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Collection Title: Natchez Trace Research Collection

Collection Number: M249

Dates: 1704-1978

Volume: 7.64 cu.ft.

Provenance: Photocopied with the approval of the Natchez Trace Parkway Office in Tupelo, Mississippi, during January-March 1989.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

The Natchez Trace, a highway of national significance, was originally a network of animal and Indian trails: its existence in the 18th and 19th centuries resulted in the opening of the Old Southwest to trade and travel. With an original length of 500-550 miles, the main route was used by travelers surveying the new country as well as by farmers and trappers who needed to get their produce to markets on the Mississippi River. The inter-connected trails leading south from Nashville were known by names other than the Natchez Trace: Chickasaw Trace, Path to the Choctaw Nation, Boatman's Trail.

In 1800 Congress established a postal route between Nashville and the capitol of the Mississippi Territory in Natchez. Indian tribes along the road gave territorial permission for the postal route in 1801; many Indian families were allowed to operate the inns and ferries needed by travelers along the route. The mail route became known officially as "Road from Nashville in the State of Tennessee to the Grindstone Ford of the Bayou Pierre in the Mississippi Territory," and postriders were allowed two weeks to make the trip from Nashville to Natchez. Between 1801 and 1803 General James Wilkinson, with the aid of Federal troops, cleared and widened the post road. By 1806 President Jefferson ordered that the road be 12 feet wide and "passable for a wagon."

Although the early use of the Trace was for commercial and private inland travel, it soon became an important military road. Tennessee Volunteers marched over it in 1803-04 to insure that the Louisiana Purchase agreement would not be challenged by Spain. General Coffee led a cavalry corps to New Orleans where he joined General Andrew Jackson in defense of that city during the War of 1812. Early in 1813 Jackson's entire force marched back to Nashville on the Trace, and again in 1814 the Tennessee Volunteers returned to New Orleans to defend against British attack in the Battle of New Orleans.

By the 1820's steamboats had become the most popular method of transportation , and the Trace changed in status. Much of it became part of the rural road system within the estates of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Interest in the Trace was rekindled in the early 1900's when the Mississippi Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution initiated a program marking the route of the original Trace in 1908. At the invitation of Mrs. Egbert Jones. Mississippi State Regent, DAR chapters in Alabama and Tennessee were invited to participate in marking the route in every county of the three states. By 1934 efforts of Mississippi Daughters and other staunch supporters of the Trace convinced Mississippi Congressman Thomas Jefferson Busby to introduce two bills into the United States House of Representatives, one calling for "a survey of the Old Indian Trail known as the Natchez Trace with a view to constructing a national road on the route to be known as the Natchez Trace Parkway," and the other authorizing construction funds for the Parkway. Mississippi Senator Hubert D. Stephens introduced identical bills in the Senate a few days later, and on May 21, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed enabling legislation for the survey. Funds were assigned for the construction phase late in 1935. On May 18, 1938, the Natchez Trace Parkway was designated by Congress as an official unit in the National Park Service system. The official emblem selected for the Parkway is a silhouette of a mounted postrider, evidence of the important communication link which the Trace originally served.

The Natchez Trace Parkway today is, in the words of former Parkway historian Dawson Phelps, "not a highway, but a long narrow park." Recreational activities exist alongside historical attractions and exhibits, making the Parkway one of the most popular units in the National Park Service system.

Scope and Content:

The Natchez Trace Research Collection consists of photocopies of research materials collected and prepared by historians of the Natchez Trace Parkway and stored at Parkway headquarters in Tupelo, Mississippi. Materials in the collection were obtained from United States government agencies/departments such as the War Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs; from research collections at Louisiana State University, Tennessee Historical Society Archives, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Tennessee State Archives, Duke University, Ohio State Archives and History Library, and the Library of Congress; and from research reports published in such journals as Bureau of American Ethnology, East Tennessee Historical Society Publications, Bulletin of the U.S. Geological Survey, and Geological Survey of Alabama.

Historians, researchers, and administrators whose research notes, reports, and correspondence appear in the collection are Dawson A. Phelps, Robert J. Holden, M. W. Myers, Guy A. Braden, Randle B. Truett, Rogers W. Young, Albert F. Ganier, Olaf T. Hagen, Robert A. Madden, and Malcolm Gardner.

In its original form the collection consisted of card files, notebooks and loose materials collected and compiled by researchers; the original order has been maintained, with categories or subjects indicated on the attached box and folder list by headings in capital letters. Where clarification was needed or information on a subject was located in other parts of the collection, a note has been added in brackets following the folder title.

