camp, President of the Lions Club International. Among the Charter Members present were Harry Buchanan as Secretary, Stanton A. Hall, Treasurer, C.R. "Red" Bradley, serving as Lion Tamer, and Earl L. Wingo as Tail Twister.

Since its inception, the Club has been very active in the Hattiesburg community. In fact, the Hattiesburg Lions Club has followed the Lions motto, "We Serve" and has served its community well for nearly 65 years. The Club serves Hattiesburg by providing eye examinations and other eyesight assistance to area residents. This emphasis on vision has become the hallmark for Lions Clubs worldwide and the Hattiesburg Lions Club is no exception.

The Club has spent thousands of dollars to provide eye examinations, treatment, and eyeglasses to needy children in this community for several decades as a part of the Lions Club program for eyesight preservation. Further, the Club has supported other vision projects and has provided individual help on a case by case basis. Organizations who have received financial help from the Club are Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind, Mississippi Lions Eye Bank, Lions Sight Foundation, and Mid-South Sight Services. The Club has also provided travel money for a needy Hattiesburg resident to fly to Memphis for eye surgery and for another to attend Leader Dog School in Michigan. Additional money was given to help pay for a local resident's eye surgery at Forrest General Hospital.

In addition to these vision projects, the Club also supports our nation's children, both locally and nationally. The Hattiesburg Lions Club has donated regularly to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital, the Lions Youth Camp, and the local Science Fair. They also sponsor candidates every year from the Hattiesburg area to both Boys' State and Girls' State here in Mississippi. In another statewide program, the Club provides assistance to local high school musicians selected for the Lions All-State Band. The Club takes an active interest in the University of Southern Mississippi by providing scholarship money and other equipment as needed by USM students.

They support the local efforts of the National Drug Awareness Program and regularly contribute to Special Olympics. The Club helps needy individuals on request and has done so since its beginning by purchasing a wheelchair for a local child, a hearing aid for a local needy person, a battery for another local resident's wheelchair, and by donating money to assist a local family devastated by a residential fire.

At Christmas time, the Lions Club donates money to the Salvation Army and provides manpower to assist in the bell-ringing program at various locations around town collecting money for the less fortunate. The Club donates to the Tree of Hope, the Meistersingers, the Convarest Nursing Home and the Action Line for Christmas Baskets. In its early history, the Club sponsored the Christmas Doll and Toy Fund which regularly provided gifts to over 2000 local needy children every year and became a Hattiesburg institution.

The Hattiesburg Lions Club has a distinguished record of service to Hattiesburg, the state and the nation and continues to build on its record of achievement as the needs of underprivileged residents increase.

Scope and Content:

This Collection consists of 2 boxes of historical records on the Hattiesburg Lions Club, dating from its Charter on February 28, 1928, to the present time. The documents range from general correspondence, membership records, and official minutes to pamphlets relating to Lions Club membership. The original charter, dated February 15, 1928, is in this collection, along with printed programs from the Charter Night Banquet (February 28, 1928) and the 50th Charter Anniversary Banquet (February 21, 1978).

Also included in this collection are three narrative documents relating to the Hattiesburg Lions Club. First, there is a three page "Early Background History" that tells of the Club and its service projects. Second, there is a five page narrative report from the Hattiesburg Lions Club delegate to the 1947 International Lions Club Convention in San Francisco. Third, there is a two page narrative report on the activities in 1957-58 filed by Joe Greene, the outgoing president. The remainder of the collection consists of photographs, official records and standard forms associated with the active operation of the Hattiesburg Lions Club. These include such items as membership rosters (1958 - 1990), monthly membership and activities reports (1978 - 1991), board of directors minutes (1979 - 1988) and correspondence (1980 - 1993). There are also several editions of the International Association of Lions Clubs Constitution and By-Laws in pamphlet form (1978 - 1991).


1) Correspondence
2) Membership Records
3) Monthly Membership and Activities Reports

Related Collections:

In the book, Hattiesburg, A Pictorial History, by Kenneth G. McCarty, Jr.,(M246 Hattiesburg Historical Photographs) several Hattiesburg Lions Club members are pictured in photographs on topics unrelated to the Club. Copies of the book are available in the McCain and Cox Libraries, call number F349.H36 H37 1982.

On page 107, there appears a photograph of the 1926 YMCA Twilight Baseball League Championship Team which includes Lions Club member Paul Talley.

On page 140, there appears a photograph which includes Lions Club members, Ed Currie, Sr., Lester Clark, Clyde Easterling and M.D. Brett.

Photograph Log: Available.

