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Collection Title: Sellers (Con L.) Papers

Collection Number: M89

Dates: Circa 1956-1981

Volume: 5.15 cu.ft.

Provenance: The bulk of the collection was donated by Con Sellers in 1968 and 1969. Other materials were placed on loan with the University in July 1981.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Connie Leslie Sellers was born March 1, 1922 in Shubuta, Mississippi. In 1943 he married Mary Raineri in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are the parents of two sons, Leonard and Shannon. Sellers is a much-decorated Korean War veteran. He received prestigious medals not only from the United States, but also from the countries of France, England, and the Republic of Korea. Sellers was also awarded the Korean Medal from the United Nations.

It was while he was a soldier that Sellers began to write. He edited Army newspapers and served as a combat correspondent during the Korean War. He used his experiences in the Army to flavor his early short stories and poetry. After leaving the Army, Sellers began writing in earnest. His first published works were macho short stories and articles he wrote for men's magazines. He then wrote low grade novels that often included sexually liberal content for the times. In the 1960's, under the name of Robert Crane, he wrote a series of adventure novels about the Korean War that were mildly successful. He also wrote a screenplay, Too Late the Hero and the novel, Dallas ; inspired by the television series by the same name. Over the years, Sellers has written more than 230 novels, under 94 names, both female and male, including a few under his own name. Most of his recent works have been historical romance novels.

Besides writing, Sellers teaches writing classes at Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Oregon. He has trained and managed several boxers in the Tacoma-Seattle area. Sellers himself was a lightweight boxing champion in the Army and an AAU welterweight champion. He also raises, trains and shows registered Morgan horses on his Bella Maria ranch in Wilderville, Oregon, where he has resided now for many years.

Scope and Content:

The Con Sellers Papers contain a wide range of literary manuscripts and related correspondence that shed light on the successful writing career of Con Sellers. Manuscripts (original, revised, corrected, carbons), galley proofs, correspondence royalty statements and paperback books of twenty-three novels (documentation incomplete for some titles) are included in this collection. Other materials include correspondence with publishers relative to other projects, financial information, legal documents, short stories and articles, speaking engagements, unfinished manuscripts, and various monthly work schedules. The materials in this collection provide insight into the work of a writer of popular fiction and also into the mass-market publishing industry.

Materials for the following novels are included in this collection: Bed of Strangers , Big Broad , Born of Battle , Burn Page 73! , The Cat's Astrologer , Cry of the Cat , Dallas , A Horse's Astrologer , House on the Black Bayou , The Last Flower , Marilee , Night Shadows , Operation Vengeance , The Paradise Trap , The Sergeant and the Butterfly , The Sergeant and the Queen , Sergeant Corbin's War , Strikeback , Sweet Caroline , Tongue of Treason , Too Late the Hero , Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? , Women in the Shadows .

Box 1 contains oversize materials too large to be filed in the regular size boxes (2-11). General correspondence with publishers, general financial information, legal documents, short stories, articles, unfinished manuscripts, and various work schedules are contained in boxes 2-4. All correspondence, manuscripts, financial information, etc. relating to a novel are arranged together under the title of the novel, which are filed alphabetically in boxes 5-11.


Box 1 Oversize materials

Box 2 Correspondence with publishers

Box 3 Correspondence, articles, poetry

Box 4 Correspondence, short stories and articles, unfinished manuscripts, work schedules

Box 5 Novels: Bed of Strangers - Dallas

Box 6 Novels: Dallas - Night Shadows

Box 7 Novels: Night Shadows - The Sergeant and the Quee

Box 8 Novels: The Sergeant and the Queen - Sweet Caroline

Box 9 Novels: Sweet Caroline - Tongue of Treason

Box 10 Novels: Tongue of Treason - Too Late the Hero

Box 11 Novels: Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? - Women in the Shadows

Box and Folder List:

Box 1  
Folder 1 The Ledger Monthly magazine, October 1899
Folder 2 The Ledger Monthly magazine, September 1900
Folders 3-6 Marilee: Galley proofs
Folder 7 The Paradise Trap: Original manuscript
Folder 8 Scientific American magazine, March 27, 1920
Folder 9 The Sergeant and the Butterfly: Original manuscript
Folder 10 Strike back: Original manuscript
Folder 11 Short story galley proofs
Folder 12 Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?: Galley proofs
Box 2  
Folder 1 Cartoons by Sherry Chadwell
Folder 2 Fan mail
Folders 3-22 Correspondence with publishers of erotic novels
Box 3  
Folders 1-3 Legal documents
Folders 4-9 Correspondence relating to magazine articles
Folder 10 Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 11 Miscellaneous information
Folder 12 Payment receipts
Folder 13 Correspondence with Ken Kraft
Folders 14-15 Poetry by Con Sellers
Folders 16-23 Correspondence with publishers
Box 4  
Folders 1-2 Correspondence with publishers
Folders 3-6 Purchase orders
Folders 7-8 Rejection notices
Folders 9-10 Short stories and articles
Folder 11 Speaking engagements
Folder 12 Unfinished manuscripts
Folder 13 Monthly work schedules
Box 5  
Folder 1 Bed of Strangers: Correspondence
Folders 2-3 Big Broad: Artwork, correspondence
Folders 4-8 Born of Battle: Correspondence, original manuscript royalty statements, paperback novel
Folders 9-11 Burn Page 73!: Correspondence, original manuscript
Folder 12 The Cat's Astrologers: Correspondence
Folder 13 Cry of the Cat: Correspondence
Folders 14-20 Dallas : Correspondence, novel manuscript
Box 6  
Folders 1-6 Dallas : Novel manuscript, television scripts
Folders 7-8 A Horse's Astrologer: Correspondence, royalty reports
Folders 9-11 House on Black Bayou: Correspondence, rewrite of chapter 1
Folders 12-13 The Last Flower: Correspondence, partial manuscript
Folders 14-15 Marilee: Correspondence, financial reports (See Box 1 for galley proofs)
Folders 16-20 Night Shadows: Correspondence, corrected manuscripts
Box 7  
Folders 1-2 Night Shadows: Galley proofs
Folders 3-5 Operation Vengeance: Correspondence, paperback novel royalty statements
Folders 6-11 The Paradise Trap: Correspondence, paperback novel, original manuscript-carbon, royalty statements (See Box 1 for original manuscript)
Folders 12-16 The Sergeant and_ the Butterfly: Correspondence, original manuscript-carbon (See Box 1 for original manuscript)
Folders 17-21 The Sergeant and the Queen: Correspondence, royalty statements, corrected manuscript, original manuscript
Box 8  
Folders 1-3 The Sergeant and the Queen: Original manuscript, paperback novel
Folders 4-10 Sergeant Corbin's War: Correspondence, original manuscript, revised manuscript, royalty statements
Folders 11-13 Strike back: Correspondence, paperback novel, royalty statements (See Box 1 for original manuscript)
Folders 14-16 Sweet Caroline: Advance uncorrected proof, correspondence financial statements
Box 9  
Folders 1-9 Sweet Caroline: Corrected manuscript
Folders 10-15 Tongue of Treason: Correspondence, original manuscript
Box 10  
Folders 1-4 Tongue of Treason: Original manuscript-carbon, paper back novel, royalty statements
Folders 5-13 Too Late the Hero: Correspondence; original, corrected manuscript; screenplay
Box 11  
Folders 1-10 Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?: Correspondence; original manuscript; revised, corrected manuscript paperback novel; royalty statements (See Box 1 for galley proofs)
Folder 11 Women in the Shadows: Partial original manuscript


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