The collection contains notes from secondary and primary source materials on the Natchez Trace, usually with specific page references, as well as citations to county, state, and territorial records of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Material on the following topics is included in the collection: historical sites and structures along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi; individuals and groups who traveled the Natchez Trace or lived along it; Indian affairs; Indian tribal customs of the Chickasaws and Choctaws along with smaller amounts of information on the Cherokee, Creek, and Natchez tribes; Natchez, including early history and homes; other towns located near the Trace; geological and archaeological information relating to the area; and activities of the Daughters of the American Revolution and other organizations in supporting and developing the Trace during the 1930's.

Genealogical material is also included in the collection, especially on families which settled in the area of the Trace prior to 1820. In addition to the box and folder list for the collection, a special guide to genealogical materials is available in the Genealogy Collection.

Box and Folder List:

Series I - Historic Sites / Tennessee and Alabama
Box 1  
Folder 1 Tennessee
Folder 2 Armstrong Station
Folder 3 Belle Meade/Dunham's Station
Folder 4 Benton, Thos. H.
Folder 5 Buffalo Iron Works
Folder 6 Davidson County
Folder 7 Dobbins Stand
Folder 8 Duck River Ridge
Folder 9 Factors (Young) Stand
Folder 10 McCleish Stand
Folder 11 Maury County
Folder 12 Meriwether Lewis [See also Box 16, Folders 12-15]
Folder 13 Napier Iron Works
Folder 14 Nashville
Folder 15 Perkins House
Folder 16 Tennessee Alabama Line
Folder 17 Williamson County
Folder 18 Natchez Trace Locations
Folder 19 Nashville
Folder 20 Alabama
Folder 21 Historic sites, Alabama
Folder 22 Colbert County, Alabama
Folder 23 Bisland [See also Box 15, Folder 10; Box 5, Folder 38]
Folder 24 Briggs, Isaac
Folder 25 Buckner, Phillip Diary & Itinerary
Folder 26 Burr, Aaron
Folder 27 Catron, John
Folder 28 Coffee, John
Folder 29 Crockett, David
Folder 30 Dale, Sam
Folder 31 Dow, Lorenzo
Folder 32 Freeman, Thomas
Folder 33 Jackson, Andrew
Folder 34 Long, Jane Wilkinson
Folder 35 Minor, Estevan (Steven) [See also Box 5, Folder 52]
Folder 36 Wilkinson, J. A.
Folder 37 Young, Jacob, Autobiography
Folder 38 Ackia
Folder 39 Dancing Rabbit Creek, Treaty of
Folder 40 Architecture [includes references in La.]
Folder 41 Postal Affairs
Folder 42 Miscellaneous
Folder 43 Corondelet Papers
Box 2  
Folder 1-3 Chickasaw
Series II - Miscellaneous Information
Box 2 (continued)
Folder 4 Mississippi
Folder 5 Lee County
Folder 6 Adams County, Roads
Folder 7 Bankston
Folder 8 Bethel School (Choctaw Mission)
Folder 9 Bethel Church, Jefferson County
Folder 10 Brashears Stand
Folder 11 Brices Cross Roads
Folder 12 Browns Stand
Folder 13 Brooks Stand
Folder 14 Buena Vista
Folder 15 Carneys Stand
Folder 16 Cayuga
Folder 17 Chickasaw Agency
Folder 18 Chickasaw County
Folder 19 Chickasaw Missions
Folder 20 Chickasaw Nation
Folder 21 Choctaw Agency
Folder 22 Choctaw Boundary
Folder 23 Choctaw Missions [includes info. on Eliot, Mayhew and Bethel Missions]
Folder 24 Mayhew (Choctaw Mission)
Folder 25 Miscellaneous (Choctaw Mission)
Folder 26 Origins (Choctaw Mission)
Folder 27 Pigeon Roost (Choctaw Mission)
Box 3  
Folder 1 Choctaw Nation
Folder 2 Church, Miscellaneous [includes information on early Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Episcopal Churches]
Folder 3 Claiborne County, Roads
Folder 4 Clinton -- Mt. Salus
Folder 5 Cole Creek
Folder 6 Commerce & Trade
Folder 7 Commissioner's Creek
Folder 8 Coon Box
Folder 9 Cottonfields [plantation of William Vousdan]
Folder 10 Cotton Industry
Folder 11 D'Evereux [See also Box 6, folder 3]
Folder 12 Dillon's Stand/Dean's Stand
Folder 13 Dixon Furnace [relates to a site in Tennessee]
Folder 14 Doaks Stand
Folder 15 Ellicott Hill
Folder 16 Field Notes
Folder 17 Flatboats/River Traffic
Folder 18 Fort Dearborn
Folder 19 Folk Music
Folder 20 Foster House
