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Collection Title: Bolton Family Collection

Collection Number: M140

Dates: 1849 - 1918

Volume: .25 cu. ft.

Provenance: Unknown

Restrictions: Available for research use by the serious student and scholar.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Isaac L. Bolton was born in January of 1826 in Alabama. He attended the University of Georgia and graduated in 1849 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. He married a lady by the name of Ella P., who was born in Georgia, January of 1843, and they had seven children over a span of twenty-six years. At some point, the family moved to Mississippi. The 1870 Mississippi Census records for Newton County state Isaac’s occupation as farmer and Ella’s as a housewife. According to that same census neither of them could read. However, this is erroneous, because Isaac had a college degree.

Isaac and Ella Bolton reared their children in Hickory (Newton County), Mississippi. The children were Elden A., Walter T., Charles A., Frank P., A. L., Willa, and Sallie G. Information about the children is sparse, but it is known that Frank P. Bolton worked for the Southern Express Company in 1918, and that A. L. Bolton became the principal at White Public School in 1894. Willa Bolton was a member of the original faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi (then Mississippi Normal College) in 1912, and served as head of the geography department until her retirement in 1958. After Willa retired, she moved to El Dorado, Arkansas to be with family. She died in Eldorado in 1962, and is interred there.


Arnold, Yvonne. “Who Was Miss Willa Bolton?” The Talon (Summer 2004), Pages 12 - 13.
Contents of the Collection
“Miss Willa Bolton dies in Arkansas,” Hattiesburg American. January 17,
1962, pages 1 - 4.
Newton County, Mississippi, Census Records: 1870, 1880, 1900.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains mainly photographs and correspondence pertaining to the Bolton Family of Newton County, Mississippi. Of the thirty-six photographs in this collection, very few of them are labeled and only five are dated. However, most of the images are from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The photographs are arranged by subject matter.

The correspondence is divided into two parts: post cards and letters. The post cards are arranged chronologically, and then by recipient. There are some blank post cards at the back of the collection. The letters are arranged by recipients. Only five of the letters have dates and addresses. A lengthy letter from M. Callaway brings I. L. Bolton up to date on the goings on in Georgia and with mutual friends. E. P. (Ella) Bolton received six of these letters from her daughters, Willa and Sara, consisting of information about their stay in Chautauqua, New York and Willa’s further travels to Niagara, Toronto and Cleveland. The seventh letter to Mrs. E. P. Bolton is a letter of condolence from Julius and Robs Crisler regarding the death of her son, Arthur Bolton.

This collection includes some postcards from Frank P. Bolton while he was in France. There is also some correspondence between Frank Bolton, Sid B. Brown and Willa Bolton about land that they homesteaded and the property taxes concerning it.

Following the correspondence, there are account records for I. L. Bolton from 1895 until 1904, and a September 28, 1894 contract with A. L. Bolton to teach school at White Public School for 70$ a month. A statement from the University of Georgia is also included. Issued in 1949, the statement says that I. L. Bolton received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. Completing the collection are two invitations to events at the University of Texas, a newspaper article, a poem, and a business card.

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Other Finding Aids:

Photograph Log
Box and Folder List

Bolton Family Collection
Box and Folder List

Box 1
Folder 1 Photographs: Women
Folder 2 Photographs: Men
Folder 3 Photographs: Groups
Folder 4 Photographs: Babies
Folder 5 Photographs and Envelope: Recreational Images
Folder 6 Correspondence, Post Cards: I. L. Bolton (1908, 1910)
Folder 7 Correspondence, Post Cards: E. P. Bolton (1905– 1909)
Folder 8 Correspondence, Post Cards: F. P. Bolton
Folder 9 Correspondence, Post Cards: Willa Bolton (1908 – 1911)
Folder 10 Correspondence, Post Cards: Sara Bolton (1907 – 1911)
Folder 11 Correspondence, Post Cards: Blank
Folder 12 Correspondence, Letters: I. L. Bolton (February 27, 1888)
Folder 13 Correspondence, Letters: E. P. Bolton (1905 - 1914?)
Folder 14 Correspondence, Letters: F. P. Bolton (February 3, 1918)
Folder 15 Correspondence, Letters: W. Bolton (February 5, 1918)
Folder 16 Correspondence, Letters: Miss Bolton (August 2, 1909)
Folder 17 Account Records: I. L. Bolton (1895 – 1904)
Folder 18 Diploma: I. L. Bolton (1849)
Folder 19 Contract: A. L. Bolton (September 28, 1894)
Folder 20 Miscellany (ca. 1893-1894)



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