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Collection Title: Rankin (Thomas J.) Letters

Collection Number: M50

Dates: November 19, 1861 - May 15-16, 1862

Volume: 7 items

Provenance: Unknown

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Thomas J. Rankin, from Fordsville in Marion County, Mississippi, enlisted in Company F, 7th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, on October 5, 1861. He was first stationed at Shieldsboro on the Mississippi coast, but later moved to Corinth, Mississippi, where his regiment saw action in April, 1862. Having served as 2nd lieutenant during most of his enlistment, Rankin was elected captain by his company in May 1862, but before being commissioned, he died of fever in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on June 9, 1862.

Scope and Content:

Copies of letters from Thomas J. Rankin of the 7th Regiment, 3rd Mississippi Infantry, Confederate Army, which served under Major-General Mansfield Lovell, to his wife Sarah in Fordsville, Mississippi, in Marion County. Dating from November 19, 1861, to May 16, 1862, the letters show the conditions in Rankin's regiment, particularly the high incidence of sickness and desertion. The regiment was stationed at Shieldsboro on the Mississippi coast in November 1861, but moved to Corinth by March 1862 in preparation for confrontation with the enemy. It was from Corinth that the last letter of May 16, 1862, was mailed.

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