Folder 21 Fourteen Mile Creek [Civil War activity in the area]
Folder 22 French Camp [See also Box 5, folder 30]
Folders 23-24 Gordons Ferry [relates to a site in Tennessee]
[See also Gordon information in Box 10, Folders 35-43]
Folder 25 Greenville
Folder 26 Grindstone Ford
Folder 27 Guntown
Folder 28 Improvements [correspondence between Post Office officials, War Department, and President, 1799-1815]
Folder 29 Indian Treaties
Folder 30 Indigo
Folder 31 Jefferson College
Folder 32 Jefferson County, Roads
Folder 33 Kosciusko
Folder 34 Madisonville
Folder 35 Meadvilla [home of Cowles Meade and later B.L.C. Wailes]
Folder 36 Military Use [includes information on military garrison at Natchez]
Folder 37 Mitchell's Stand
Folder 38 Mississippi - Alabama Line
Folder 39 Monroe Mission/Tockshish
Folder 40 Mound Plantation (Jefferson County)
Box 4  
Folder 1 Natchez [includes excerpts from the Favrot papers, early Natchez newspapers on various subjects, and translations of Spanish records in Adams County]
Folder 2 Natchez, Rebellion of 1779 [includes information on several uprisings in West Florida 1770-1780]
Folder 3 Natchez Trace [contains War Department records on Natchez Trace area, 1800-1803]
Folder 4 Natchez Trace -- Depredations
Folder 5 Natchez Trace, Description
Folder 6 Natchez, Immigration
Folder 7 Natchez Trace, Use
Folder 8 Natchez Trace Significance
Folder 9 Nortons Stand
Folder 10 Natchez, Original Survey
Folder 11 Osborns Stand
Folder 12 Pigeon Roost
Folder 13 Pine Ridge Church (Salem Presbyterian)
Folder 14 Port Gibson
Folder 15 Port Gibson: Bibliography
Folder 16 Port Gibson: Boundary Laws
Folder 17 Port Gibson: History, Claiborne County
Folder 18 Port Gibson: History, general
Folder 19 Port Gibson: History, military
Folder 20 Port Gibson: Newspapers
Folder 21 Port Gibson: Religion
Folder 22 Port Gibson: Education
Folder 23 Postal Matters
Folder 24 Propinquity
Folder 25 Red Bluff Stand [includes McRover's Stand and Smith's Stand]
Folder 26 Red Dog Road
Folder 27 Robinson Road
Folder 28 Rocky Springs
Folder 29 Selsertown
Folder 30 Shoats Stand
Folder 31 Stands, General
Folder 32 State Road
Folder 33 Steamboats
Folder 34 Tobacco
Folder 35 Travel
Folder 36 Timbles Stand
Folder 37 Villa Gayoso
Folder 38 Uniontown
Folder 39 Wall's Stand
Folder 40 Ward's Stand
Folder 41 Washington/Jefferson College
Folder 42 West Florida
Folder 43 Wooldridge Tavern
Series III - Natchez Trace Places
Box 4 (continued)
Folder 44 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 45 Aaron Burr Oaks
Folder 46 Ackia
Folder 47 Airlie
Folder 48 Arlington
Folder 49 Auburn
Folder 50 Bank of Mississippi
Folder 51 Battle of Nashville
Folder 52 Battle of Raymond
Folder 53 Bayou Pierre
Folder 54 Benton House
Folder 55 Bethel Church [See Box 2, folders 7-8; Box 3, folder 2]
Folder 56 Brandon Hall
Folder 57 Brashears Stand
Folder 58 Browns Stand
Folder 59 Buntura House
Folder 60 Butler Cantonment
Folder 61 Buzzard Roost Stand
Folder 62 Calhoun House
Folder 63 Captain Bissel's Cantonment
Folder 64 Chickasaw Agency
Box 5  
Folder 1 Chickasaw Council House
Folder 2 Chickasaw Old Fields
Folder 3 Chickasaw-U.S. Boundary
Folder 4 Choctaw
Folder 5 Choctaw Agency
Folder 6 Choctaw Boundary 1765
Folder 7 Choctaw Boundary 1820
Folder 8 Choctaw-Chickasaw Boundary
Folder 9 Clear Creek Bap't Meeting House
Folder 10 Clinton
Folder 11 Colbert House [probably in Tennessee]
Folder 12 Connolys Tavern
Folder 13 Dartaguette Battlefield Marker
Folder 14 Deans Stand
Folder 15 Devereaux
Folder 16 Doaks Stand
Folder 17 Dobbins Stand
Folder 18 Dow Church
Folder 19 Duck River Ridge
Folder 20 Edgewood
Folder 21 Elizabeth Female Academy
Folder 22 Ellicott Spring
Folder 23 Ferguson Place
Folder 24 Fort Dearborn
Folder 25 Fort Deposit
Folder 26 Fort Negley
Folder 27 Fort Nashborough [Tennessee site]
Folder 28 Fort Rosalie
Folder 29 Foster House
Folder 30 French Camp [See also Box 3, folder 22]
Folder 31 Gloucester
Folder 32 Gordon House (Tennessee)
Folder 33 Gordon's Ferry
Folder 34 Gov. Holmes House
Folder 35 Gower
Folder 36 Greenville
Folder 37 Grindstone Ford
