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Collection Title: Howe (Orville F.) Letter

Collection Number: M150

Dates: June 23, 1882

Volume: 1 Item

Provenance: Purchased, August 1961.

Copyright: This letter may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

A search of Mississippi and other sources has not revealed any biographical information about Orville F. Howe. The letter indicates that Howe was residing at Wood-lawn Estates, located near Natchez, Mississippi, when he wrote in 1882. Wood-lawn was once owned by Abijah Hunt, a New Jersey immigrant who was killed in a duel in 1811. David Hunt, his nephew, then took over his businesses and estates. David Hunt had many residences in Natchez, but spent most of his latter years at "Woodlawn". Hunt died in 1861, and when his estate was divided in 1867, Dunbar Hunt, his son, remained with his mother at "Woodlawn" until 1875. No information about the sale of "Woodlawn" or of any connection to Orville F. Howe has been found.

Scope and Content:

This letter from Orville F. Howe of Wood-lawn Estates, located near Natchez, Mississippi, dated June 23, 1882, is in response to an advertisement in Harpers' Weekly Magazine requesting drawings of the War of 1812. Howe wants to sell several drawings of the battles of Tippecanoe and the Thames (near Lake Erie) and of "various incidents and localities of the Indian War of 1811-12", made by Lieutenant I. A. Rea, an eyewitness.

Howe also mentions submitting several pages of his nearly completed literary work entitled "Journal of a Week in the Lifetime of an Opium Smoker" for Harper and Brothers to consider for publication.

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