Box and Folder List:

Box 1  
Folder 1 Early Background History (1928)
Folder 2 Original Record Book (Jan. 20, 1928 - June 26, 1931)
Folder 3 Club Charter (Feb. 15, 1928)
Folder 4 Charter Roster (Jan. 30, 1928)
Folder 5 Program from Charter Night (Feb. 24, 1928)
Folder 6 Program from 50th Charter Anniversary Banquet (Feb. 21, 1978)
Folder 7 Correspondence (4/28/80 - 10/31/84)
Folder 8 Correspondence (1/10/85 - 10/29/87)
Folder 9 Correspondence (1/01/88 - 5/07/93)
Folder 10 Membership Records: Application for Membership (3/27/80 - 11/19/82)
Folder 11 Membership Records: Application for Membership (2/09/83 - 11/08/85)
Folder 12 Membership Records: Application for Membership (1/10/86 - 9/21/90)
Folder 13 Membership Records: Membership Lists
Folder 14 Membership Records: Membership Rosters (Pamphlets)
  1958-59 1976-77 1982-83
  1969-70 1977-78 1983-84
  1970-71 1978-79 1984-85 (2 Copies)
  1972-73 1979-80 1985-86 (2 Copies)
  1974-75 1980-81 1986-87 (2 Copies)
  1975-76 1981-82 1987-88 (2 Copies)
Folder 15 Membership Records: Attendance Records (1980 - 1990)
Folder 16 Membership Records: Dues Statements (A - H)
Folder 17 Membership Records: Dues Statements (I - O)
Folder 18 Membership Records: Dues Statements (P - Z)
Box 2  
Folder 1 Membership Records: Transfer Member Forms
Folder 2 Membership Records: Monthly Membership and Activities Report
  1978 (July - Dec only)
Folder 3 Membership Records: Monthly Membership and Activities Report
Folder 4 Membership Records: Monthly Membership and Activities Report
1989 (May, 1989 is Missing)
1991 (Jan - June only)
Folder 5 Board of Directors: List of Directors (1945-46)
Folder 6 Board of Directors: Minutes
Folder 7 Board of Directors: Minutes
Folder 8 Awards to Members: Resolution Selecting and Appointing Lion Lester Clark as a Life Member of the Hattiesburg Lions Club
Folder 9 Awards to Members: General (1968 - 1986)
Folder 10

Monthly Newsletter:

1992 (June)
1992 (August)
1992 (November)
1992 (December)
1993 (March)
1993 (April)

Folder 11 Report to the Lions Club by the Outgoing President (Joe Greene) on Activities in 1957 - 58
Folder 12 Endorsement Resolution for Hattiesburg Lions Club Member Howard L. Patterson, Jr., for District Governor, dated September 11, 1970 (2 Copies)
Folder 13 Sample Ballots/Election Results for Officers and Board Members
Folder 14 News Release Announcing that Hattiesburg Lions Club Will host the 1994 Mississippi State Convention
Folder 15 Poem, "Twas the Night Before Xmas," by Millie Martin (Refers to the Hattiesburg Lions Club Christmas Doll and Toy Party)
Folder 16 Lions International, State Organization: Multiple District 30 Mississippi State Organization Constitution & By-Laws (Pamphlets)
  April 30, 1977; May 2, 1981
Folder 17 Lions International, State Organization: District "N" Financial Summary (1977 - 1989)
Folder 18 Lions International, State Organization: Lions of Mississippi 72nd State Convention Program (1992) (Pamphlet)
Folder 19 Lions International, State Organization: Qualifications Summary of Judy Kinsey, Administrator of the Mississippi Lions Eye Bank
Folder 20 Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service, Announcement of 1992 Annual Meeting
Folder 21 Lions International, International Organization: Delegate Report From the 1947 Lions International Convention in San Francisco on July 28, 1947
Folder 22 Lions International, International Organization: Document entitled, "General Analysis of Estimated Income and Its Distribution, For the Fiscal Year 1947-1948" (Showing how the International Association of Lions Clubs spends the money from dues collected)
Folder 23 Lions International, International Organization: Pamphlet entitled, "Procedures and Reference Guide for Lions Club Board of Directors Meetings"
Folder 24 Lions International, International Organization: Pamphlet entitled, "Your Board of Directors Must Function"
Folder 25 Lions International, International Organization: Document entitled, "Lions International Cumulative Membership and Club Summary Report" (June 30, 1980)
Folder 26 Lions International, International Organization: Handbook of Officers and Directors of the International Association of Lions Clubs (1979 - 80)
Folder 27 Lions International, International Organization: Pamphlets entitled, "International Association of Lions Clubs Constitution and By-Laws"
  June 24, 1978 July , 1984
  June 23, 1979 June 22, 1985
  June 20, 1981 July 12, 1986
  June 25, 1983 July 4, 1987
Folder 28 Lions International, International Organization: Pamphlets entitled, "International Association of Lions Clubs Constitution and By-Laws"
  July 2, 1988 July 14, 1990
  June 24, 1989 June 21, 1991
Folder 29 Lions International, International Organization: Pamphlets entitled, "Standard Form Lions Club Constitution and By-Laws for a Local Club"
  August 1978 July 1983
  September 1980 July 1984
  August 1981 August 1986
Folder 30 Photographs: M273-1 through M273-7
Folder 31 Photographs: M273-7 through M273-13


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