Folder 38 James Bisland House [See also Box 1, folder 22 and Box 15, folder 10]
Folder 39 Jefferson College
Folder 40 John Brown's Stand
Folder 41 Kings Tavern
Folder 42 Landsdowne
Folder 43 Lawyers Row
Folder 44 Linden
Folder 45 Longwood
Folder 46 McClish Stand
Folder 47 McIntoshville/Tockshish
Folder 48 Marshalk Printing Office [See also Box 3, folder 35]
Folder 49 Meadvilla
Folder 50 Melrose
Folder 51 Meriwether Lewis National Monument [See also Box 16, folders 12-15]
Folder 52 Minor House [See also Box 1, folder 34]
Folder 53 Mistletoe
Folder 54 Mitchells Stand
Folder 55 Monmouth
Folder 56 Monroe Mission [See also Box 3, folder 39]
Folder 57 Monteigne
Folder 58 Mount Repose
Folder 59 Mount Airwell
Folder 60 Nashville
Folder 61 Natchez-Under-the-Hill
Folder 62 Oakland
Folder 63 Oakland College
Folder 64 Old Factors Stand
Folder 65 Osburns Stand
Folder 66 Parish House of San Salvador
Folder 67 Pearl River
Folder 68 P. Hayes Stand
Folder 69 Pigeon Roost Stand
Folder 70 Pine Ridge Church
Folder 71 Port Gibson [See also Box 4, folders 14-22]
Folder 72 Port Gibson or Magnolia Church Battlefield
Folder 73 Propinquity
Folder 74 Puckshunubbes House
Folder 75 Selma Plantation
Folder 76 Selsertown [See also Box 4, folder 29]
Folder 77 Shoats Stand [See also Box 4, folder 30]
Folder 78 Smiths Stand
Folder 79 Soldiers Graves
Folder 80 Somerset
Folder 81 Springfield
Folder 82 Red House
Folder 83 Rocky Springs
Folder 84 Rocky Springs Church
Folder 85 Rosalie
Folder 86 Stanton Hall
Folder 87 St. Catherine Concession
Folder 88 Stuart House
Folder 89 Sweet Auburn
Folder 90 The Briars
Folder 91 Tupelo Nat'l Battlefield Site
Folder 92 Underwood Village
Folder 93 Uniontown
Folder 94 Vaughns Stand
Folder 95 Wards Stand
Folder 96 Weymouth Hall
Folder 97 Wilkinson Cantonment
Folder 98 Windsor Ruin
Folder 99 Wm. Brooks Toll Bridge
Folder 100 Wooldridge Stand
Folder 101 Young Factors Stand
Folder 102 Villa Gayoso [See also Box 4, folder 37]
Series IV - Natchez Homes
Box 5 (continued)
Folder 103 Airlie
Folder 104 Arlington
Folder 105 Auburn
Folder 106 Belmont
Folder 107 Belvidere
Folder 108 Brandon Hall
Folder 109 The Briars [See also folder 90]
Folder 110 The Burn
Folder 111 Cherry Grove
Folder 112 Choctaw
Folder 113 Clover Nook
Box 6  
Folder 1 Concord
Folder 2 Cottage Gardens
Folder 3 D'Evereux [See also Box 3, folder 11]
Folder 4 Dunleith
Folder 5 Edgewood
Folder 6 Elgin
Folder 7 Ellicott's Hill
Folder 8 Elms
Folder 9 Elmscourt
Folder 10 The Forest
Folder 11 Glenfield
Folder 12 Gloucester
Folder 13 Green Leaves
Folder 14 Hawthorne
Folder 15 Homewood
Folder 16 Hope Farm
Folder 17 Inglewood
Folder 18 Jefferson College
Folder 19 King's Tavern
Folder 20 Lansdowne
Folder 21 Lawyer's Row
Folder 22 Linden
Folder 23 Longwood
Folder 24 Magnolia Vale
Folder 25 McLin Home
Folder 26 Melmont
Folder 27 Melrose
Folder 28 Monmouth
Folder 29 Monteign
Folder 30 Mount Repose
Folder 31 Myrtle Terrace
Folder 32 Natchez Under Hill
Folder 33 Oakland
Folder 34 Parsonage
Folder 35 Pleasant Hill
Folder 36 Propinquity
Folder 37 Rosalie
Folder 38 Ravenna
Folder 39 Richmond
Folder 40 Saragossa
Folder 41 Springfield
Folder 42 Stanton Hall
Folder 43 The Towers
Folder 44 Weymouth Hall
Folder 45 Windy Hill Manor
Series V - Natchez (Dr. Phelps' notes for his study of Natchez, completed 1965)
Box 6 (continued)
Folder 46 Natchez
Folder 47 Churches
Folder 48 Introduction/conclusions
Folder 49 Bienville
Folder 50 Broutin
Folder 51 Crozat
Folder 52 Concessions
Folder 53 Dumont de Montegne(?)
Folder 54 Du Pratz
Folder 55 Fort
Folder 56 Hubert
Folder 57 Law, John
Folder 58 LeBlanc
Folder 59 Indies, Company of
Folder 60 1700-1712
Folder 61 1712-1717
Folder 62 1717-1720
Folder 63 1720-1724
Folder 64 1725-1729
Folder 65 1729
Folder 66 1729-1733
Folder 67 1733-1763
Folder 68 1763-1780
Folder 69 1780-1798
Folder 70 1798-1817
Folder 71 Under the Hill
Folder 72 River Traffic
Folder 73 Common's
Folder 74 1817-36 [contains information to 1843]
Box 7  
Folder 1 Bibliography
Folder 2 Maps
Folder 3 Documents
Series VI - Dr. Phelps' Parkway History (handwritten note attached to miscellaneous card groups)

Box 7 (continued)

Folder 4 Webster Progress
Folders 5-11 Miscellaneous Notes (7 folders)
Series VII - Indians
Box 7 (continued)
Folder 12 Indian Relations (French)
Folder 13 Indian Relations (British)
Folder 14 Ethnology (Gen.)
Folder 15 Indian Relations
Box 8  
Folder 1 Chickasaw [See also Box 15, folders 13-18]
Folder 2 History
Folder 3 Distribution and Location
Folder 4 Clothing
Folder 5 Counting
Folder 6 Taboos
Folder 7 Education
Folder 8 Population
Folder 9 Burial
Folder 10 Head Deformation
Folder 11 Death - Mourning Customs
Folder 12 Removal
Folder 13 Migration
Folder 14 Land Entry
Folder 15 Child Care
Folder 16 Crime and Punishment
Folder 17 Games
Folder 18 Division of Labor
Folder 19 Religion
Folder 20 Hunting
Folder 21 Foods
Folder 22 Marriage
Folder 23 Warfare
Folder 24 Property Rights
Folder 25 Material Culture
Folder 26 Matrilineal Descent
Folder 27 Tatooing
Folder 28 Debt
Folder 29 Government
Folder 30 Architecture
Folder 31 Chickasaw-Choctaw
Folder 32 Ceremonies
Folder 33 Personages
Folder 34 Social Organization - Clan
Folder 35 General Choctaw [See also Box 15, folders 19-20; Box 16, folders 1-3]
Folder 36 Location and Distribution
Folder 37 Population
Folder 38 Head Flattening
Folder 39 Clothing & orna.
Folder 40 Somatology
Folder 41 Death - Mourning
Folder 42 Division of Labor
Folder 43 Agencies
Folder 44 Religion
Folder 45 Taboos
Folder 46 Removal
Folder 47 Warfare
Folder 48 Social Organization - Clan
Folder 49 Government
Folder 50 Children
Folder 51 Crime & Punishment
Folder 52 Personages
Folder 53 Food
Folder 54 Hunting
Folder 55 Medicine
Folder 56 Ceremonies
Folder 57 Swimming
Folder 58 Education
Folder 59 Counting
Folder 60 Games
Folder 61 Migration
Folder 62 Architecture
Folder 63 Material Culture
Folder 64 Tattooing
Folder 65 Burial
Folder 66 Marriage
Folder 67 Miscellaneous
Folder 68 Cherokee
Folder 69 Creek (Etc.)
Folder 70 Natchez
Folder 71 Museums
Folder 72 Excerpts [information on Indian mounds and the DeSoto expedition]
Folder 73 Miscellaneous Archeological
Folder 74-76 Bibliography
Box 9  
Folder 1 Abstracts
Folder 2 Archival Materials & References [includes references to Draper Collection and family papers in LSU Archives]
Folder 3 Maps - National Archives
Folder 4 OIA (Office of Indian Affairs) - National Archives [contains Secretary of War letters relating to Indian affairs]
Folder 5 Indian Agents
Folder 6 Factors
Folder 7 Missions (Chickasaw)
Folder 8-9 OCM Lib. Cards
Folder 10 OCM Books - Title - Mallory Collection
Folder 11 Geology
Folder 12 S E Conference Notes [information from a Southeastern Archeological Conference]
Folder 13 Archeological Site Inventory Cards
Folder 14 Carbon Copy Site File [archeological survey form]
Series VIII - Bibliography
Box 9 (continued)
Folder 15 I. Guides & Bibliographies
Folder 16 II. Source Materials
1. Official Documents
a. Unpublished [correspondence in War Department relating to Southeast Indians]
Folder 17 1. Local (Natchez)
Folder 18 2. County
Folder 19 3. State
Folder 20 4. National
b. Published
Folder 21 1. Local (Natchez)
Folder 22 2. State
Folder 23 3. National
Folder 24 4. Foreign
2. Journals, Letters, Diaries, Early Historical Accounts
Folder 25 a. Unpublished
Folder 26 b. Published
Folder 27 3. Published Historical Collections
4. Church Records
Folder 28 a. Unpublished
Folder 29 b. Published
Folder 30 5. Cartographic Materials
Folder 31 6. Sketches, Photographs, and Other Pictorial Evidences
Folder 32 7. Early Newspapers (to 1860)
Folder 33 8. Early Almanacs, Guide Books, Registers, Gazetters
Folder 34 9.Memoirs, Autobiographies, Reminiscences
III. Secondary Materials
Folder 35 1. General
Folder 36 2. Special Monographs
Folder 37 3. Articles and Essays in Periodicals, Annuals, and Publications of Learned Societies [See additional periodical articles in folder 6 below]
Folder 38 4. Biography
Folder 39 5. Miscellaneous
Folder 40 6. Local Histories
Folder 41-42 Bibliography [folder 41 also contains cartographic sources]
Series IX - St. Catherine's Concession
Box 9 (continued)
Folder 43 St. Catherine
Folder 44 Chaouachas
Folder 45 Dumanoir
Folder 46 Founding of Natchez (called Fort)
Folder 47 Hubert
Folder 48 Kolly
Folder 49 Negroes & Labor
Folder 50 New Orleans
Folder 51 Tobacco
Folder 52 Voyage
Folder 53 War's Natchez
Folder 54 Definitions
Series X - Miscellaneous Source Materials
Box 10  
Folder 1 Miscellaneous Source Materials [contains various genealogical materials and correspondence]
Folder 2 Work to be done
Folder 3 National Archives
Folder 4 Shrubs, Decorative
Folder 5 To be checked
Series XI - Indian Affairs
Box 10 (continued)
Folder 6 Administration
Folder 7 Agents
Folder 8 Annuities
Folder 9 Chiefs - Chickasaw [includes information on Colbert family]
Folder 10 Chiefs - Choctaw
Folder 11 Claims - U. S. Citizens vs. Indians
Folder 12 Communications
Folder 13 Crime
Folder 14 Education
Folder 15 Ethnology
Folder 16 Factors
Folder 17 Farm Implements
Folder 18 Finances
Folder 19 Horses
Folder 20 Inns
Folder 21 Interpreters
Folder 22 Lands
Folder 23 Leads
Folder 24 Lex Talionis
Folder 25 Liquor
Folder 26 Military Men
Folder 27 Negroes
Folder 28 Passports [gifts given to Indians]
Folder 29 Presents
Folder 30 Salaries
Folder 31 Traders [See also Factors]
Folder 32 Transportation
Folder 33 Treaties
Folder 34 Trespass [historical figures, Meriwether Lewis national monument, correspondence of Andrew Jackson]
Series XII - Gordon Information
Box 10 (continued)
Folder 35 Key
Folder 36 General
Folder 37 Early Life (to 1805)
Folder 38 Indian Fighter
Folder 39 Businessman
Folder 40 Gordon Lands
Folder 41 Gordon House
Folder 42 Gordon Family
Folder 43 Other Gordons
Box 11  
Folder 1 Early Indian and Spanish Trails - (1940)
Folder 2 Material from Letter Books, Postmaster General Library, Post Office Department 1935 (File No. 845-04.1)
Folder 3 Andrew Jackson and the Tennessee Volunteers on the Natchez Trace, January-April 1813. By Robert J. Holden (1978)
Folder 4 Travelers on the Natchez Trace: A Study of the Ohio River Valley Boatmen Their Life and Characteristics as Described by Contemporary Observers. By Robert J. Holden (1977)
Folder 5 The Cultural Geography of the Natchez Trace Area to 1861. by M. W. Myers (1960)
Folder 6 Colonial Natchez: A French Colony. by Dawson A. Phelps (1965)
Folder 7 Colonial Natchez: A British Colony. by Dawson A. Phelps (1965)
Folder 8 The Natchez Trace Parkway: Fact and Surmise. by Dawson A. Phelps (1965)
Folder 9 The Origins of the Natchez Trace or Mississippi in the American Revolution. by Dawson A. Phelps (1952)
Box 12  
Folder 1 Washington, Mississippi. by Guy B. Braden (1957)
Folder 2 Natchez Trace: Variant Locations. by Dawson A. Phelps
Folder 3 Mississippi's Greatest Highway. by Dawson A. Phelps (1955)
Folder 4 Route of the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Leipers Fork. by Randle B. Truett (1939)
Folder 5 Memorandum relating to Documentary Evidence existing in Selected Washington Repositories Concerning the So-called Wilkinson Cantonment Site, Duck River, Tenn., Natchez Trace Parkway. by Rogers W. Young (1948)
Folder 6 Andrew Jackson and the Natchez Trace. by Rogers W. Young (1948)
Folder 7 Alexander Wilson's Description of the Natchez Trace. by Albert F. Ganier(1955)
Folder 8 Grinder's Stand. by Olaf T. Hagen (1933)
Folder 9 Colbert Ferry and Selected Documents. by Dawson A. Phelps (1963)
Folder 10 Portions of a Diary of a Tour Through the Western Part of the United States. by Dr. Rush Nutt (1935)
Folder 11 Gordons Ferry: A Study of the Historic Sites in the Vicinity of the Natchez Trace Crossing of the Duck River, Tennessee. by Dawson A. Phelps (1945)
Folder 12 Boundaries Crossed by the Natchez Trace: A Study in the History of the Old Southwest. by Dawson A. Phelps
Folder 13 Rocky Springs. by Dawson A. Phelps
Folder 14 Port Gibson and the Natchez Trace. by Robert R. Madden
Folder 15 The History of Grindstone Ford. by Robert R. Madden
Folder 16 Historic and Archeological Sites of the Natchez Trace. by Dawson A. Phelps (1941)
Folder 17 Natchez Trace Parkway Survey. Senate Document No. 148. (1941)
Series XIII - Natchez History
Box 13  
Folder 1 Miscellaneous
Folder 2 Missions and Missionaries
Folder 3 Elliot Mission Journal (Missions and Missionaries)
Folder 4 Mayhew Mission [draft papers by Dawson Phelps]
Folder 5 Mississippi History [contains information on Hancock and Tishomingo Counties]
Folder 6 Ferguson Family Papers (Mount Locust)
Folder 7 Adams County, Mississippi (Natchez) [Road minutes 1802-04; See also Box 2, folder 6]
Folder 8 Ellicotts Hill- Connally's Tavern (Natchez) [includes copy of historic site survey]
Folder 9 Natchez, Description, 1768
Folder 10 Natchez History [includes copies of documents 1700-1900's]
Folder 11 Natchez Massacre
Folder 12 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Folder 13 Natchez Trace: Historical Values of the Southeast (1953) (Speech)
Folder 14 Natchez Trace: Mississippi's Greatest Highway by Dawson Phelps (typescript) [See also Box 12, folder 3]
Folder 15 Natchez Trace: Improvements
Folder 16 Natchez Trace: 1801 Improvement [copies of War Department and other National Archives records]
Folder 17 Natchez Trace: 1802 Improvement
Folder 18 Natchez Trace: 1806 Improvement
Folder 19 Natchez Trace: Military Use
Folder 20 Natchez Trace Related Areas: Robinson Road
Folder 21 Natchez Trace Travel: (Martha Philips Martin Memoirs)
Folder 22 Natchez Trace Travel: Diary of Dr. Rush Nutt
Folder 23 Natchez Trace Travel: Peyton Short, 1809
Folder 24 Natchez Trace Travel
Box 14  
Folder 1 Pioneer Life: Transatlantic Sketches by Capt. J. E. Alexander
Folder 2 Pioneer Life: Finley, Rev. James B.
Folder 3 Pioneer Life: Welby, Adlard - visit to North America
Folder 4 Pleasant Hill Church, Jefferson County, Miss.
Folder 5-6 Covington Papers: Propinquity (2 folders)
Folder 7 Spanish Affairs: Yazoo Company
Folder 8 Spanish Affairs: Carondolet: 1791-1798
Folder 9 War Department: Fort Adams Equip. Lists, 1802, 1803
Folder 10 War Department: Inventories, Personal
Folder 11 War Department: Return of Public Property
Folder 12 War Department: Uniforms
Folder 13 War Department: Personnel Changes, 1802 ff.
Folder 14 War Department: Equipment Lists
Folder 15 War Department: Fort Massac Return of Ordinance. . .
Folder 16 War Department: Pickering - Henly Letters, 1795
Folder 17 Wilson, Alexander to A. Lawson 1810
Folder 18 Traitors in the Mississippi Territory [articles on Burr and Wilkerson]
Folder 19 Bureau of Indian Affairs: Meigs to Robertson, 1801-1804
Folder 20 Bureau of Indian Affairs: Meigs to Robertson, 1805-1806
Folder 21 Chickasaw Agency 1816, 1824
Folder 22 Mitchell, Samuel Letter 1798
Folder 23 Blackman, Learner Journal 1812-13
Folder 24 Report of the Survey of the Military Road, 1817
Folder 25 Lewis, Meriwether [See also Box 16, folder 12-15]
Box 15  
Folder 1 Origins of the Natchez Trace Parkway [speech typescript prepared by Dawson Phelps for Robert W. Bell; and handwritten notes]
Folder 2 Indian Affairs: 1801-17 [contains correspondence between R.J. Meigs and private citizens as well as government officials]
Folder 3 Bureau of Indian Affairs: 1802
Folder 4 Indian Affairs: 1806
Folder 5 Indian Affairs: 1802-03
Folder 6 Nutt, Dr. Rush Letter 1817
Folder 7 Bureau of Indian Affairs: Sommerville to Meigs, 1803
Folder 8 Memorial Address by John Gordon and Bargain between Wm. Colbert and John Gordon
Folder 9 Lewis, Meriwether: Account of Death
Folder 10 Bisland Papers [See also Box 1, folder 22]
Folder 11-12 Letters from the War Department Relating to Chickasaw Affairs (1801-1835) [See also Box 5, Folder 38] (2 folders)
Folder 13 Chickasaw Affairs : Barthellon L' Abbe, Indians Tribes, 1731 [documents in French]
Folder 14 Chickasaw Affairs : 1740-63 [documents in French]
Folder 15 Chickasaw Treaty : 1805
Folder 16 Chickasaw Affairs : 1801-07
Folder 17 Chickasaw Agency : Cocke, William, Agt.
Folder 18 Chickasaw Relations : 1752-1826
Folder 19 Choctaw Affairs : Choctaw Agency 1798-1830
Folder 20 Choctaw Agency: Silas Dinsmore 1801-1814
Box 16  
Folder 1 Choctaw Treaty : 1801
Folder 2 Choctaw Affair : Dancing Rabbit Treaty: 1830
Folder 3 Choctaw Affairs: Governor of Mississippi Territory Letterbook 1803-08
Folder 4 Colberts
Folder 5 Colbert, William
Folder 6 Gaines Trace
Folder 7 Local History Comes of Age (Phelps) (1957)
Folder 8 Indian Affairs: Indian Trade, Office of Learner Blackman's Journal [See Box 14, folder 22]
Folder 9 War of 1812
Folder 10 Kosciusko, Thaddeus
Folder 11 Lewis, Meriwether (Health & Death)
Folder 12 Lewis and Clark
Folder 13 Lewis, Meriwether (Life)
Folder 14 Lewis, Meriwether (Monument)
Folder 15 Louisiana
Box 17 (Oversized)
Folder 1 Boundaries Crossed by the Natchez Trace: A Study of the Old Southwest (Dawson A. Phelps)
Folder 2 Colbert Ferry and Selected Documents
Folder 3 Colonial Natchez: A French Colony and A British Colony
Folder 4 Choctaw Affairs: Choctaw Agency 1798-1830
Folder 5 The Cultural Geography of the Natchez Trace Area to 1861
Folder 6 Indian Affairs: Indian Trade, Office of
Folder 7 Port Gibson and the Natchez Trace (Robert R. Madden)
Folder 8 Rocky Springs (Dawson A. Phelps)


Accession Number: AM07-36

Dates: circa 2002

Volume: 4 pages

Given By : William C. Wooldridge

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

A four-page biographical sketch of William Harrison Wooldridge, proprietor of Wooldridge Stand on the Natchez Trace. This document has been placed in the Natchez Trace Research Collection (M249, Box 5, Folder 100).


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